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Chapter 27

Beck's POV

Hmm… It was quite brave of Tori to return. It says a lot about her. I'm glad that she's here… in a good way, not that I'm glad that she's here because I like her, lets make that clear!

Jade's POV

If this gank chooses Beck for the acting exercise, she will be dead! If she chooses him, she'd better choose me.

"Okay. Andre, Cat, Beck-" oh, this girl is playing with fire- "and Jade."

Me? She chose me? Hmm… quite smart on her part.

Beck was taking his jacket off, so he could go to stage… His muscles were showing perfectly. And when I say perfect, I mean it!

I looked at Tori and raised my eyebrows; for some unknown reason I still couldn't believe that she chose me.

"Yeah, you."

I stood up and headed to the stage.

Beck was walking past Sikowitz when I stopped him. I stood one step higher than him and took his face in my hand as I leaned down to kiss him. He placed one arm slightly on my shoulder. Ha! I could sense Tori's annoyance behind me.

When I broke the kiss, Beck was still chocked. I looked directly at his chocolate eyes and I could read his face. He obviously wanted more. I had kissed him the way I knew that turned him on.

"Jade, kiss your boyfriend on your own time," Sikowitz said, getting off of the stage.

Beck was now completely on the stage when Sikowitz said that.

"Oh, I will," I said, looking back at Beck's eyes, then moved to stand besides Tori and Cat.

"Okay, if you start the line with the wrong letter, aaannkkk, you're out! Robbie, give us a letter!"

"E," Rex said.

"E!" Sikowitz exclaimed.

"Aw, I was gonna say 'P,'" Robbie protested. UGH!

"Okay, the scene can be about whatever you want. The first letter of the first line is 'P'. Tori, action."

"Please, go take a shower," she said, facing me.

"Quit telling me what to do," I looked at her.

Before we could start a fight, Beck stepped in. I guess he sensed what was going to happen if no one stepped in.

"Relax, girls, lets all just try to get along," Beck said as he put one hand in my shoulder.

"Totally!" Cat came from behind me.

"Ank! Your line had to start with a 'S'!" Sikowitz said.

"Salami!" Cat yelled.

"Too late, Cat."

"Aww… My life's the worst!"

"Here's a piece of candy," Sikowitz said, showing a candy.

"Oohh! Yay! I love candy!" Cat literally flew towards Sikowitz to take the piece of candy, then she went to her sit.

"Alright, Andre! Letter 'S' to you."

"Something just bit my toe!" Andre yelled. Thank you,Andre! As if Cat's voice wasn't enough!

"Turtle! That turtle bit your toe!" Tori said, coming to stand in front of me, signaling something in the floor.

"Unbelievable, that you're even here," I rolled my eyes as I walked forward.

"Very immature of you to say that," Beck came to stand in front of me and looked me in my eyes.

Those words and that tone made a shiver run through my body. They really hurt me. Beck has never spoken to me like that! Ever! He could see the hurt in my eyes because then his eyes were full of regret.

"Come on, Andre! 'W'"! Sikowitz yelled after a few seconds of awkward silence.

"Why did the turtle broke my toe bone?"

"X-rays are the only way to find out," Tori said.

"You should shut up!" I said as Tori turned to look at me.

"Zap! I just healed your toe with my magic finger," Beck said, breaking the fight that hasn't even started, once again.

"Thanks," Andre said.

"Ank! Andre your line had to start with an 'A'! Sit down!" Sikowitz yelled. What was wrong with people today? Everyone was yelling!

"Aw, I just got my toe bone fixed!" Andre groaned as he sat on his chair.

"Tori, letter 'A' to you!" Sikowitz announced.

"Aliens are the only people that can heal toes by finger zapping," Tori said to Beck.

God! Why was I so nervous! I'm always sure of myself! Why do I feel like this? I just want to grab Beck by his hand and run with him!

"By the way! Pfffrrrt," I took my tongue out to Tori so I could spit her.

"Go ahead," I heard Sickowitz said.

