Title: Remember when?

Rating: K+

Word count: 381

Summary: Santana loves Brittany and writes her a letter.

Spoilers: Up to 2x15 'Sexy'

Authors notes: I'm basically just procrastinating having to study.

Remember that time when the nightmares started coming back? I woke with a start; your arms were still wrapped tightly around my waist. One foot was dangling off the bed and the blanket was haphazardly thrown over our naked bodies. The moonlight coming in from the window illuminated your golden hair which was spread against the pillow. You pulled me close and kissed my neck, mumbling "Go back to sleep San, I'll protect you." I guess I must have been talking in my sleep again. But that's all it took, for you to promise to keep me safe and I was able to fall asleep again. God Brit, you look so peaceful when you sleep. You look like a kid again. You still look that little girl that walked into grade one with her hair in pig tails and striped socks.

I remember how lost you looked that day. You were late 'cause you said the goblin under the bridge got you lost and you didn't know how to get to school. The teacher sat you next to me and you said you liked my crayons. We were best friends from that moment on. I used to tell Mummy that I'd marry you, but every time she'd just frown and tell me that girls can't marry other girls, it's unnatural.

The day I realized I loved you, god that just… It hurt, Brit. It really did. I was so afraid; of what people would say and when you turned me down it hurt so much. I cried for days. But then a few weeks later when you came up to me and said that you loved me too and you were sorry for not realizing I felt like I could fly. Everything just felt like it was finally falling into the right place.

It always feels so… right, so… natural waking up next to you each morning. Every time the nightmares come back you cling to me tighter and whisper in my ear that you love me and that you'll protect me. Every time that makes them go away. I guess… Brit, the whole point of this is me saying that I have loved you from the moment I first laid eyes on you, I just didn't know it.