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Chapter 5

Now that we have my parents shirt out of the way. We are ready for the end.

Where were we? Oh yes we had just run away for nose's house with the rock

"I can't believe we got the rock" sad Toe

"what should we wish for first?" I asked

"First I wish these cast were off" said Toe

Instead of running we just started walking "the rocks potential is bigger than us. We gotta be carful and start by-Aah!"

Just then Cole came up behind us and pushed Loogi and Toe to the ground. I jumped out of the way.

Helvetica was standing in front of us so she grabbed the rock when Toe tripped

"handing it over to me" she said "Cole I think we'r gonna need another trash can"

"it must be christmas" said Cole

Just then Laser and Lug came down the street "hey she has a rock just like ours" said the oh so intelligent Laser

"thar is ours,you dummy" said Lug

Then a mud covered Nose came to join us. The person Nose not an actual nose.

"hey guys" he said

"look who it is everybody's favorite booger-eating germophobe. What are you doing outside bubble boy?" asked Helvetica

"yeah what did you wish for? Guts?" asked Cole. Great he turned back into a bully

"no he came on his own. He didn't need the rock" said Toe

He put his arm around Nose but quickly took it off seeing as he was covered in mud. He wiped the mud on Cole.

"that's right I'm not afraid of anything! Not even you typeface" said a confident Nose

Just then a police car came up behind us.

Mr. Black came out from one of the cars.

"put the rock on the ground and step away" said a man through his black box. Which was now a megaphone.

"dad? What are you doing?" asked Helvetica

"grab the rock and make a wish" Toe whispered to Loogi and I

"I don't want to touch that rock" I told him

"yeah and my wishes always back fire,you do it." Loogi whispered back

I guess Nose herd us cuz he grabbed the rock and ran off with it. Everyone ran after him.

"I wish-I wish I could fly" yelled Nose

He turned into a bird. And drooped the rock.

Laser ran after it. "I got it" he said

We all ran after Laser screaming. He ran into Tyler and Taylor's house (the blinkers)

"you'll never get it!" yelled Laser as we barged into the house

"it's my rock" Loogi yelled back

"hey I named her!" I told them

We cornered Laser. If I could just jump high enough. "I wish for really long arms" he said

His arms got really long the reach the top of the stairs. Helvetica was there so she grabbed the rock

First she was there now she's gone. "she's invisible!" yelled Toe

"well no duh!" I said

Just then the rock floated right by us. I guess Helvetica turned invisible and not the rock.

"get her!" yelled Loogi

We run down the street to see that Mr. Black has the rock. My mom and dad are here well the whole neighbor hood was outside.

"everyone listen up. Gather round. You'll wanna hear this" started

I ran towards my mom and she grabbed me in a one arm hug.

"your all fired. This small stone is the ultimate Black Box the only upgrade we will ever need. Wait! Why even bother? I could just forget about the business altogether and simply wish for a giant pile of money." Black said

Just then money started to fall at his feet. The money piled up so hight it was about as tall as Black inc.

"you see black becomes colorful, square becomes round and you become obsolete! I've got all I need right here." said Black from the pile of money

"but what about me dad?" asked Helvetica

"oh well you can come too. And you too Cole" said Black

Helvetica turned to us. Toe and I shook out heads.

She turned back to Mr. Black

"come on dad you must be joking" she said

"my girl,I wish I were" answered Black

Helvetica smirked at us. All the money Black wished for just vanished. He almost fell be he grabbed on to the roof of black Inc.

The rock fell out of his grip. We all ran to get it but on of the agents caught it.

"wish me down. I'm rehiring you and I'll double your salary" yelled Black for the top of the building.

"I don't need your money Mr. Black. I got the rock" he said

Toe turned to all of us kids. "the adults are gonna reck this place for sure. We got to stop them.

"right" said Loogi

"Right" Helvetica and I said at the same time.

The boys and I distracted the man by trying to grab the rock from the front.

"stay back! Stay back!" the man yelled

He pushes us back while Helvetica went behind him.

