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Title: Dark Desire
Series: Transformers
Rating: M
Genre: Romance/Drama
Characters: Sam W. and Megatron
Summary: AU Two halves cannot become a whole until they are joined together. Megatron has plans for the future, and it's not like Sam has a choice in the matter.
Warnings: Sam swears, a lot, Megatron acts oddly, and oh, yeah, there's a smutty scene near the end of the chapter. Read at your own risk, and don't expect the incident to be repeated.

It was really cold out here. Breathing in deep breaths of cold fall air, Sam was thankful he'd remembered his jacket before leaving the base. He stared up at the stars above him and exhaled softly.

He wished Bee could have seen this with him. He didn't like being alone most of the time- There was too much danger, too much risk that the Decepticons could snatch him up and carry him off for torture and abuse and god-knows-what else. Optimus wasn't very clear on what they'd do to him, only that it would hurt really, really bad.

If Optimus knew he was going out every night since he'd arrived at the base… Sam knew he'd throw a fit. Very little upset the Autobot leader, but his safety was one of them. Actually, the safety of his entire army was his top priority. While the thought of a rampaging Prime going after him for 'endangering himself' wasn't a nice thought, the fact that Optimus actually considered him one of his men was almost heart-warming.

But Optimus wasn't the only one to consider him a soldier. Ever since Mission City, he'd been targeted during battles. Not Bumblebee who was with him. Always just him. All of the Decepticons had tried to kill him at least once, and Barricade had actually gone after him once for each battle he'd been in. Almost fifteen so far! That bastard hated him, and the feeling was mutual!

Of course, the good thing about Barricade was that Bee could fight him off. You couldn't do that with Starscream, or any of the other Seekers, they were too quick. He had nightmares about being snatched up by a Seeker and then being violently torn apart by the winds. They always happened after a battle.

Last time… those nightmares had almost come true. He'd been hiding on the ground, watching the battle and wishing he could help somehow when a hand snatched him up and flew off with him. The winds had nearly knocked him unconscious; he could have sworn he was going to die… And then… He couldn't remember what happened. He probably passed out before Optimus saved him

Looking up into the stars above him, Sam sighed and continued walking. For some reason Optimus had been very tight-lipped about what happened that day- No matter what he did, Optimus refused to talk about it. And it wasn't just him either- Everyone on base kept their lip plates closed about it, even his own guardian. All Bumblebee would say was, "It doesn't matter now Sam. Right now we just need to keep you safe."

"Safe?" Sam reflected aloud, staring out at the stars. "Safe from what?"

"From me, presumably."

Sam froze. That voice… Oh no…

"Well? Aren't you going to look at me?"

Sam bit his lip. He didn't want to give the bastard the pleasure of killing him with his back turned, but the thought of turning around to face him, with those blood-red optics… That was terrifying.

Not like he had a choice though.

He closed his eyes and took a breath. Then, he turned around to face Megatron.

"What do you want?" He said, trying to keep his voice from shaking. It did anyway, and the sight of the widening grin on the Decepticon leader's face made his left eye twitch a bit.

Megatron chuckled. "Isn't it obvious, Sam? I've come to take back what's mine."

The hell?

"Yours?" Sam said, actually feeling a bit of anger seeping through his fear. "What do you mean, yours?"

A look of feigned surprise crossed the Decepticon Tyrant's face. "You mean you don't remember me saving you?"

Like a door had been opened, everything came back to him. Starscream's hand covering him from the wind, a dark figure appearing in front of them. The growl from above him, how hard it was to breathe. The panic, the fear at being held loosely in Starscream's fist, face covered by his fingers. The struggle, the fall, the catch… And then those words, ominous yet overcast with… something. Something he didn't ever want to acknowledge.

"You owe me everything now, Sam."

Of course. Why didn't he think of that? Of course Megatron would use any opportunity to get at the Autobots, even if it meant saving the one who killed him. Of course Megatron would spring at the chance to catch a wary human off-guard to tell him something that he hoped would send him reeling.

Of course Megatron would want a hostage.

Megatron took a step towards him. Sam instantly took several steps back, anger at his stupidity and fear at his situation mixing.

"Stay back, Megatron," he growled, fumbling for the communicator watch Optimus had given him.

Megatron's grin got wider in response. That's when Sam remembered, oh yeah, stupid him had felt safe near the base, so he left it at home.

