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Set- Mid to late season 6 (is up to date with spoilers from current episodes, "The Blackout in the Blizzard).

We're the same in the mirror, but nowhere else

May 27, 2011 - Washington D.C., 12.34 am

A cool breeze in mid spring swept through the streets of Washington D.C. The weather had been very unpredictable lately and finally things had begun to look up this evening. It was way past 12 o'clock when a red viper parked outside the Jeffersonian institute. A man with platinum blonde hair got out of his car; he wore a black leather duster, a black shirt, black jeans and a pair of black Doc Martens.

This man had seen over 120 years of blood, destruction, murder, love and torment.

The day before Spike "William the bloody" as he was once called, had come to Washington on the word of Angel, the ex-vampire with a soul (5 years ago from The Powers That Be for defeating Wolfram & Hart). The legend of the Shanshu Prophecy that was told to Angel many years ago still stood, which left either he or Spike eligible to become human again.

Only one of them would be able to be chosen to be human, so there was some decision making to be done. Spike declined the offer because he enjoyed being able to wreak havoc, to be immortal and could do what ever he wanted and when ever he wanted; he also wanted to see Angel suffer. At the same time he decided that Angel should be able to have the one thing that he always wanted, (which was the most obvious thing in the world….)

A few things that Angel got to keep when he was made human again were his super human strength, ability to heal quickly and his knowledge of martial arts for battling the forces of evil. Coincidence or not The Powers foresaw that Angel and Buffy would be reunited together again, so they could finally be together with no repercussions or consciences of him being human. (Ahh see I told ya it was obvious what he wanted).

Spike, Illyria and Gunn had all agreed to accompany Angel to Rome so he could be with Buffy. They decided to start a new joint detective agency with the Scooby Gang and called it "Angel- Summers Investigations" (because they couldn't think of name anymore lame).

So this was what had brought Spike to the Jeffersonian. Team Angel now plus the Scooby gang had a new case where someone had been murdered by a Corno Viscido demon and the Identity of the victim was unable to be determined. From Willow's suggestions of getting a second opinion, she had looked up on the internet and found a Forensic Anthropologist, which happened to be Dr. Temperance Brennan and her team of squints to help them out.

Being a fan of the Kathy Reich's series, Willow had immediately recommended that they contact Dr. Brennan to ask her if she would assist in on their investigation (well maybe more for wanting to meet one of her favourite authors, which was like going to Disneyland for her. After all these years something's never changed with Willow being a big nerd.) She sent Dr. Brennan an email telling her that she will be sending someone from their team down to D.C. the following day.

Forensic Anthropologist Doctor Temperance Brennan found herself working late that night finishing up the team's latest cases. Cam, Hodgins, Angela and this week's intern Mr. Nigel Murray had also stayed late. Booth on the other hand just sat on Brennan's couch reading whatever he could find to occupy himself, while she did paperwork concerning the case they had just finished and a body that was found in a forest in New York that had needed her assistance.

"You know what Bones, you really need to get some new reading material in here." Booth said pointing at an Anthropology Journal.

"Well if you're bored why don't you go back to your office and do some of that paperwork that you've been complaining about for the past two days?" Said Brennan amused.

Spike entered The Jeffersonian's Medico-Legal Lab and headed towards Brennan's office. He heard people speaking as he walked around the forensic platform. One of the voices sounded familiar and the other he hadn't heard before.

"Hi, can I help you?" Said Dr. Jack Hodgins as he walked over from his work station, where he had been looking through his microscope at particulates.

"Yeah mate you can, I was looking for Dr. Brennan's office. Where bouts would I find that?" Hodgins noted that the man had a British accent.

"Oh, Dr. Brennan's is to the left." Hodgins said pointing the direction of her office.

With out saying anything else Spike just walked away.

"Ehh, you know you could say thankyou or something." Said Hodgins, slightly flustered.

As Spike walked away Hodgins got a weird feeling about him. But apart from that the man had strange hair and wore a lot of black something wasn't right about him. Maybe the man belonged to a cult or something?

"-I don't want to go back to me office because I like spending time with my partner, is there something wrong with that?" Booth said leaning closer to Brennan with that charm smile of his shining as bright as it could.

It had been approximately 7 months since Booth had proposed to Hannah and 3 since he and Brennan had been stuck in that elevator during the blizzard that swept D.C. and had confessed that they still had feelings for each other and made a wish that one day they might be a couple.

"Fine, be bored, but don't complain because I have a lot of work to do. How about you read one of my novels. You've always enjoyed them."

