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WARNING: There maybe graphic details about drug use. In no way does this fic encourage the use of drug use. Which is dangerous and can take lives. Read at your own risk- Thank You

It was another day for everyone of the friends, who grew up together since junior high. The sun was out and shinning up the city of Gotham. Giving the illusion of a peaceful city with no crime, which was completely untrue. The gang of high school classmates were outside enjoying the beautiful weather on their lunch period. The gang which consisted of Chelsea, Dana, Terry and Max, who was nowhere in sight and missing since third period. Which everyone was concerned about cause Max didn't do that. But here it is that she was missing in action, and everyone was clueless to her whereabouts.

Chelsea- "hey any of you guys seen Max today"

Dana- "yeah, she was here this morning. I walked with her to school"

Chelsea- "any idea where she is now"

Dana- "no, not a clue"

Chelsea- "what about you McGinnis, she's your best friend. What's up"

Terry- "I don't know either. I seen her in Bio Chem and she seemed okay at first. And then I don't know she seemed kinda aggravated after a few minutes. No maybe I'm trippin Max barley gets aggravated"

Dana- "no Ter, I think your right, because when I called her this morning to tell her I would see her at lunch she was you know "normal" And then when I met her downstairs at her building this morning to walk with her she did seem very aggravated"

Chelsea- " well I don't think aggravated is the word were looking for here. That's not Max more like frustrated I think you know cause of all her studies and everything changing for her"

Terry- "well she has had a lot going on what with getting a job as a computer tech, and moving out into her own apartment and all. She's on to acting like an adult before all of all us put together"

Dana- "I'll say that's Max for ya"

Chelsea- "yeah but even so she always had time for us. She doesn't call or go out with us, unless I beg her to. And what about a boyfriend, she hasn't had a boyfriend since I don't know. Something's going on"

Dana- "why do you say that Chels. I mean everybody has their moments, even Max"

Chelsea- "I know but this is different I think"

Just then Max walked up towards the gang and everyone sitting down took in her appearance. Max had on a black short sleeve shirt, which she was indeed wearing earlier in school. But she had a black long sleeve hoodie covering her arms. Which was weird because it was eighty degrees outside, and she appeared to be shaking while holding herself. Black pants and sneakers and black shades covering her beautiful brown almond eyes. Max sat quietly next to Chelsea and everybody looked on speechless and in shock. Chelsea seemed to be the only one brave enough to speak.

Chelsea- "Hey Max, how ya doin"

Max- "what"

Chelsea- "I said how ya doin"

Max- "huh, oh, yeah I'm good"

Dana- "yeah, well where were you. Me and Chels missed you in Science BioLab"

Max- "oh I had something important to take care of"

Terry- "Max are you okay"

Max- "yeah I'm good Ter real good"

Just then the bell for sixth period rang and everyone got up and presided to go their next class. When everyone was out of ear and sight range, not buying Max's answers. Terry grabbed Max and pulled her to the side and questioned her some more.

Terry- "Max are you sure your okay"

Max- "yeah, I'm good Ter"

Terry- "are you sure Max, cause you don't look so good at all. I mean it's eighty degrees out and you have on all black with a long sleeve hoodie and holding yourself shaking."

Max- "would you chill man, I said I'm good. Why you all in my face anyway, I'm good"

Terry- "Max you don't look good ok, and I think your the one that might be chillin literally. I'm just worried about you, and what's with these shades?"

Max- "look here I said I'm good okay. I just anit been taking my iron pills okay so I get a little chilly, no big deal"

Max then looks down and right after she finishes her sentence Terry pulls her shades off. Without Max expecting him too and then lifts her head up, finally seeing for the first time Max's eyes. What use to be beautiful brown almond eyes were no more. Terry saw eyes that were bloodshot red, swollen with dark sunken in circle around them. Also with bags that looked like they had been there for a weeks on end vacation. He couldn't believe it, his best friend looked as if she were a walking corpse. Snatching her shades back Max immediately let Terry have it.

