Intermission: Diamonds and Donuts

Episode 2

In the secret hanger of the Fan Fiction Fleet, our favorite author and hostess is sitting in a VERY comfortable armchair, enjoying her donuts.

Dream Dragoness: Ahh~. It was a good idea to make Bob distract the Tallests while I happily enjoy my donuts. *Looks at the camera, eyes wide* What? We're live? Idiots! Why didn't you say so!

DD straightens herself in her chair and grabs a napkin to wipe her face with.

D.D.: Sorry about that. Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to another episode of "Diamonds and Donuts." Well, we're just about done with "Oh! For the Love of Zim" and it's time to bring out our new guest. *gestures to the F.F.F garage door.* After careful thought and analysising of levels of Zimness, I am happy to announce the reviewer/actress who will star as the main love interest for the next fic. Please give a warm welcome to xxxCARxxxCRASHxxxHEART!

A very thin girl with short, pixie cut hair wearing dark blue skinny jeans and a brown long sleeved shirt comes into the hanger and sits in a beanbag chair as the audience applause her entrance.

D.D.Hey there,Crash! Here's you complimentary bag of donuts and sweets. *hands Crash a bag of donuts and sour gummy worms!

Crash: *looks in bag* Do I spy gummy worrrrrms?Thanks D.D, and double thanks for having me on here and as the actress for the next fic. I'm REALLY excited for it *smiles evilly*

D.D.: He-he. Yes. *looks at audience* Crash is playing Swollen Eyeball member Elida Morrison, also known as Agent Styx. In "Oh! For the Love of Dib," Elida is a no-nonsense paranormal investigator who specializes in ghosts, spirits, and other spooks. Dib has great admiration for Styx and has the great honor of housing ghost hunter. But Elida will not listen to him about Zim being an alien, nor does she care. I cannot say any more on the fic, otherwise, I'd spoil it. Let's just say that it's a lemon-loving Dib-fan's dream. *looks back at Crash* Now with the upcoming fic, perhaps you would like to answer a few questions regarding "Oh! For the Love of Zim." What attracted you to the fic in the first place?

Crash: Of course! Well back when this was just a wee, 3 chapter fanfic I stumbled upon it when I was browsing. I hadn't ever seen Zim portrayed as a rebellious horndog before, and it caught my interest. The fic brought something new to the table, instead of the overused "new girl comes to school and falls in love with Zim" there was a fleshed out character and a refreshingly original plot. Also the portrayal of Zim made him kinda hot, and being a hardcore Dib fan that's an impressive feat.

D.D.: Well, I'm glad you think that. What were your favorite parts in the fic so far?

Crash: The lemon chapters for sure, they were so sexy, yet sensual and loving, perfect for Sam and Zim.

D.D.: EVERYONE loves the lemons. What about the non-lemons? And what would you like to see more in "Zim" that you would like in "Dib"? And any suggestions of what you want in "Dib"?

Crash: Hmmm...well I have to say I loved when Sam beat up Tak, she's a pretty tough chick taking on an alien over half her age. Oh and when Zim was first attempting to make Sam his, haha, what a perv. As for what I'd like in Dib, I remember that Zim changed his looks up a bit, I rather liked that. You could revamp his looks, make him more modern. For Dib's personality... He could more aggressive. Take less crap from people.

DD: Ok, which first part any more ideas? How about the villain?

Crash: Tak? Blegh, I've always despised her for some reason, and it was really low of her to go after Sam to hurt Zim...**.

D.D.: Well, I plan to have Tak Pushing up daisies before the fic is done, but I can see if she would live and appear in the next fic. *pales when she sees the Tallests coming into the hanger. They spot her and purple yells.*

Purple: There she is! And that human next to her has Gummy worms! I hope their sour.

Crash: Motherf-

D.D.: Oh, crap. *looks at another random Irken* Remind me to fire Bob later, Ok Joe?

*Joe nods as D.D. grabs Cash by the collar and begins to run. Ed, Edd, n' Eddy style*

D.D.: Well, that's all the time we have. Tune in next time for "Diamonds and Donuts" and keep an eye out for the second fic of the "Oh! For the Love of...!" trilogy! *looks back and runs faster.* AHHHHH! RUN AWAY!

Crash: No you can NOT have my worms Purple! GAHHH! That doesn't twist that way!