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Lucy was fed up with loving the one man she could never have. As she walked into Dundee's her heart was heavy because she knew that this would be the last time she ever walked through these doors again. She couldn't handle seeing the man she loved day in and day out and not want to throw herself at him. She couldn't handle seeing the blame and hate in his eyes any longer. She also couldn't handle taking what he dished out anymore especially after this last assignment. She shivered as she thought about what happened to her.

As she rode up in the elevator she kept taking in deep breaths and letting them out. As soon as she walked out of the elevator she sighed as she walked past the receptionist desk and straight to her desk. She was relieved that she was the first one into the office because she was hoping to get in and get out before anyone else arrived. She quickly put the things on top of her desk in the box she had brought in with her and then went through her desk and grabbed what was hers and packed it into the box as well.

She looked at her watch and saw that only twenty minutes had passed since she started clearing out her desk. She took one last look at her desk and made sure that she hadn't forgotten anything and then picked up her box and headed back to the elevator. Just as she was pushing the down button for the elevator the doors slid open and she swore.


Daisy rode up in the elevator with her mind on one thing and one thing only. Well her mind was really on one person but she wasn't about to belabor that point in her own head. She couldn't get thoughts of Geoff Monday out of her head and she was wondering if she ever would. As she thought about him she couldn't help but wonder if there has been a time since she met him that she hadn't been in love with him. She really didn't think there was.

She sighed as the elevator doors slid open and then her head snapped up when she heard someone swear and her mouth dropped open in shock when she saw Lucie Evans standing there with a big. "Lucie? What in the world are you doing?"

Lucie closed her eyes on a sigh and then opened them back up. "I'm leaving Daisy. I can't take it here anymore. Sawyer has done everything in his power to make me quit well this time he finally succeeded. On my desk is my resignation and the reason I'm quitting. I'd love nothing more than to have it out with Sawyer but after what I've been through in the last three days I just don't have the strength. You have my number Daisy but I'm leaving town for a couple weeks. I'll call you."

Daisy frowned at Lucie's tone of voice. As she studied Lucie's face she bit back a gasp at what she saw. She knew then that whatever she was going to find on Lucie's desk she wasn't going to like. She nodded and stepped forward and hugged Lucie but quickly let go at Lucie's gasp of pain. "Are you okay Luce?"

Lucie forced a smile. "I'm just fine Daisy. I'll talk to you later."

Daisy nodded and stepped away from Lucie and watched as Lucie entered the elevator. She didn't take her eyes off of the elevator even after the doors slid closed again. She wasn't sure how long she stood there staring at the elevator doors before she finally shook herself and walked to her desk and put her bag on it before slowly making her way to where Lucie's desk was.


Lucie sighed as she walked out of the building that housed Dundee's. She stopped and took in a deep breath and then let out it before slowly making her way to her car. She heard a car coming into the parking garage and she hurried her steps up. Once at her car she quickly opened up her trunk and put the box in it and then closed it and made her way to the driver's door and opened it. As she was climbing in her car she saw the one man she was hoping that she wouldn't have to see. She was only thankful that he was to preoccupied to see her as she backed out and quickly drove out of the garage and out of Sawyer's life.


Sawyer heard a car driving away and he looked up in time to see tail lights disappearing. He frowned and looked around the parking garage and then shrugged his shoulders as he made his way into the building and to the elevator so that he could get to his office. He noticed that Daisy was already in and frowned again as he wondered who the other car could have belonged to.

Once in the elevator his thoughts once again went to the one woman who he shouldn't be thinking about. He sighed and closed his eyes on a groan. All he wanted to do was to stop thinking about her but he couldn't. No matter what he was doing she was in the forefront of his mind and nothing he ever did could get her out of it.

When the elevator opened up onto the floor that Dundee's was on he let out a sigh as he walked out of the elevator. He frowned again when he noticed that Daisy wasn't at her desk like she normally was when he came in. He took a few cautious steps and looked around but didn't see her. He tensed when he heard a gasp and a sob and then he quickly made his way towards the sound. When he turned the corner he came to a stop in shock. "Daisy? Why are you sitting at Lucie's desk holding a letter?"

Daisy looked up from a pale face and held the letter out to him. "She quit Sawyer. She left Dundee's just like you wanted her to. I hope that after you read why you can live with yourself Sir."

Sawyer's mouth dropped open at Daisy's tone but instead of replying to what she had said he took the letter and his own face went pale as he read what was in the letter.

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