Goddammit, he was going to die.

"Why are you so afraid?" Megatron said, "Don't you feel safe with me?"

Any hesitations he had about running were long gone now. He bolted, fully ready to run himself sick if he had to. If he could just get near the base-

Megatron's hand suddenly wrapped around his middle, pulling him into the air and close to his chest. "Relax Sam," The Tyrant cooed, wrapping a blanket around him, "You're going to get a real taste of the air now."


"HEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLP!" Sam screamed, trying to get out of Megatron's hand. "HELLLLLLLLL-"

Before he knew it, the air was gone from his lungs. The ground got smaller and smaller below him, and the only warmth was coming from the chest he was pressed to.

It was so cold, too cold! Sam struggled to get enough air into his lungs, the air was so thin, too thin, he couldn't breath! He was aware he was clutching onto Megatron's chest armor like he'd never done with anyone, but past the thrum hitting his fingers he knew nothing of it. He gagged, feeling his limbs get heavy, pushing himself closer to the warmth coming from Megatron's chest. With difficulty, he lifted his arm and hit Megatron right where the thrum was the most intense, before it all went black.

He snuggled deeper under the covers. What a nightmare that was. He could almost still feel the freezing cold air, and the thrum of Megatron's spark. At least it was all just a dream, though now that he thought about it his mattress was really hard, like metal-

Wait ,what?

Sam sat up, pulling his hand from the strange box-like object, staring around him in shock. Plain rust-colored walls, a berth, the metal desk that looked so much- too much- like Optimus', and the nightstand he'd been sleeping on.

Shit, guess it hadn't been a dream after all.

And where were his clothes?

He looked at the hand that had been inside the box. The nails were slightly blue. He took another glance at the box. He was a little afraid of touching it, like it would send a signal to his captor alerting him he was awake. Not like he wouldn't know anyway, since his hand had been inside it.

Sam groaned to himself. Here he was, clad in only his boxers, admittedly covered by several layers of blankets, next to a bed (berth?) that could only be the resting place of one person…

Yeah, he was screwed.

He pulled the covers over his chest. He felt… awkward here. Alone, but not alone enough. It wasn't that he felt he was being watched, it was the opposite. He was alone in the Decepticon base, in Megatron's room, next to Megatron's bed clad only in his boxers, and no one was watching him squirm and freak out. That, more than the lack of clothes and where he was, bothered him.

Of course, he knew it was only a matter of time before Megatron showed up again, so he had to get out of here while he was alone… maybe he could get back to the base, or find a way to get a signal to his friends…

That's when he heard it. The clink of chains. He looked down at his legs, pulling up the covers enough to see his ankles.

Oh, god.

The bastard had put a shackle on him!

Now Sam was getting scared. Naked, next to a bed, with a shackle… all he was missing was a collar around his neck and he'd be the perfect BDSM fuck-toy. Admittedly, a fuck-toy for a giant sadistic alien robot, but still a sex slave nonetheless.

Funny, he didn't feel anything around his neck. Maybe he had some kind of collar made of energy or something that he couldn't feel. Reluctantly, he reached up and touched his neck. Nothing. His neck was free, but for how long?

"You're awake. Good."

The voice made him freeze, the tone made him tense. Oh shit.

Sam's head jerked up towards Megatron, eyes wide. The Decepticon looked uncharacteristically solemn, staring at him in a way Sam did not like at all.

"I'm sorry for removing your amour, I wanted to make sure none of your other limbs had ice shards forming inside your energon lines." He continued.

Sam gave him a blank stare, internally translating the mangled English with what he knew about Cybertronian culture and lingo.

"I had frostbite in my hand?" he said at last.

"Something likes that, yes," Megatron said, "Although our term for it is much more complicated than that."

They had frostbite on Cybertron? Funny, he'd never known that. He'd thought Ratchet would have told him about major conditions like that…

"It's actually not as major as you might think," Megatron said, rumbling around in the desk across from him. "The cure for it is complicated, yes, but although it was dangerous it happened quite often as a cure-all for many illnesses."

Did he really want to know?

"Dangerous? Why?" Sam said, actually forgetting that he wasn't with Ratchet for a moment, "Doesn't it just consist of warming the energon up?"

Megatron snorted. "Do you realize how hard it is to raise below-freezing energon to a stable temperature? Coolants are even worse then energon- they freeze, and when that happens unless the blockage is removed you could die. And even then, death is likely."


