John hung up the phone when Olivia entered the room. She had just got up and was rubbing her eyes while yawning. When she saw the look on John's face she went to sit next to him on the couch and put her legs casually on his lap.

« What is it ? Bad news ? », she stroke his cheek lightly to which he didn't react, seemed to bel ost in his thoughts. « John ? », he shook his head as to dismiss a silly idea : « G. just called », he paused, took a deep breath and went on : « He wanted to know if the both of us were ineterested in a job that involved the old crew », John looked at her, expecting some kind of awkward reaction but Olivia was quite indifferent : « Yeah sure why not ! Plus it would be great to see the others again », she grinned but John's look darkened, « Even A.J. ? What about him ? », « That was ages ago and I'm no longer that person and you should know that the best right ? » He cracked a little smile, « Sure thing babe, otherwise I don't think I could stand you », he joked bringing her to get up to straddle him. « I think you should be glad that I tolerate you Mister », she smiled before placing a kiss to his left temple which made John chuckle a little but she proceeded in turning him on with great acceptance coming from his side. Olivia felt that he wanted her bad as the kissing became heavier and more passionate and that's when she jumped up his lap and left him there speechless. « I'm gonna take a shower and I suggest you should get a cold one », she teased but John stood up and chased her into the bathroom.

As Olivia got dressed she felt kind of weird, a little nervous actually : seeing A.J. after such a long time seemed to be stressing her out a bit more than she would admitt –even to herself and there was no way she would show John any of that nervousness, she loved him very much, even though in a different way she had loved A.J. this was a sane relationship : she could always rely on John, they had fun together and he made her happy. With A.J. it was all about rushes, passion and fights that would have a destructive nature. Everything had to be extreme, just like both of them were at that time. Standing in front of her closet Olivia had not the slightest idea what to wear and that was nothing like her, she would always know what to wear and always look gorgeous. John came up behind her and kissed her neck « I love you Liv », he whispered gently into her ear where a wet strand of hair was tucked behind. She smiled without him noticing and pulled some close out of the closet.

They were the last to arrive but they looked fabulous together : John was wearing a black suit with a white shirt and a black tie and Olivia had put on tight black leather pants, a vintage jeans vest over a white tank top, then a huge siver necklace and heels. Her long wavy light brown hair was pulled back only on one side. John hugged Gordon when they entered the appartement and one could definitely see that those two childhood friends had missed each other badly. After their last job together, Gordon had returned to England to take care of his sick father and John and him kind of lost touch. Jesse rose and walked toward Olivia, « Damn girl look at you », he kissed her on the cheek. « Take it easy Jesse », she laughed. « Had I known that you'd become this hot… », « Then what ? », John grinned as he reached out for Jesse and Olivia turned around to hug Gordon. « It's great to see you », she smiled when Jake tapped onto her shoulder, « What about me Liv, come into my arms babe », « Oh Jake I think I missed you the most », she whispered and gave him a wink. « Is that right ? », another familiar voice sounded behind her, causing her stomach to twist for a short instant before she turned around to look into those blue eyes. He looked handsome with his gray suit and the black hat and of course his natural bright grin that was across his face. In the corner of her eye Olivia saw John talking to Gordon, backs turned towards them. A.J. took a step closer and placed a kiss to her cheek that was actually a bit closer to the mouth than actually needed. She flinched lightly at his touch but he didn't notice it, luckily. « You look so different », he said stepping back to analyse her appearence. « I've changed », she said calmly yet determined. « Yeah, yeah », he whispered without taking his eyes off of her making her a bit uncomfortable. « So », he suddenly said, « How have you been ? » « Great, can't complain in the least, how about you ? You kinda look exhausted », she remarked, « Yeah well New York wasn't very kind to me ».

« So guys and Liv of course, would you care to join me in the dining room where I will elaborate the details of the upcoming job. They all rose and followed Gordon. « You could at least say ''hello'' to him », Liv hissed into John's ear, who chose to give her the ''not now'' look which made her angry because she felt like he was treating her like a child. Even though there was the slight age difference of eight years there was never a problem with that kind of matter. Olivia sat next to Jesse anda cross from John while A.J. was sitting next to John and Olivia knew him way to well to not realise he was doing it on purpose.

Gordon explained the entire plan that seemed easy in theory : robbing a new computer software from a company in order to sel lit to one of their adversaries, namely the one willing to pay the most. « So John and Jake you get us in, myself and Jesse ammo and transport and Liv and A.J. our dynamical hacker duo will deal with the technology stuff right ? » Everyone agreed. « Alright I think now we can continue with our brunch so knock yourselves out fellas », Gordon said and they all rose like the teacher had just dismissed the class on a hot Friday afternoon. Olivia grabbed a glass of champagne and went outside for some air. I twas bugging her that A.J. was still this irritating to her, after all this time she thought she might be immune against his everything. She took a sip and when the cold liquid ran down her throat she enjoyed a pure moment of silence and peace, that was suddenly destroyed by the sound of the opening glass door. Olivia flipped around only to look into A.J.'s grinning face, « Taking a break ? », « No… I'm just… I needed to breathe », « Oh my God would you focus for fuck's sake », she thought kicking herself mentally. « Yeah know the feeling », he said while lighting up his cigarette. « Oh sorry you want one », he held his packet towards her, « Yes… I mean no. I quit a year ago », she said hastily. « Really », he stretched the word like a rubber band, « You've definitely changed Frixie ». Olivia couldn't help herself but chuckle lighlty, « What is it ? », A.J. asked blowing out smoke and smiling, he couldn't resist her smiling, not back then not now. « It's just no one has called me that in like for ever, it's weird to hear it again ». A.J. looked at her, intensely, deeply and she knew he was up to something so she had to distract him somehow, « Gimme your cigarette », she said and when the smoke hit her lungs it was like something finding something she had been missing a very long time. « Wow ! », she exhaled. « Are you happy ? », A.J. asked out of the blue, « What do you mean ? », « With him ? », she couldn't believe he was asking that kind of question, « Straight to the point as always », she thought. « That's none of your business okay », A.J. saw John coming and took the cigarette out of her hand.

« A.J. man, long time no see, how you doin' ? », John asked friendly. « Absolutely great, I mean check out the view », Olivia took a sip to mask the smell of the cigarette but when John leaned in to kiss her she turned her head she couldn't risk him smelling it. A.J. couldn't help himself but crack a little smile which Olivia noticed. « You want anything to eat baby », John asked, « No I'm good I'll join you in a minute », she replied and as soon as she was alone again with A.J. on that balcony she started to make things clear : « Listen I 'm in love with him and I'm not gonna throw that away just because you're back in town ! This is just work nothing more nothing less you get that ? », she was slightly enraged but she managed to keep her temper down. « If you say so », A.J. replied casually before heading back inside.

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