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Circe walked resolutely after Revan as the female jackal Evo led the way, followed closely by her two brothers, Ronan and Rannoch (formerly called Zeta and Eta). Ronan's gold eyes glinted as he sniffed the ground and cast wary glances toward his two human companions. Rannoch kept rather quiet, snarling occasionally if a bird or animal surprised him. Noah, who was staying close to Circe, kept on stealing glances at her.

Circe had refused to tell Noah much about this place they were looking for, the Providence School for Civilized Mutants. All she said was that it was a terrible place that must be destroyed if it is still functional. She didn't say what she experienced there. She didn't say what the place was meant for. Noah had tried to get more information, but eventually decided not to push her.

Revan paused and turned toward Noah, who held up the collar for her to sniff. (Circe had refused to carry the thing) The canine's blue eyes closed as she took a deep whiff. She then turned her nose to the air for a moment before turning to the left and starting to walk again. The others wordlessly followed.

Noah slowed down so that he was walking alongside Circe once more. "You okay?"

Circe smiled wryly. "Those are the only two words you've been saying since we started. How about a change of pace? Like...'How bout them Nix?'."

Noah laughed, relieved that Circe was at least well enough to make jokes. "I'm just concerned." His face sobered. "It must be hard going back to this place. I can tell that it holds a lot of bad memories."

Circe nodded her head. "It is. But...it isn't just a place of bad memories. There are some...good memories there too." Her expression was strained, as if she was having thoughts that she wanted to ignore.

Noah blinked at these words. 'Say what? How can the place that has been giving her nightmares for months have anything good associated with it?' "Now, I'm even more confused. If this place has good memories, why do you hate it? If you hate it so much, why do you want to go back?" He studied Circe's face carefully. "You don't have to tell me more than you want to, but I want to know why we're trying to find this place."

Circe hesitated before replying. "A few weeks ago, I started having nightmares about PSCM. Holiday tried putting me on sleeping pills, but the dreams kept coming. Then, you find that dog who has a collar with PSCM written on it. It seemed like too big of a coincidence to ignore. It think that, somehow, something's calling me to go back." She grinned weakly. "I've always been a little superstitious."

"I see." Noah put a comforting hand on her shoulder. "When you're ready to tell me more, just let me know. Kay?"

Circe paused briefly to hug Noah. "Okay. Thank you, Noah." She held him for a moment before walking ahead to talk with Revan.

Noah stared dumbly after her, his face flushing. Beside him, he heard Ronan let out a chuckle of amusement. He raised an eyebrow. "What?"

The jackal shook his dark head, smirking. "You humans are so slow..."



"You were a little slower than usual today." Rex murmured, brushing one of Breach's sweaty locks out of her face. "That possum almost had you a few times." He gently caressed her cheek, smiling lovingly.

Breach leaned into Rex's touch, closing her eyes. "Sorry. I was thinking about Circe and Noah. I feel bad that we didn't go with them."

Rex shrugged a shoulder. "Hey, we have a job to do. There have been way more Evo attacks than usual lately. Besides, those guys are going to need eyes in Providence." He planted a gentle kiss on her forehead before turning toward the door. "Come on."

Breach tilted her head. "Where are we going?"

Rex held up a hand, allowing his blue nanite veins to glow. "We're gonna hack the computer system!"


The abyss in front of her was endless. Infinite. She only needed to stretch her fingers out and touch the thousands of pathways that lay before her. They shifted constantly, but never faded. They were always there, awaiting their master's command. Now, once more, she asked them to carry her spirit away from her unconscious body, to act as a road from her vessel to that of another.

The trails existed everywhere: the air, the ground, the sky, the lakes where they collected... Water.

She stepped out of her body as easily as a sea serpent would slip out of its old skin, melding herself with the molecules of water that intermingled with the air, moving out of the building of metal and cement and into the forest. She sensed the paths that would lead her to her targets.

She divided herself into five connected entities, each one traveling down a different road of vapor, ice, and stream. Thankfully, she didn't have much ice to travel through. (It was like swimming through concrete and it gave her a horrible headache) Two of the five divisions moved apart from the other three, seeking out bodies that were further away.

One traveled a greater distance than the others, leaving the thick forest that surrounded the building altogether, diving into a creek which spread into a field of mutated canines. It didn't stop there, however. It continued its course through the dark molecules of a tunnel, across a city of polluted water, and into the desert. Here, it faced some hardships as the water in the air grew sparse. It was forced to take refuge within a cactus for a few minutes, replenishing its strength, before continuing on its course. It barely made it to the white building. There, it collected in the moisture of the air conditioned interior. It swam through the air vents until it finally came across its target: a silver female dog.

She felt a stab of pity for the poor creature. It had been through so much already. She remembered when she had first melded with the dog while it was still a mutated prisoner. She had given the poor beast the ability and the knowledge necessary to escape its prison and flee before the scientists could do more. Back then, she had been inexperienced and the exertions had forced her into a long period of inactivity. After months of honing her skills, she was finally able to send out her soul at will. Now, she was going to bond with the dog once more. It was an easy transfer. The majority of the body, after all, is water.

The dog's ears flicked in confusion. Something was different with the atmosphere. What was going on? She could feel something in her head, entering the crevices of her brain and body, like water seeping into a crevice. A voice whispered her mind.

'Do you remember me?'

The dog shook her head in confusion. She knew that voice, though she hadn't heard it since that day... A whine escaped her throat.

'I saved you from further experimentation in the labs. Now, through the efforts of a young boy it seems, you are cured of being a mutant.' She knew this by tapping the dog's memory. 'Now, I ask that you return the favor. Follow Circe. You remember the way back to this prison, even though she has chosen to forget. Help to guide her. Bring her to me. Bring her to us.' As soon as she left the dogs body, she went back to the vents, preparing to make the long journey back to her own body. Below, the dog stood up and padded out the door.

Elsewhere, a piece of the entity's soul sought out a human mutant who was traveling with another like her and a pack of three canine mutants. She bonded with her body, as she had every night for the past few months, and tapped the hidden recesses of her memories. Now that she had finally started her journey, it was no longer necessary to tap into the more horrifying thoughts associated with the lab. Now, it was time to let her dream about her friends, the good times that had preceded the bad. She laced the dream with her words: 'Find them.'

Meanwhile, the three parts of her soul that were traveling as a unit entered a cave that lay a few miles away. Three human mutants were fast asleep on the stone floor. The three spirit divisions smiled fondly before entering. She gave all three sleeping figures the same message: 'Wait for her.'

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Wolfgang/Biowulf/Sigma: If you don't know, watch the show. (Hey, that rhymes!)

Beta/Shasta: The giant, red-furred, skeletal wolf with black eyes. Went mad after Van Kleiss's death. Wolfgang's eldest son.

Ludwig/Gamma: The brown Warg Evo with yellow eyes. Wolfgang's second son. First to realize his father's identity.

Cari/Delta: The silver coyote with a whiplash tail and blue eyes. Wolfgang's only daughter.

Revan/Theta: The russet jackal Evo with blue eyes. Ronan and Rannoch's sister.

Ronan/Zeta: The black and silver dappled jackal with yellow eyes. Revan and Rannoch's brother.

Rannoch/Eta: The brown brindle jackal with orange eyes. Revan and Ronan's brother.

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