The evening with John had been nice, yeah right ''nice'' was the only word she could think of. He had truly managed to make her forget what she had done, not entirely of course but she hadn't felt awful in his presence for once.

Olivia was enjoying a dip in the pool at John's, glad that she had some time to herself, swimming was always relaxing her, giving the opportunity to cool down.

''Hey'', she turned around at the sound if John's voice.

''Oh ! I didn't hear you get back, everything okay ?''

''Yeah sure just had to pick up Gordon from the doc's''

Olivia was surprised at his revelation : ''Crap ! Is he alright ?''

''He's fine don't worry but would you not talk to him about it he made me promise not to tell anyone.'', John's tone wasn't really concerned.

''Well if nothing's wrong why can't you talk about it ?''

John sighed, ''Jeez Liv ! He has his reasons you must have got stuff too you don't want anyone to talk about right ?'', she was offended by the way he spoke to her, as if he was talking to a brainless moron.

''Right !'', she just replied before diving under again. ''If you only knew'', she thought under water.

''You wanna go out tonight ?'', he asked while she was getting dressed.

''Sure any thing special in mind ?'', she was glad he wanted to spend some time alone, even though the other night hasn't exactly been fireworks.

''How about dinner and then drink's at Jake's, Gordon said he wanted to talk to me.''

In her mind she rolled her eyes combined with a sigh : of course this had to be about work again there was no way something different would be on the agenda.

What was bugging her the most was the fact that he didn't pay attention to the fact he was slowly getting on her nerves by taking her for granted. She even thought that if he wasn't that much into work he might have already realised what was going on between her and A.J..

''Great idea'', she faked a smile and when he came closer to hug her she just slipped out of reach and walked past him in a smooth and all natural move.

''Really need to dry my hair'', she winked and he didn't realise how off this whole scene just had been.

John had spend the entire dinner boring her with further details of the upcoming heist she had missed while she had stayed at her place. In all of his eagerness he missed Olivia drinking way too much wine. When they arrived at the club she couldn't stand him talking about anything work-related anymore maybe due to her little buzz but mostly because he was just plain annoying by now.

They both said hi to Jake and as soon as John was engaged in a conversation, Olivia took the opportunity to get some alone time. As she walked up the stairs she didn't realise the attention she was drawing to herself in her beautiful scarlet dress, all she wanted was some space and maybe another drink at that stage maybe even a cigarette. She headed straight to the bar.

''Vodka on the rocks please, oh and Marcus would you mind if I asked you for a cigarette ?'', she grinned joyously.

''There you go miss'', and after lighting up the smoke and the first drag she finally came down a little bit and could breathe deeply and enjoy the gloriousness of being alone for a few instants.

Even if John would catch her now, she wouldn't give a damn thing about it.

She scanned the room sipping her drink when her gaze rested on the familiar sight of a hat but it wasn't just that what had some familiarity, the person with the hat was dancing rather provocatively with a blonde woman making unnecessary vulgar faces in order to entice the man.

''What the hell ?'', she whispered in some kind of trance though the blood was starting to boil inside of her.

A.J. seemed to have a lovely time with that cheap looking slut, but then again who was she to call anyone a slut since she was just a few feet away from where she and him had been screwing like horny teenagers.

Olivia downed her drink and ordered another one. Whether it was the alcohol or just the frustration, she was on the verge of going over there and slapping the both of them across their glowing faces. The anger was rising steadily and she felt kind of weak at the same time, not sure what to do but what she knew was that she had to stop staring at them like some obsessed stalker.

''Marcus ? Could I get another cigarette please ? And by the way do you know that blonde over there dry-humping A.J.'', damn that sounded a little more jealous than actually needed but as expected Marcus didn't get the hint.

''No idea but they have been going on for some time'', the bartender explained while mixing a drink.

She sat down at the bat, observing A.J. wasn't doing her any good after all he was free to do what he wanted he had no obligation towards her but seeing him with another woman was actually hurting her but then again the alcohol probably worsened her perception of her feelings.

When she put the glass down she realised how drunk she was by then and climbing off the chair it hit her even harder.

''Perfect !'', she said to herself as she put a hand to her forehead as if she had to steady her swimming head. As she took some deep breaths she suddenly felt two hands on her bare shoulders holding her in place.

''Are you alright ?'', she could hear the concern in A.J.'s voice, causing her to smile at first but the anger dominated her state.

''Yeah yeah ! I don't need your help'', she shook off his hands and he grinned at her movements which were clearly revealing that she wasn't exactly sober anymore.

''I see that ! Come on you're totally wasted you're making that face again'', he joked.

''What face ?'', she didn't know what he was referring to and the fact that he was mocking her didn't help to enlighten her sour mood.

''Your drunk-ass face come on I know how you look when you had one too many.''

''I'm glad I'm amusing you but why don't you just go back to your date and let me enjoy myself ?''

''What ? Oh please like I could care less about her ! I was just…''

''Yeah whatever A.J. you can do whatever or whoever you want to pal !'', she slapped his arm in a playful manner before trying to walk away but it didn't really work out because she almost stumbled over her own feet and A.J. had the immediate reflex to hold on to her arm.

''Come with me you need some air'', he said with a firm voice.

On the terrace it hit her how drunk she really was.

''So are you here all by yourself or…'', she looked at him in disbelief at what he had just suggested.

''Right ! Listen about the girl inside…''

''I don't know what I was talking about like I said you're a free man'', she realised she wasn't speaking all too clearly but he didn't seem to mind.

'' I mean you know I love you but you can't expect me to lock myself inside a room and wait for you to make up your mind.''

He was absolutely right and she knew it.

''I don't know what I want man I just so drunk'', she shook her head forcing a smile.

''Yeah I know'', he grinned.

''I just got so jealous of her and since when are you into blondes anyway ?''

''I'm not into them I was just dancing'', he corrected walking a bit closer to her.

''I'm sorry I guess I haven't been out in a long time that is what is considered dancing !''

''You won't let this go will you ?'' A.J. reached for his lighter and lit a cigarette which she took out of his mouth after his first drag.

''So does he know you're smoking again ?''

''Well I guess if he doesn't know about us he doesn't know about the smoking'', she said still buzzed.

''And what about us ?'', he teased her.

Olivia looked down, her heart racing and she felt her entire face flushing and when she met he gaze there was this invisible force pushing her to reach up and kiss his perfect and full lips and he automatically went with it, resting his hands on her waist.

The familiar feeling of completeness was rushing over her : this was how it was supposed to be and no other way. Although she thought she had to go back inside after all John might be looking for her and trying to explain anything in this state would end in tears and screaming.

They headed to the bar and A.J. ordered her a glass of water. The music was too loud to hear one's own voice so she had to lean in.

''You got lipstick on you face'', she laughed and he desperately tried to get rid of it, a sign that he wasn't just fooling around so they would get caught, he wanted to get back together properly with no one's feelings getting hurt.

Olivia couldn't stop laughing at his movements but got serious again fastly.

''I'm gonna break up with John'', she said all of a sudden.