Booth smirked, he knew exactly which book he wanted to pick up and read. Brennan's newest book "Bone Contention" ( she hadn't written a new book since she came back from Maluku and had only recently started writing a new one a few months ago) with page 187 featuring the sex scene between Kathy and Andy had been her finest work so far. Booth could remember how many times over the past year and a half (before he had meet Hannah) he had imagined himself and Bones re-enacting that scene in his head over and over again many times.

He didn't care what Bones said about Kathy Reichs and her sexy FBI agent not being based on them, because he and everybody else knew that that wasn't true.

Oh how much he loved her books. He loved reading about the adventures they had together (well the sex mainly, what could he say? he was a guy after all, he had needs.)

Just as Booth was getting up to get her book, a man entered Brennan's office.

"Hello, I'm Spike from Angel- Summers Investigations, from Rome and I was wondering if I could speak with….Man, what are you doing here? And why are you in that monkey suit?"

With a look of confusion Booth replied "What are you talking about, this suit is a FBI regulation."

"Anyway, what do you want?... And why are you dressed like Billy Idol?"

"For the last time, he stole my look! Billy Idol stole his look from me, god dammit!" Spike yelled at Brennan and Booth.

Booth and Brennan glanced at each other with very confused expressions on their faces.

"Why do you keep looking at her like that? Coz, if you're cheating on Buffy, I'll end you!"

Spike asked Booth with a look of confusion and disgust on his face.

"You have a new girlfriend, Booth, how come you didn't tell me?" Brennan said with hurt evident on her face.

"What, no. Who the hell is Buffy?" "And exactly who are you? And why are you doing here?" Booth demanded this time.

Booth turned to Brennan and said "Bones, I'm not dating anyone, I told you that I'm not ready to be in a relationship at the moment. And when that happens you know that you're the person that I want to be with."

Brennan smiled at Booth and they had one of their moments when it felt like it was just the two of them and no one else.

But- Spike had to ruin the moment with- "OHH NO! I forgot to watch Passions and Timmy's still down the bloody well!"

Booth and Brennan snapped out of their little lovey-dovey day dream. Booth asked "Um what? You have to watch Passions? Isn't that not on any more?"

"Well yeah of course I know that! I'm watching it on re-runs on cable. But this episode is a must see! Timmy is down that well, I can't miss it!" Spike complained.

"Ahk alrighty then, you know you could just watch it online, that's what I do when I miss an episode of The Family Guy." Booth said a tad confused.

After an awkward silence, Brennan asked Spike what he was doing here.

"Ok, 1. Your name isn't Booth, it's An-Gel 2. You sent me here, to talk to her about the case that we're working on. 3. Why are you cheating on Buffy with this woman named Bones? And 4. What's the law about drinking blood here? " He said directing every question towards Booth.

"Ok, 1. Yes it is, who's Angel? 2. what? 3. who's Buffy? 4. what?" Booth said confused again. This confusion was really starting to annoy him.

"Ohhh, you're here about the Corno Viscido case, the one that I got an e-mail from a…. Miss Rosenberg, from Rome?" Brennan finally being the only one that understood what was going on stepped in.

"Yes that's correct." Spike replied.

Now back to the confusing stuff, Spike finally made Booth stop being confused. "Ok, well your right you're definitely Not Angel?" Spike replied smelling Booth to see if he was seeing things or not. But he didn't recognise Booth's sent, so he must be either a distant relative of Angel or a hell of a look alike, because he was never wrong about these things.

"Ok, and one more thing. I'm still a little confused on why you thought I was some guy named Angel? Which sounds like a girly name no offence."

"You're right on that. Oh nah don't worry about it, it was my mistake." Spike snicked.

Spike laughed to himself and thought: Ohhh this is gonna be fun, when he and Angel do meet, there's gonna be some confusion. Good thing I'm the only one who knows about this…..

Back to discussing the case Booth and Brennan agreed that they and their team would help the Scoobies/ Team Angel on this case.

After presenting the file to Brennan and giving her time to look it over, Spike added. "I've seen a lot of demons in my time, along with being considered one myself. But I haven't seen nothing like this before."

"When you mean demons, you mean criminals or Demons from Hell, the bike gang? Or real demons like, minions from hell?" Booth replied a tad worried.

"Anthropologically speaking, demons do not exist, Booth." Brennan said matter-of-factly.

Spike chuckled then said "Love, demons are real." Than suddenly he vamped out.

Brennan screams and jumps into a shocked Booth's arms.