"Because if it wasn't done right, you'd be embalmed alive."

Gulp. He didn't need to hear that.

If Megatron noticed his sudden change in demeanor, he didn't comment on it. He was focused on something in one of the desk drawers, staring at it like it was something to be despised. Sam coughed to get his attention.

"And this…?" Sam gestured at the box his hand had been in.

Megatron barely glanced at it. "I studied your anatomy and decided on the best course of action to deal with the… frostbite, as you called it. I had to improvise."

Improvise? That didn't sound too good… For a moment, Sam let the blanket covering him slip down. He quickly pulled it back up again, remembering where he was, who he was with, and the shackle… oh God the shackle…

He glanced down at the floor, judging the distance of the drop. But when he looked back up at Megatron-

He was grinning. A chill went up Sam's spine. It was the same grin he'd had before he'd kidnapped him. He pulled up the blankets up closer to his chest, inching back as far as the chain on his ankle would let him. This was not good.

Megatron's claws suddenly snapped out, grabbing onto the blankets and tugging them out of Sam's grasp. Sam gasped, covering himself up with his hands as best he could. He trembled at the look on the Tyrant's face.

"Don't be so shy Sam." Megatron ran one claw carefully down the human boy's face. "It's not like you won't enjoy this…"

Shit! Sam began to tug on the chain with his leg, desperately wishing it would break. If he could only get down, get away from the hunger, the lust in Megatron's optics. This was not how he wanted to spend the day, or the rest of his life, not at all!

Megatron's claw ran down Sam's neck, then over his chest. A strangled noise came out of Sam's mouth as Megatron skimmed over a nipple, then a growl as it went lower… lower… Too low!

Sam kicked out, grasping onto his boxers as Megatron grabbed onto them. "N-No!"

It was no good. Megatron easily tore the thin cloth from his grasp, leaving him exposed. Sam quickly covered himself with his hands, a bright blush on his face. He tried his best to glare at the Decepticon, but… the bastard probably found this amusing.

There was a clink, then a snap by his feet. Sam glanced down and saw that the chain connecting to the shackle on his ankle was snapped. He got up and tried to dart to the edge of the table. But his shackled foot felt numb. He tripped, falling onto his face.

Before he got up he heard Megatron chuckle. "Trying to run from me Sam? Whatever for?" Something wrapped around Sam's middle, pulling him up into the air in front of the Tyrant's face and forcing him to look into his optics. Then, Megatron planted a beastly kiss on Sam's lips.

"Ugh!" Sam screamed as Megatron pulled away. Megatron was so huge his lips had covered most of his face. He groaned, rubbing his face with his arm. He'd just… kissed him. What the hell?

A purr came from above him. Sam glanced up at the mech holding him. The lust in Megatron's eyes was much more intense now, and he openly leered at the boy he was holding. Sam gulped at the demonic smirk on his face.

"Relax Sam," Megatron whispered. Sam felt himself being placed onto Megatron's berth and tried to get up. He had to get away-

Something warm and metal grazed over his flesh. Sam stopped dead, eyes wide. Did he just- Yeah, he did. He groaned as Megatron licked across his stomach, then his chest. N-Not good.

Megatron pulled his glossa back up from Sam's chest towards his face. He licked up his neck and attempted to slide his glossa inside the boy's gaping mouth.

Sam gasped. Was Megatron really trying to french him? His body violently twitched as the tip of the glossa somehow managed to touch his tongue. For a moment Sam allowed his body to go limp at the sudden pleasurable sensation, before tensing up again. Dammit he was NOT going to let this happen! He flailed, trying to hit Megatron and get him to stop.

Finally pulling away, Megatron licked his lips and purred, purred like a happy cat. A happy, dangerous, hungry cat.

"You taste good, Sam." The way he said his name… Oh god…

"What are you so afraid of?" Megatron said, running a claw down Sam's chest. "It's not like you aren't enjoying this." He glanced down, and Sam followed his gaze. He wasn't really looking at-

Dammit. Sam clenched his fists and willed the hardness in between his legs to go away. He couldn't stand the smug look on that metallic bastard's face. If he were a robot, he'd kick his ass for this!

