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Sawyer could feel his face going white as he read what Lucie had wrote in the letter. He could also feel Daisy's eyes on him but he couldn't bring himself to look at her. All he could feel was the rage that was boiling in his blood. All he could feel was the need to hit something as hard as he could preferably the man who had done what Lucie had wrote in the letter. He paled even further as he read on.


I hope that you're happy now because you finally got your wish. I'm quitting Dundee's like you have wanted me to since I started here. Accompanied with this letter is my resignation. I guess you deserve to know why I'm quitting altho I really don't know why you deserve to know. You have done nothing but make my life hell for the last several years well you not only succeeded in that but you succeeded in making me wish I would have never met you.

If you're wondering why I left my last assignment early it's because the guy you had me guarding only wanted a plaything. He really didn't need protection. In fact if anyone needed protection it was me. Did you even bother to wonder why I didn't check in for three days? Well either way if you did or if you didn't I'll still tell you why. He overpowered me and knocked me unconscious. When I came to I was chained to his bed.

I hope that you can live with knowing that even though you were my first and were going to be my last because I couldn't see myself sleeping with anyone but you that that is now no longer the case. He forced me to sleep with him several times. Anytime I tried to fight back he would beat on me. Along with the resignation is the hospital report and I hope you won't have any qualms about Dundee's paying for it. I have several cracked ribs and I signed myself out AMA. I just wanted out of the hospital.

I loved you Sawyer but now I hate you. Don't even bother trying to come and find me because you won't. I'm leaving Dundee's for good and I'm leaving town. I need away and I need away now. I hope you can live with yourself. I'm sorry for whatever it is you think I've done but it could in no way, shape or form be as bad as what you have done to me.

Goodbye Sawyer.


His heart was beating faster as he reread the letter. He heard rather than saw Daisy walking away from him and he had no doubt that look on his face right now was probably what caused her to walk away without saying anything else to him. He felt as if his heart had just been ripped out of his chest and stomped on. He felt as if his whole world had just came crashing down around him. He couldn't believe what had happened to Lucie yet he knew that she wouldn't lie about something like that.

He swore loudly and then turned and walked towards Daisy desk and came to a stop in front of it and looked at her. "As soon as everyone else gets in I want them in the conference room. Don't tell them why just get them in there. I'm going to my office to make a phone call."

Daisy nodded and she felt her own heart breaking at the expression on Sawyer's face. She knew then that what she had thought after reading the letter Lucie had wrote was wrong. She wasn't sure what had happened between Lucie and Sawyer in the past but she did know that he loved Lucie and she could tell that it was tearing him apart with what he had just learned. "Yes Sir. Would you like some coffee?"

Sawyer gave Daisy a slight smile and shook his head. "If you would just make a pot and everyone can have a cup while we discuss what happened with Lucie. Also if you can Daisy try to find out where Lucie is at or where she is going. If she signed herself out AMA I have a feeling there is more to what happened than she let on."

Daisy shuddered at that thought but nodded. "I'll do that Sir and I'll also call the hospital."

Sawyer nodded and then turned on his heel and headed to his office. It was taking everything he had not to lose his temper right now but he knew that at least for now he had to remain calm. Later on if he chose to do so he could lose his temper all he wanted but for now he had to find out exactly what happened to his Lucie.

He walked into his office and sat at his desk and took a deep breath before picking up his phone and dialing Sam Dundee's phone number. He kept taking in deep breaths and letting them out until Sam picked up.


Sam Dundee was just walking back into his house from the beach when his cell phone started ringing. He took it out of his pocket and when he saw that it was Sawyer calling her frowned. He knew without being told that something had happened because other wise Sawyer wouldn't be calling him. "Dundee."

Sawyer let out a breath he hadn't realized he had been holding. "Sam it's Sawyer. We got a big problem."

Sam frowned and said "What sort of problem Sawyer?"

Sawyer took in another deep breath and let it out and then said "Lucie Evans resigned today. I hadn't heard from her in about three or four days so I thought everything was okay. I'll understand if you want me to resign since I didn't keep in contact with her or have anyone else keep in contact with her."

Once again Sam frowned. "Slow down Sawyer. I'm not expecting you to resign. Now tell me why Lucie resigned."

Sawyer sighed and rubbed a hand over his face even as a stony look came over it. "The guy she was protecting knocked her out and then chained her to his bed. From what the letter she wrote to me said she was that way for three days. He beat her and raped her Sam."

Sam swore and said "Where is Lucie now? Is she alright?"

Sawyer groaned. "She left before I got her. In the letter she said she signed herself out AMA at the hospital and that she has several broken ribs. I don't know where she's at. In the letter she told me not to bother looking for her and that I succeeded in making her life hell."

Sam swore again and then said "I will be on my way there. We will deal with this ourselves. Nobody gets away with hurting one of our people. Do you know if Lucie pressed charges on the guy who she was guarding? Find out anything and everything you can. I should be there within the day. I want everyone we can spare on this Sawyer. And find Lucie!"

"I already have Daisy trying to find her. If that don't work a couple people owe me and I know they will find her. I'm sorry to bother you with this Sam but I thought you should know." Sawyer said.

Sam smiled slightly and said "You didn't bother me at all Sawyer. I'll see you soon."

"Okay Sam I'll fill everyone in and if I find anything out before you get here I'll call you. See you soon." Sawyer said before hanging up and leaning back in his chair.

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