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Max was sitting in the cafeteria in the back by the far right. Waiting for her connect to re-up and ease her craving. When she ran out of her supply the night before. It wouldn't be long afterward til she would need to shoot up again. She was wearing all black once again, along with a black baseball hat to hide her pink hair and face. She had only been in school today for only four periods so far but handed in all of her work. Max struck a deal with all of her teachers, telling them that she was suffering from a rare form of cancer. Which would explain her weight loss with the rest of her appearance. She researched all forms of cancer particularly rare forms. Because rare forms didn't have much information on them. And came up with a cover for herself so she wouldn't bring too much attention to herself. Max even took it a step further and printed out fake bottle labels and stuck them to med bottles with the correct named medication. And brought them to school when she came. She covered herself in every way she thought possible as far as her alibi cover was concerned. And being the computer genius she is, it was quite easy for her. Max looked at it as she was an actress portraying a role and school was the movie. Suddenly Dan approached her and sat down Max put her hand in her pocket and Dan stopped her.

"Wait hun, this is gonna go alittle different this time"

"if you think your gonna stiff me after all the creds I have given you I will pop your neck"

"no Max, I got something different this time. Way better than before so meet me in the library"

"okay and you better not try and play me Dan"

"I'm not geez you know you should really watch the temper Max"

"whatever just go and be there"

Dan gets up from the table and walks off. Max stays behind and wait's it out for a few. After five minutes she gets up and walks out the cafeteria and walks right into Chelsea and Terry. They were both shocked to see Max because it was fifth period and she was still in school. And that she was in Gob Studies third period, and passed the exam given.

Chelsea- "hey Max how are you"

Max- "hey guys, I'm good Chels"

Chelsea- "it was good to see you in Gob Studies today. Hey how did you pass the exam though, you missed the whole lesson"

Max- "I have been doing the work from home, so I know every lesson you guys have."

Terry- "how'd you pull that Maxie"

Max- "still a stupid student I see"

Terry- "still a walking corpse I see"

Max- "ooh he shoots back finally. Next time put real bullets in your gun instead of blanks. They might hurt more next time. Later Chels"

Max walked off towards the library to meet Dan and Terry was stuck with a hole in the chest. Chelsea looked at Max walk off and back to Terry and give him a piece of her mind.

"why would you do that"

"do what"

"say what you said to her"

"hey, you hear what she said first. She started it"

"oh please McGinnis you know damn well you didn't have to reply to her comment. You just wanted to hurt her because she chewed you up last time."

"yeah last time saying the same reckless shit as before just a bit meaner"

"exactly, being Max she was being herself. And you are not being yourself by aiming her on. Think about what your doing, your her best friend out of all of us. You should know better. Ever think something your doing might be bothering her."

"what could I have possibly done to bother her"

"I don't know why don't you start at try paying attention and figure it out"

Chelsea walked into the cafeteria without Terry leaving him wondering. Dana then walked up hugged, kissed Terry and said.

"I just seen Max and she said hi and everything she was even nice like her old self til"

"til what"

"til I said why do you let yourself look alike a zombie extra. Then she told me my bullets are just as blank as my boyfriends and I should reload"

"blank bullets"

"yeah, is Chelsea in the cafeteria yet"

"yeah go in I'll meet you in there in a sec"

"okay, hey Ter just let her be and let it go"

Dana walked in and spotted Chelsea and sat down next to her. Dana told Chelsea what happened with Max in the hallway, Chelsea just laughed. She loved Max's comebacks. Back out in the hallway Terry got the idea that maybe there could be a link from Dana to the problems he was having with Max. Max said to both of them blank bullets, and she was nice to both at first. She never jump shifts at Chelsea something was definitely suspect. Terry got deeper in thought about his recent interactions with Max and Dana being around each time. They seemed to be more intense than the other altercation he had with Max earlier in the week. She just didn't seem that pissed when it was just the two of them around. Now it was completely time to tell Bruce everything. After all he was the worlds greatest detective, right.

At The Library

Back at the library Max walked in and saw Dan sitting down in her seat in the medical field section. Max walked up and sat next to him.

"I know you picked this spot because no one ever comes to this area of the library. Therefore give it to me straight why so top secret"

"because what I got is very top secret if Gotham's finest finds you with this. It's new on the market and hasn't hit the streets yet. But once it does it's gonna be hot and mainly everyone's gonna wanna get their hands on it"

"ok so stop keeping me in the dark already Dan what is it"

"you remember slappers right"

"yeah they were the new level to what was steroids back in the day around the 21'st century"

"right you are my good friend. Now how steroids were taken then is the same way you take heroin. By shooting up with a needle, right"

"yeah so"

"so not anymore give me your hand and look down. What's this look like?"

"a slapper"

"wrong this is a pulse slapper of heroin it's called Upgrade. It's two patches in a single dose. You place one where you would the needle and one where your pulse is in your wrist. And it shoots the drug directly in your vein and down the arm to the pulse and then pumps through the entire body and last four hours. And best part is no more needle marks or bruises"

"wow Dan where did you get this and how much is it gonna cost me"

"I'm a businessman man and the price is twenty creds a pop but just give me your usual ten as long as you buy more than one dose."

"deal here is a 40 cred card"

"ok but Max never use more than four a day or you will OD got it. Never over four"

"I got you and meet me here unless I tell you otherwise"

"done call me if you have any questions. See ya later Max"

"wait Dan you gave me five"

"I know one is a sample it's a low dose of two hours to start you off"

"Thanks, see ya Dan"

"take care Max and be careful I don't want anything to happen to you"

Max left the library to head home and Dan watched her go. After five minutes Dan too left and meet his best friend Sean outside of Hamilton. Sean was one of the biggest drug connects in Gotham. He had Dan selling some drugs as a debt he owed him. Dan robbed Tech Net Pharmaceuticals to save both his and Sean's mom from a deadly virus, both woman acquired working at Tech Net. Sean knew Dan wasn't built for jail and on his way into medical school after Hamilton. Therefore Sean took the blame. Sean was grateful to Dan for saving their moms and did the time, which was three years. Sean only asked that he find out whatever information he could about Tech Net from Max by posing as a drug dealer.

Sean- "so how did it go"

Dan- "okay she will meet me again tomorrow"

Sean- "how do you feel"

Dan- "as best as I can considering she has no idea that there is no such thing as a four hour dose. And the real dose is a straight 24 hour. But it's enough time for now til I can find out how to get her off the drugs with my detox called the clean patch"

Sean- "well that's good right"

Dan- "no I don't have much time she already bought 4 patches and I gave her a nutri patch"

Sean- "what's a nutri patch"

Dan- "a nutrition patch, it's what I used to put weight on our mothers. My version of what was called ensure back in the day. You should see her Sean, she's so skinny. I gotta help her"

Sean- "And you will that internship you got from Mr. Wayne and working at WayneMedical with all those supplies for you to even be able to come up with those patches are incredible alone. And WayneMedical isn't even open yet. Your gonna change the world Daniel just wait."

Dan- "I hope your right but I gotta save Max first before it's too late"

Sean- "you will man, you will"