Something warm brushed past his thigh. Sam yelped and jumped, opening his eyes and staring. Megatron was… oh god he was…

Before he could register what Megatron had in mind, he'd already gone from his leg to… Sam moaned openly as Megatron's glossa brushed past his manhood, then shoved a hand into his mouth to muffle the sound. No, he would not let him get the pleasure of knowing how good this felt!

But as Megatron swirled and licked his glossa in ways Sam never knew were possible, it became harder and harder to keep quiet. He squirmed openly, gasping for air that never seemed to come into his lungs. He clutched at the cloth underneath him.

"M-Megatron…" He whispered, unable to keep his eyes off of the Tyrant. Red optics glanced up at him, heavy with amusement at his reactions.


Sam didn't even bother to stop the shuddering moan that came from him as Megatron began to purr. He felt that! Vibrations… oh god yes!

"M-More!" He shouted. "P-Please!"

The Decepticon chuckled. Even as Sam squirmed deliriously, he pulled away. He leaned back towards the boy's head and whispered an order:

"Beg for it."

He didn't even think about the consequences of what submitting might mean. That was the farthest thought from his pleasure-addled mind. Sam wanted more, and he would do anything to get it.

"P-Please…" Sam pleaded, "M-Megatron, please!"

Megatron's glossa trailed back down towards his need, slower then Sam wanted. "I know you can be louder than that Sam."

Bucking up into the warmth of Megatron's glossa, Sam did exactly what he wanted. "More! Please! Oh god Megatron please!"

Finally, Megatron gave him what he wanted. Sam shut his eyes and allowed himself to forget everything that had happened in the wash of pleasure that came over him. He never wanted this to stop!

But all too soon, Sam felt something building between his legs. He panted, squirming and bucking until it erupted. Sam shook, holding onto the covers as Megatron pulled away. "O-Oh… T-That was…"

Did that really just happen? He wondered. Was this all some sort of dream?

Megatron flicked his glossa over his stomach, lapping up Sam's juices. He pulled away, and watched him for a moment, before running a claw through Sam's sweaty hair.

"Sleep, Sam." He whispered, "Everything will be right when you wake up."

So this was a dream. Sam relaxed, aware of the red optics staring into him and the claws that could have ripped him to shreds trailing over his head.

Hopefully Bee wasn't too worried about the noises he was making in his sleep….

Then, he slept.

Well, that had been entertaining. Megatron pulled away, watching the boy sleep. Who knew how fun making humans overload could be?

He sat down next to Sam, brushing his claws through the boy's hair idly. It was such a shame he wouldn't be able to enjoy this moment for longer. The Tyrant sighed. He had a job to do after all.

Reaching up, Megatron tapped his chest, right on his spark. When he pulled away, a ball of blue and white energy had collected onto the tip. He then reached down towards Sam's bare chest, and pushed the energy into him, right where his human heart was. Then, he stepped back and watched.

The effect started even before he had moved far enough back. Bones stretched beyond the breaking point, flesh hardened and twisted, hair solidified and spiked out into the traditional Decepticon-styled helmet. To any Autobot, this transformation would be disturbing, even gruesome, but to him… to him it was as pure and true as the energy that his spark was now comprised of.

It was ironic, to consider himself 'pure' and 'true' as his predecessor in power was. But, in Cybertronian culture, it was true. Any being comprised of such a large amount of AllSpark energy was as pure as the AllSpark itself. And since he had discovered what he was able to do…

But he was not complete. He knew that much. A good portion of his essence, the very consciousness of the former AllSpark, was nowhere to be found. At least, not in any original Cybertronian.

In barely five organic minutes, the transformation was complete. Instead of a small, fragile human lying on his berth, there was a beautiful, if not a little small, Decepticon. The boy looked remarkably like himself, only in cool colors instead of warm shades. What that meant about him was up to debate. And that could wait until the morning.

Megatron lay down beside the boy-turned-mech, draping himself over the smaller male. It had been so long since he'd been next to a body like this… Not since his last night with Optimus Prime on Cybertron. He allowed himself a smile. At last, the lonely nights were over.

Well, not completely. He still had a long way to go before the mech beside him would allow him to get so close. But for now, Megatron savored the warmth of another body pressing against him.

He ran his hand over the mech's chestplates. He felt the spark underneath twitch at his touch. "Skyhunter." That was what he'd call this mech. Skyhunter.

Offlining his optics, Megatron let himself enter his recharge cycle. He'd have time to talk to his creation in the morning.

Heh. There were some perks of being the AllSpark after all.


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