Max- "what the hell McGinnis, please tell me what the hell gives you the right to touch me. Don't ever fuckin touch me, go touch your little girlfriend Dana. Cause I'm not the fuckin one. I don't care who you are bat or no got damn bat, don't touch me you got it"

Terry- "Max what the fuck is wrong with you. Why do you look like this"

Max- "like what"

Terry- "like something outta night of the living dead. Max you look like shit."

Max- "yeah, well I don't think your so hot yourself, Terrence Tyler"

Terry- "okay Maxine Marilyn, I don't wanna fight with you. I just...I just really care about you"

Max- "well don't care I can do a whole lot better without your fuckin caring. Just leave me the fuck alone...simple."

Terry- "Max, I-"

Max- "I don't have to take this shit I'm fuckin outta here"

Max walks away mumbling to herself out loud but very low so one can hear her. Not seeing or realizing that it was Chelsea she just passed on the way off the school grounds. But it really was the fact that Max just didn't give a damn at that moment in time who she passed. Chelsea called Max twice.

Chelsea- "Max!...Max!"

Walking to Terry she asked him about what had just occurred between the two.

Chelsea- "McGinnis, what in the Sam I am just happened. Did I just hear Max cuss you out, like she really kinda went in on you. What did you say McGinnis?"

Terry- "all I said was what we all asked her at the table"

Chelsea- "then what did you do?"

Terry looks at Chelsea with a blank expression on his face, as if to say to her nothing. But Chelsea wasn't buying what he was selling today.

Chelsea- "then what did you do"

Terry- "I didn't do nothing"

Chelsea- "seriously, like we just met yesterday or something. What kind of dreg do you think your talking to McGinnis. You and Max are always fighting in some way or another. And when she storms off like that, usually you did something to her to get her that pissed. So I ask you again, what did you do McGinnis"

Terry- "okay Chels, I took off her shades and saw her eyes, looking all kinda black and blue. And I told her she looked bad"

Chelsea- "like what the hell Terry, so unswhay McGinnis, so unswhay. Like I can't even tell you how unswhay that was for you to have done that to her. I gotta go cause I have to figure out what I'm gonna say to her. How can you say that, you know she has a lot on her plate Ter. You know you really have your twip moments, like for real Terry"

Terry- "Chels, I'm sorry"

Chelsea- "yeah I know, your always sorry McGinnis. That's why she takes it out on all of us"

Chelsea walks away and back into the school. While Terry who goes into bat mode, knows there is something much deeper going on with Max. No way is any amount of school, work, and a new apartment is gonna make you look like a dancing zombie from thriller. For now all Terry could do was go back inside the school, before Mary McGinnis got a phone call that Terry was missing in action. Without an excuse from Bruce pulling him out for an emergency. Even though everybody at school had their concerns about Max. They all figured it was just the change in her lifestyle that had occurred. It had only been four months, so she couldn't have been used to it yet. But unknown to everybody Max did have an issue, but it was an issue that grew into desperation. And desperation that grew into an addiction, which all started with the root of it the form of Terry. Her best friend It was four months ago on a night studying with Terry that Max realized she was in love with her best friend. And Terry was still with Dana so Max knew it would never happen. So she opted for a solution, she would get rid of her feelings. Max tried everything even suggesting that she and Terry stay away from each other for a while. But Terry wouldn't allow it, Max was his best friend and that she would stay that way until the end of time. So Max chose another option, …...drugs. Heroin to be exact, and it worked. Heroin keep her mind of Terry and Dana's relationship and from getting in the middle. And Terry all together, Max felt like floating above all seas at once when she had it. But when she didn't that was well another story. Which meant that now people where starting to see a change in Max's behavior and personality. But right now, Terry had pissed her off and it was time to do what she always did to clam herself down. She needed to get her fix, Max was hooked and sober and she hated it. She wanted to go high and not come down, which is how she felt when the needle hit her vein and she just let go. Going to her special place in her special world.

Hey everyone, this was different for me to do. But I wanted to step out of my box and take a chance. This is a one shot but there is another two or three chapters to it...maybe if you guys like