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Chapter 1: My Greatest Hits

Lily and I had just tucked Harry into bed. He was so similar to my own reflection, except of course he had Lily's beautiful eyes. Bright emerald green.

"Goodnight Harry," I mumbled as I kissed him on the head.

"Daadd," he cooed.

My eyes opened wide, his first word!

"Lily! Come quick!" I beckoned.

My dear wife came crashing into the room. "Yes yes what is it?" she asked frantically.

"He said Dad..." I said, my eyes shimmering with pride.

"Oh Harry!" Lily squealed picking our son up. "That's wonderful! Say it again!"

Harry giggled at his mother. He could tell this was something special. "Daad!" he cried out. "Dad. Dad. DAD!"

Tears brimmed in Lily's eyes, "He's growing up so fast!"

"Oh come now Lily," I said putting an arm around her. "Let the boy sleep. We will see him in the morning."

"Oh alright," Lily said stubbornly putting Harry into his crib.

We kissed him goodnight once more and left his room.

If only I had known that would be the last thing I said to my son.

Me and Lily went downstairs. She snuggled up to me on the couch.

"Oh hullo love," I said winking.

"Oh dear, you haven't changed a bit," she teased.

"But Lily, you wouldn't love me if I was different!"

"Ahh remember how I used to hate you..." she said reminiscing. "Sorry for that, by the way."

"Oh Lils, I shall hear nothing of it! I loved the way you hated me."

"But I love you now James."

"And that's all that matters my dear." I said kissing her.

We sat, talking about our lives. Sirius had been over earlier, he was such a great godfather to Harry. But he made us switch our protector to Peter, rather than him. He said it was urgent. I trusted him. I always have and always will. So we switched. Remus was over earlier too. He's doing well aside from his furry little problem. And Peter, well Peter is nervous as anything. He's been a wreck these past few months. I believe he's terrified of Voldemort. Can't blame him of course. Lily and I are terrified. My wife and I were Aurors. And well, we're very high up on Voldemort's kill list. That's why we have the Fidelus Charm on our house. For Harry's sake, as well as our own.

Lily stood up and gave me another kiss. "I love you James Potter."

"I love you too my dear Lily Potter."

She smiled when we heard a loud crack. I ran to the windows. "LILY IT"S HIM! Take Harry and run! I'll hold him off. I love you so much Lily,"

"But James!" she pleaded, tears streaming down her face.

"No! Go now Lily! Take Harry and flee! Never forget me. I love you!"

She ran upstairs crying the whole way, as Voldemort burst through my front door.

This was it. The end for me. I was about to die. The only thing I could do was waste time so Lily could escape.

"Stand aside Potter." he spat.

"No," I said mustering all my strength.

"Fine then...As you wish." he said cruelly. "Avada Kedavra."

A flash of green light appeared from the tip of his wand.

When I was little, I imagined that before I died.. I'd see my "Greatest Hits" of my life. And that, is exactly what I saw.

I saw Lily. It was my first year. She stood smiling. Proud to be a Gryffindor. She was beautiful. As she will always be.

The scene changed.

I saw my first year self, meeting Sirius and Remus on the train.

Another change.

The Marauder's pulling many infamous pranks. Oh how we created havoc.

Lily, getting stuck with me under mistletoe.

More pranks.

Lily saying yes when I asked her out.


Our first date.


When I proposed.

The Marauders.

Our wedding.


Harry, being born.

The Marauders.

Harry and Lily.






It hit me...

I'd never see Harry grow up.

I'd never see any of the Marauders again.

I'd never see Sirius again.

I'd never see Lily again.

I'd never again take another living breath.

And then I fell. My wand clattered to the floor. And all I saw...was blackness.

Lily's POV

I heard my husband die. The tears flowed freely now. The man I'd rejected all those years. Now dead. I sobbed harder and harder. I had to get to Harry. I reached the crib. But I wasn't fast enough. Voldemort was breaking down the door as I reached over the crib.

Pull yourself together Lily. Fend him off. Do it for Harry. Do it for James.

"Stand aside, mudblood."

"No! Take me! Leave Harry alone!" I screamed.

Harry was crying in his crib. I had to protect him. I would die for him.

"What a shame, dear Severus wanted you to stick around." he sneered.

"I'd never go to that slimy prat." I spat at him.

"One last chance, Stand aside mudblood."

"No. Take me! Leave Harry alone!" I cried.

"Avada Kedavra."

James had told me about when he wanted to die he wanted to see his greatest hits. I had decided that was what I wanted too. My greatest hits, my finest moments.

When I first discovered magic. The Lily I had created.

When I was friends with Petunia.

Getting sorted into Gryffindor.

My friends.

When I slapped James.

When I kissed James under the mistletoe.

Getting ten owls.

When he asked me out.

When I said yes.

When he snogged me, senseless.

Graduating as Head Girl.

When he proposed to me.

Becoming an Auror.

Our wedding.

Having Harry.

Harry saying Dad.

Me kissing James.






It was then I realized that this was the end of me. The end of Lily Potter. I'd be with James now. I love you Harry. Be safe. I love you. I'd never see my son become a wizard. I'd never see Sirius again, him and his foolish ways. I'd miss him. I'd miss Remus, and Peter. But mostly James and Harry. I'd never breathe again, I'd never...live again.

And then I fell. To the floor. My wand clattered aside. My eyes filled...with blackness.

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