"'Cause, I'm an alien," Beck said to Tori.

Uh-oh, my heart is pounding really fast! Beck, please notice me! Hello, I'm your girlfriend and I need you right now!

"Uh, a twist!" Sikowitz said, sounding amazed. Ugh! Bell, please ring! I'm begging you!

"Don't hurt me, please," Tori took a huge step closer to Beck.

"Even though she's extremely annoying," I was trying to get them away! Beck! My Beck! He's being stolen right in front of me and I'm trying to stop it, but I can! Please, Beck!

"Fainting! 'Cause I can't breath the Earth's air," Beck said, handing his hand out to Tori. I looked at his neck and saw my little creation and couldn't help, but remember last night… when he said that he loved me.

"Gosh, it fainted!" Tori looked at me.

"Excellent twist! Keep! Keep going! The next letter's 'H'," Sikowitz screamed.

Oh, my! I'm trying to keep acting normal, but it is so hard to breath right now! As if my lungs were getting smaller! I'm Jade, Jade never feels like this, but who am I kidding? Jade is in love and she's loosing him! She has all the right to feel like this.

"Hey, why don't you go jump off that cliff over there," I smiled at her, acting as normal as I could.

"I think you should," Tori said.

"Just where did you come from."

"Kangaroos," she answered my indirect question. Ugh! Can't this girl just hut up, mess up, get to her chair so I can kiss my boyfriend?

"Lousy animals, kangaroos. They're awkward and dirty," I said, walking to the other side of the stage.

"Maybe they learned from you," she said. Oh, this girl is really messing up.

"No one talks to me like that," I looked straight into her eyes.

"Obviously, some one should."

"Please, run in front of a bus!" I screamed.

"Quite obnoxious of you to say."


"Sure was."

"Thanks," I screamed again

"Up your nose I see buggers," what is wrong with her? I don't have buggers.

"Very clever," I answered.

"Whish you would've thought of it?"

"X-perts are funny when they try to punch," I said, pointing my finger. (A/N I'm sorry to interrupt it's just that I couldn't understand what Jade said : s)

"Your finger smells weird."

"Zero's only what you are in scale of one through ten!"

"And back to the letter 'A'!" Sikowitz screamed. AAAAHHHH, bell! RIIIIIINNGGG!

"As if I care what you think," Tori snapped.

"Better watch yourself," Oh, and I mean it!

"Can't take it?" That really drove me to the core! This girl is a devil!

"Don't push me!" Uh-oh…. I feel as if I may be slipping!

"Eat your pants."

"You eat your pants!" Fuuuuuuuccckkk! I messed up! "Wait!" I called to Sikowitz.

"Ank! Sorry, Jade, the next letter was…" Sikowitz said.

"'F'! I know!" I screamed and went to my sit.

"Hey! The alien's moving!" Andre called.

Please, bell! Ring already! I can't take this! Now Beck and Devil are alone in the stage! That Devil's daughter is capable of doing anything so she'll have Beck!

"Get the scene going! Letter 'G'!" Sikowitz clapped.

"Get up, alien!" I watched as Tori helped my Beck get up. I was doing my best not to burst out crying! Ugh! What's wrong with me?

"Head. Feels dizzy," Beck shook his head.

"I know what will make you feel better," she said in a flirty tone.

Okay, Jade, breath in. Breath out!

"Jumping Jacks?" Beck asked, confused.

"Kiss me."

I could feel my heart as it wanted to get out of my chest. Relax, Jade. Beck loves you, he'll never do that to you!

"Little weird. Lets do it." ?

No, this can't be happening! No! My heart just stopped beating right now.

I watched as Beck kissed that SLUT!

I couldn't take it. I had to look down.

"Man, I love this school!" That was the last thing I heard before I started seeing everything blurry. Bitch! She just kissed my boyfriend!

Beck's POV

"Kiss me." I heard Tori say. What? Is she nuts? I have a girlfriend! How do I turn her down without making her feel bad? I could sense Jade's eyes on me. I'm sorry Jade. Anyway, this is just a stage kiss, nothing else.