"I wish I were-"

"an Oscar Meyer wiener" yelled Helvetica

The man turned into a hotdog and rolled down the street.

I went to the other side and high five Helvetica. Maybe she wasn't so bad after all.

We felt the ground shake. I looked up to see Stacey's ex boyfriend John a giant.

John the picked up Black and sat him down.

We were too busy looking at John to see Mr. Black go pick up the rock.

Next thing I knew I saw this big robot thing that looked like it was made out of a black box.

"guys! Guys! Guys!" I yelled hitting Laser in the arm

"what?" be snapped

I pointed at the robot thing. "uh-oh" Laser whispered

"we have to take turns using the rock to stop him. Cole he's our dad so you and me first" commanded Helvetica

"what?" questioned Cole

Cole and Helvetica went to grab the rock.

Helvetica turned into a giant wasp.

Cole didn't know what to turn into.

Yeah my boy isn't the brightest crayon in crayon box.

Helvetica started to try to sting her dad which didn't work well since he was protected by metal

Just the Cole turned into a giant dug beetle.

"toe we need help" I told him

He ran and grabbed the rock. " I wish for my alien friends" yelled Toe

A whole swarm of the little alien ships came and surrounded Mr. Black

Loogi came up behind us and Toe gave him the rock.

"I wish for my crocodile army!" yelled Loogi

The crocodiles that tried to kill us the first time came and started to climb Black.

"oh my god Loogi! It's baby!" I yelled at Loogi

The crocodile was just about to eat her when. I herd someone say stop inside my head. Everything we wished for froze.

you've made the rock angry. It as given life to your petty desires,but you continue to break it's laws. Said baby inside our heads

"why are we listening to a baby?" asked Lug who was walking towards us with Laser and Loogi

Baby moved her hand which caused and invisible force to hit Lug. She has to teach me that.

'in your greedy hands it could mean the end of the world even the end of the universe' said Baby

"what's wrong with the rock?" I asked

'it grows weary. It can not sustain this strain on it's powers.'

Just then everything we wished for turned normal.

'we have to get rid of the rock or it will destroy us all' baby said

"how exactly?" I asked

"I got it!" yelled running down the street with so clear containers.

"it's something I've been working on for the latest upgrade. To extend black box battery life" continued Mr.N

"really?" asked Black

"it's germs!" yelled Mr. N

Everyone put on a disgusted face and said "germs"

"dip your hands in it" instructed Mr. N

Laser passed one to me. "ew it's warm" he said

I dipped my hands in it trying not to barf. I quickly passed it to the next person before I did.

"it collects and magnifies the energy from the mitochondria in every cell in your body. Hold hands!" Mr. N informed

"ew" we all said

I was about to hold hands with a random person when Cole stepped in-between. He laced his fingers with mine. It was sweet. Well as sweet as holding hands with warm slimy germs can get.

"our combined energy will get rid of the rock but we mist stand together as one" said Mr. N

I looked towards baby who had the rock floating in the air with her telepathy thing. She was talking to it.

The earth began to shake and the rock lifted up in the air causing powerful gust of wind. And then it just turned into a bunch of smoke.

Then it started to rain. As quickly as the rain came it was gone.

"over there the rainbows end" yelled Helvetica pointing to the rainbow

"not the end-" I started

"the beginning" finished Loogi

"it's there for some else to find" I added

"hopefully the used it better the we did" said Toe

I looked down at my hand who was still in Cole's

"you can let go now" I told him

"oh" he said then he dropped my hand blushing

He began to help pick up. Then I remembered something.

"Cole? What did you wanna ask me last night?" I asked.

"um never mind it's stupid" he said

I grabbed his arm and stopped him. "come on" I begged

He sighed and moved a couple of inches away from my face. "I wanted to ask you if I could kiss you" he said

That's sweet no boys ever asked me that they just assume.

"so can I?" he asked

I nodded and he crashed his lips to mine.

This week was really the best week ever.

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