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The air had a cool breeze, a slight sent of death, and was ultimately the nicest weather Sunnydale had had in quite a while. I didn't like it. Good weather in Sunnydale – please. When was that ever a good sign? Not that it was bad, it just wasn't particularly good. It created a false sense of hope and security over the town, which I was never really accustomed to. The night was brighter than usual also, the full moon casted large creeping shadows up hedge stones and across the mausoleum. The slayer would be patrolling soon. Hopefully this time she wouldn't try to stake me.

A gust of wind blew against me then, and it was filled with a gut wrenching stench. Vampire. But this Vampire scent was wrong. It wasn't filled with the smell of death as it should be. And there was something else… Some sweeter scent attached to it. If my demon instincts and "vamp-dar" hadn't told me so, I would never have guessed it for a Vamp.

Well now, this was interesting. No more waiting for the slayer, I had a little investigating to do. No time to lose, I walked briskly south, following the horrendous smell. It took everything I had not to stop breathing and keep smelling just then, the smell was that bad. I rounded a corner and walked straight into a dark haired man, snarling and growling away.

Ah, so this was my vamp. No… This was definitely what the smell was radiating off of, but there was more… More of these strange vampires? Oh how great, just what I bloody well needed.

I snarled back at the newcomer, shifting into my game face. I pulled a stake from my belt, which was hidden beneath my black leather duster. I lunged for the twit, but he pulled out a stake of his own, and we clashed together like sword fighting Romans, except with wooden stakes rather than swords.


I was in the middle of finishing up yet another game of pool with my best friend Bonnie, when I realized Damon, my vampire boyfriend's brother, was no longer with us. We were in a strange town that we'd never been in before, inside a club whose name I couldn't remember, and he left us. Great. That was just like him to abandon me at the most inconvenient time.

I never thought I'd feel this way, but I was babysitting a full grown man. Who just happened to be a vampire.

"Come on Bonnie we'd better find Damon." I sighed at the early end to our game – which for once, I was winning. She meekly smiled at me and we began making our way towards the doors of the club.

Once out on to the street we knew at once where the over grown child had gotten to. We flung around and raced down an alley – a place I would have never thought to go in the middle of the night before I'd met these new friends – where Damon was facing off with some crazed vampire.

"Damon!" I screamed to him, grabbing Bonnie's arm in fear. This other vampire, looked like he was winning. Or so I thought. Damon suddenly was on top of him, pinning the bleach blonde to the ground, and preparing to launch his stake through his heart. My heart was racing, both out of fear for my friend, and at the sudden realization that in attempts to escape all of this supernatural drama, I had walked right into a whole new soap opera.

Damon wasn't winning for long though; it seemed that this vampire was playing with him, taunting his opponent before he made the final kill.


I was whistling the tune to my favorite song while Dawn and I walked towards the Bronze. I was really glad that she'd convinced me to take the night off patrolling to have some fun. I was so grateful to my friends for going out for me. Willow Xander and Giles were out in the graveyard slaying nasty old beasties for me, just so that I could have a break.

And suddenly, I realized what a good thing that was. Just as we were about to turn into the building, we heard the too familiar sound of vampire growls coming from the alley behind us.

"Oh my god, give me a break!" I groaned and dragged Dawn by the arm towards the alley. We walked down the alley quickly, for a second I wondered whether it was a bad thing that I didn't have any weapons on me. Not that I needed them, but sometimes they were just nice to have. That was when I saw the two girls panicking a few feet from the vamp on vamp fight that was going on. "Hey guys, don't worry, it's gonna be fine." I reassured them. "Dawn stay here for a sec?" I asked of her while I went to sort out slash kill tonight's share of demons.

"Spike?" I asked in confusion as my almost friend almost boyfriend almost enemy rolled over a vampire who was making lame attempts to strangle him.

"Buffy?" He replied with a slightly less confused expression. "S'alright love, got this all under control."

Yeah right he did. I stepped into the fight, ripping the dark haired vampire off of Spike, and preparing to rip his head off when the girls screamed desperately for me to let him go. I hesitated for a second, looking at them like they were crazy. And that was just enough time for the little pest to turn around and slam me into a wall.

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