"Little weird. Lets do it," I said as I leaned down to kiss her. Ugh, why me? Jade will be really mad! I closed my eyes so I could imagine that I was kissing Jade, and for a second it worked… until my lips touched Tori's.

I'm not saying the kiss wasn't good, but, personally, I didn't liked it. It felt wrong. I didn't liked the texture of her lips. They were too small, too skinny. Definitely not my type. And I also have to add that they were hard, not hard and soft, no, hard!

When I pulled away, I opened my eyes and realized that I've been thinking that while I was still kissing her. Gosh! What have I done?

I ran a hand through my hair and sighed before daring to look back at Jade.

"Man, I love this school!" Tori said when she pulled away.


Finally! The bell rang!

I watched as everyone left the classroom. Jade stayed in her chair. I could see how hard this has been for her. She look as if she was trying not to forget to breath. It broke my heart, I've never wanted to make Jade suffer like that.

When everyone left the room, I went to stand by Jade's side. I got on my knees and placed a hand on her back.

"Jade?" I asked.

She didn't answered, instead she started sobbing. What? Jade? Crying? SHIT! I screwed up big time! I turned to take a chair. I placed it by Jade's side and I took her in my hands. I hugged her and she hid into my neck. She didn't pushed me away like she would've done with anyone else. She let me held her in my arms.

"Jade, baby, I'm so sorry. It was wrong for me to do that. I'm sorry! Please, forgive me, I love you!" I whispered as I kissed her head and her cheek. AAHH! Why can't I die right now? She doesn't deserves this!

"You mean it?" I heard her whisper against my neck, her voice cracking twice.

I pulled her away so I could see her face, but kept her hands in my hands.

"Of course I mean it Jade," I said, looking straight into her big blue eyes. Seeing her like this was breaking my heart in lots of miniature parts. Her face was full of hurt-

"Guys, Mr. Marty is waiting for you," Sinjin opened the door.

"Tell him that we may not go today to his class," I answered, hiding Jade's face in my chest, so Sinjin couldn't see her crying. I know it'll make her hate me even more than she does now. With that, Sinjin left.

"How do I know that you mean it?" She asked.

"What do you mean?" Was she doubting that I love her?

"How do I know that you mean what you said? That you still love me. Beck, I know you've told me that, but do you really mean it? Today I was trying to get you away from her because she was trying to get you! I was a total gank today because I was protecting us, but it didn't mattered! You kissed her! Do you know how I felt? The whole time we were up there, I felt like I might faint any minute! What I've always feared the most is right here! It has arrived! Someone that will take you away from me! You're my everything, Beck, but it doesn't means that you have to love me back. Beck, do you really love me?" She was crying this entire time. I'm an ass! I Watching her like this is making me hate myself! It broke me inside and I felt little tears leave my eyes.

"Jade, you are my entire life. Because of you, I'm happy. If I didn't had you, I don't know what would've happened to me. You are my everything, Jade. Get that? And I love you like crazy, you don't have any idea of how much I love you. I feel like an ass for doing this to you. But let me tell you that it only was a stage kiss. I could never like someone like Tori. Sure, she seems nice and everything, but I just can't think of anyone else besides you. Please, Jade, forgive me. And, by the way, don't you ever doubt again that I love you. Every time I say it, I mean it. And I would love to say it to you all the time, but I know that you'll probably slap me," I smiled a little.

I watched as she calmed down a little.

"I love you too, but please don't you ever do that to me again," she said, still sobbing a little.

" I won't," I assured her.

She smiled that smile that makes me feel as if angles were singing.

I leaned down, and kissed her.

Ahhh, see? This is a real kiss! Her lips are perfect!

I deepened the kiss a little. I felt all the love she felt towards me in the kiss, as I tried to do the same. I guess it worked because when we broke apart, she smiled.

I kissed her forehead and she rested her body against my chest. I had one arm round her, and the other was playing with her fingers.

"I love you," I whispered against her head.

"I love you too."

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