Hey! I hope that everyone is doing fine! Well, this is my first fan fiction, so I'm a little nervous. This is a Bade story. I decided to make the Pilot episode in Jade's POV, so I hope you like it! Btw, this is NOT the complete Pilot! I divided it in chapters because I added a few things.

This first chapter will take place at Jade's house the day of the Big Showcase. It is kind of short, but I'll update the second chapter if not today, then tomorrow night!

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(Chapter 1)

Jade's POV

Today was the "Big Showcase" night, and Beck, MY boyfriend, wanted me to go even though I really didn't wanted to; he has been saying "It'll be fun," pft, yeah, like I care, I hate fun. It was really stupid to go to a showcase where you weren't going to perform and just go to 'support' a friend, as if Andre cared whether I go or not. Was he even my friend?

It was 9 o'clock in the morning, and I was getting out of the shower when my Pear Phone vibrated. It was a text massage, another one, from Beck, MY boyfriend. It seems that he's having stalking problems.

From: Beck(I love you!Att:Beck) (Beck personalized how he wanted his name to appear on my phone)

Hey, babe! Are coming to the Big Showcase? Please, say yes! It'll be fun! I'll pick you up around ten thirty, okay? Love you!

I smiled as I read his message; he was the only person in the whole world that could make me smile at any time. He also was the only person that could make me do something I didn't wanted, like assist to the stupid showcase.

To: Beck(I love you!Att:Beck)

Fine! I'll go to the stupid thingy, but I'll tell my parents to drop me off there around twelve 'cause they're going I-don't-know-or-care-where to spend the week. Love you too.

If I send that message to anyone else, they wouldn't understand what I tried to say, but Beck, MY boyfriend, always did. It was one of the infinitive reasons why I loved him. Some people would even faint when they read the 'I love you' part.

From: Beck(I love you!Att:Beck)

'kay, babe. Haha… the less time you spend there, the best, huh?

To: Beck(I love you!Att:Beck)

Yes. But you didn't thank me for doing this sacrifice, because I'm going just because you're making me go.

From: Beck(I love you!Att:Beck)

Sorry. Thank you for doing this! It wouldn't be the same without you. You're the BEST! I LOVE YOU A LOT! NEVER forget that! 3

To: Beck(I love you!Att:Beck)

I know. I love you a lot too! And, by the way, I don't suffer from amnesia, so I don't forget things!

From: Beck(I love you!Att:Beck)

Ups…sorry, love :s

I didn't respond to his last text; he was always the last one to respond.

Well, this is it! This is my first chapter. It's really short, I know, but the next one is a little bit longer and, of course, better. (Sorry if there were misspelled words. I tried my best to try to not mess things up, but I'm from Puerto Rico, so my first language is Spanish!)

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