After gathering herself Brennan walked over to Spike and put her hands on his face, feeling his cheeks, forehead and teeth, and then said "The bone structure of your zeugmatic arch appears to be in proportion and is symmetrical with the rest of your face, but your forehead on the other hand is quite pronounced and bumpy and this scar on the left side of you head is obviously quite old and was made with a blunt weapon with either a dagger or a sword."

She then felt his teeth and received a cut from one of the pointy ones. Brennan then screamed again, this time in pain and looked at her thumb; blood began to gash out. That soon stopped when Spike put her thumb in his mouth.

Booth then suddenly snapped out of his frozen state of shock and pulled Brennan away from Spike. "What the hell are you doing to my partner, I could arrest you, you know, I am FBI remember?" He said yelling.

"I could kill you before you even got your hand cuffs out." Spike bit back.

"You're just out right evil, I'm not working with you. Get out!"

"Whoa, whoa, I'm not evil…. Anymore, I got me self a soul. Yeah, I'm a vampire but I'm good… well for except for the occasional Friday and Saturday night when the birds are roaming. I like to have a little fun, those roman girls like their foreplay… a lot."

"Ahk, thanks for the information on the last thing." Booth said crooking his brow.

"I've got to go and do that paper work before Hacker kills me, call me if he touches you again." Booth said shotting Brennan a pleading glance with concern written all over his face.

"Touch her and I'll shoot you!" He said to Spike with a warning.

"Ya know that won't do anything. Yeah it'll hurt like hell, but it won't kill me." Spike said with a snide remark.

Spike morphed back into his normal face. Which still startled Brennan and Booth a little.

"I've seen a lot of vampire movies, and I know that a cross will repel you." Booth took his St. Christopher medal and silver cross (that Brennan had given him for his birthday earlier that year) and handed it to her, and said "Don't be afraid to use it." Then he walked out.

"So Love, you doing anything Friday night?" He winked.

"Ahhh, no, why?" She replied confused.

"Ahhh never mind."

"God you scientists are so dense sometimes." Spike muttered to himself.

"Ok so about this case." Spike began.

"Yes, so what do the remains look like?" She asked with excitement in her voice.

"Well there's not much left to tell ya the truth, I kinda got hungry on the way here."

"I don't what that means."

"Yeah of course you don't, why did I even bother?" He rolled his eyes.

God that woman must be living under a rock or something? Coz seriously, Bloody Hell! No one is that THICK! God this lab must do things to people. I've always hated labs, Sodding scientists tinkering with me brain, them and that stupid chip!

"Hello?, Spike? Are you there?"Brennan asked with confusion, waving her hand in front of his face.

"Oh sorry yeah was just thinking about….. uhh….. Labs and….. stuff."

(Line break here)

"Ok so back to the case." Spike said finally.

"The team that I work with specialises with the supernatural and downright weird, concerning with demons, vampires and basically anything out of the ordinary. So anyway we found a body about three days ago in an ally way around the corner from Piazza Navona, good thing no on else found it cause it being such a largely populated area and all."

"The body was completely skeletonised, apart from a couple of ribs that appeared to still have some flesh on them." He continued.

"So you need my help to determine the age, sex and race of the victim, in order for your team to solve this case."


"So why didn't you contact local law enforcement in Rome and have them deal with it?"

"Well for staters, it's our kind of case." Spike laughed "And they wouldn't know the first thing about demons, they'd probably be shaking in their booties."

"So why did you decide to contact me?"

"Because you're the best and ….. Well ….. We needed your help." Spike said lamely.

"Ok, I will be back in a few minutes; I have to consult with a fellow colleague of mine."

Brennan walked out and look around the forensic platform looking for Hodgins, who appeared to be nowhere in sight. Knowing that he was not there, the second place she knew where he would be was his wife's office.

Meanwhile, Spike was just chilling in Brennan's office reading her really boring magazines.

There's one thing I do agree with Booth on, is that these magazines are boring.

When Brennan walked into her best friend's office she didn't just find Hodgins; she found the whole forensic team gathered around the Angelator. They appeared to be discussing the case that they were working on.

"—So if I crop that and enlarge that, you can see how the murder weapon entered the wound at this angle." Angela pointed at the screen of the computer program that she had created years ago.

"Oh, sweetie we were just discussing the case. Vincent had some interesting insights for you that he was going to discuss with you, right after we finished here." The artist said acknowledging her best friend's presence.

"Thank you Angela, but at the moment I have some more important things that I have to talk to you all about." Brennan replied with a determined look.

"Ok, Doctor Brennan, shoot." Dr. Camille Saroyan, the squints Pathologist said.

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