Chapter 7

The final battle

As the Hulk, with the ectoranium already in his hands, neared Black Gamma, the Guys in White opened fire in an attempt to distract the green goliath. Having already seen this coming, however, Dani blocked the assault and let loose a barrage of time-enhanced(1) ghost rays. The Guys in White tried their usual defense tactics, which were, shall we say, washed up. Meanwhile, Danny and Clockwork were attempting to recapture Dan/Danni, with mild success. It seemed that the Guys in White made the already bad alternate futures worse by giving them portable ghost shields. Fortunately, Tucker and Alex quickly disabled them.

Betty and everyone else, however, were having problems dealing with Vlad. Having made 3 copies of himself, he was proving to be quite the adversary, especially to those who had almost no experience fighting him and/or ghosts in general. It seemed this was going to be a very long battle.

(3 hours later…)

After what seemed like ages, the battle finally seemed to be nearing its end. The Guys in White, having only been trained to fight ghosts, just about fainted when a third of their ranks was taken down by one punch(2) from Bruce's alter ego (and quickly surrendered to the authorities, who happened to come by to see "what was making all that noise"). After a time-enhanced ghostly wail from Dani combined with Danny's wail, Dan/Danni were quickly captured, all-be-it in separate containers. All that was left to do was to make Black Gamma and Vlad quit with their resistance.

This, obviously, was easier said than done, especially since Black Gamma and Vlad had decided to join forces. Now, normally, this would be a slight irritation, but it seemed that whenever the Phantoms tried to hit Vlad, Blonsky would block, and the opposite would be true for when the Hulk tried to get one in. What was worse, the other thermoses, except for one, were on the fritz, so that they couldn't just capture them both, and we all know why they couldn't use the other two(3). It seemed as if the only thing that could stop either one of them was to attack them head-on, but hardly anyone was in the correct shape to do it.

"You know, this is sad," Vlad stated, "I was hoping for an actual challenge." "I agree," Black Gamma remarked, "but it seems that we're too strong for all of you combined." "Hulk is strongest there is!" yelled a certain scientist's other half. "Putting that aside, however," Danny added, "we WILL make sure you never mess with us again." "If that's so, why are you doing less damage to us then dust?" the former Abomination remarked. "To distract you from the obvious," Dani remarked pointing at the villainous pair's feet.

The moment they looked down, the terrible twosome felt their smirks disappear, for there, on the ground, was a pile of ectoranium dust. Before they react, however, they felt the force of the trio's ultimate attack that day: Hulk's thunderclap, mixed with Dani/Danny's ghostly wail pair, right over the spot they just looked down upon. To say that the attack hurt would be the understatement of the year. After Black Gamma was captured in the remaining thermos, Vlad turned human and collapsed.

The police quickly put Vlad in a ghost-proof container and led him away. Danny/Dani attempted to thank Bruce/Hulk for the help, but the anger-driven hero had already taken Betty in his arms and leapt into the distance. Of course, you couldn't blame him: after all, Bruce/Hulk and Betty probably had some catching up to do,. As the sun set on that day, however, there was still one question on everyone's mind: what's going to happen now?

Author's note:

Now it's your turn: through your reviews, that last question WILL be answered. So, please reveiw(3). Additional notes: 1) in case you've forgotten, Dani now has a link with Clockwork, allowing her to see into the future, as well as affecting her ghost-half; 2) I cannot confirm nor deny that the hulk is able to do this, but if he isn't able to, he should be; 3) anyone who thinks that putting another powerful ghost in with Dan/Danni in their respective container is a good idea seriously needs to redo his/her homework; 4) while you're at it, go ahead and suggest some ideas for plotline in the epilogue and/or a possible sequel (because, quite frankly, I'm starting to run out of ideas)