It was done. In the their quest to attain aid from the Circle of Magi, Elissa Cousland persisted through dozens of possessed Templars, foolish blood mages, demons, and the cursed Fade. Oh the Maker, how she despised that realm and its inhabitants. Killing Uldred and returning First Enchanter Irving to Knight Commander Gregoir was a far easier task than traversing through the blasted maze that the Fade was, where she encountered the unfortunate spirits of those possessed and her own companions' insecurities. Poor Alistair, it was quite obvious that he never had a true loving family.

Nevertheless, what mattered was that she and her group survived the ordeal so that they could now reminiscence from the safety of their camp. The camp wasn't much, but it felt secure and familial. Centered around the fire, Zevran and Leliana joked while Sten and Wynne enjoyed the calm atmosphere. Morrigan was left on her own along the fringes so that she could maintain the false perception of unfriendliness.

Everyone enjoyed the lull of oncoming sleep and a clear night sky sprinkled by billions of stars.

This was what Elissa could only observe in the dark. But then she spotted a spark in the sky that seemed to grow ever more until it was not a mere spark, but a heavenly object that shoned brighter than the moon. Elissa's astonishment at the scene lasted only a few moments until the panic of a collision became engraved in their thoughts. She was not afraid for her life, but the wretched village or city that could meet its Maker, once the object completed its violent illumination of Ferelden sky into the frightened landscape.

Yet nothing indicated an impact. No bright fire from detonation nor thunderous sounds of ground strike. She felt only a slight rumble.

Awakened for only a few hours, Sierra-117 was bracing half a ship for a planned landing. Despite having limited mobility, it was always helped to have a Smart AI conduct all the complex algorithms to that would course the ships for a "soft" landing into a lake neither too shallow nor deep. The probes she sent out and the sensors she had available increased such an outcome. Lacking Pelicans, it was better to land now rather than be inevitably pulled in by the planet's gravity after orbital decay.

The near-empty fuel and energy reserves necessitated that they reach land.

As Cortana carried out her duty, John was finishing up his checks on hull capacity and ensured every room, section, lane, and level was sealed by Cortana in fact was by its thick titanium doors, bulkheads, and defensive mechanisms. He would rather be on the Pillar of Autumn for such a scenario, he thought however.

"Cortana, it's done," he said finally as he walked towards weapons storage.

Luckily, Lake Calenhad had padded the frigate's landing quite so and the ship's own inertial dampeners to a substantial extent. Anyhow, there was only superficial damage on the paint. Much more exciting was John and Cortana's swim to the surface out of an empty Archer pod with settings modified for human ejection.

Once on hard soil, John surveyed back to the lake and saw only the calm water that cloaked his ship seven hundred feet below. Well, not quite so calm since thousands of dead fish were floating on the surface, the side effect of the traumatic entry by the ship. The bird population would increase that month. The coastline, on the other hand, appeared somewhat scarred by a few hundred uprooted and broken trees from the minor tidal wave caused by the Forward Unto Dawn; enough damage to attract unwanted visitors.

"Eh, you!" the Spartan heard. Revolving towards the addressor, the commando caught sight of a dozen heavily armed people positioned among the tree line.

"Just who the hell are you?" one of them said.

"Are you from that thing that hit this place?" another asked.

John ignored their questions as he found himself perplexed by their medieval armor and weapons. Did he travel in time? Or was it another dimension? Slipspace, the scientists and engineers often remarked, could distort reality, but also even affect the individual. There were stories of people just randomly going missing from the engine decks, as if teleported, and then reappearing a few days later. Only the bravest would volunteer to work around slipspace cores.

"I can read your mind, John. My guesses are as good as yours" Cortana interrupted.

"But may I suggest we deal with the possible combatants before us."

After yelling all sorts of profanities they could at the distracted stranger, one of the scavenger archers released a well aimed arrow at the giant's head. It was out of pure frustration for they expected to find items of value among the wreckages that supposedly happened several days ago. They had spent days searching for the crash site, but nothing came up. Wasted time and resources, they grumbled. Of course, that was until they witnessed a monster emerge onto the shores from the lake. Once it appeared humanoid, like true thieves and bandits, they took note of only the peculiar armor and object on its back as possibly dozens of sovereigns in loot. They were moving in for the kill as the warriors and rogues charged forward while a mage and an archer stayed at ranged.

Already mindful of their hostility, the dark olive green behemoth dodged and caught the arrow. Glancing at the primitive thing for a millisecond, he then snapped it and then began the action of drawing forward his battle rifle. Quickly taking aim, he squeezed the trigger and then released a hypersonic slug that traversed through the offending archer's pretty feminine face.

By then, ten hostile figures swiftly closed the distance between John and them. Their impending attack forced the Spartan to shy away from the second ranged combatant and turned his wrath towards the sword and dagger-wielding attackers. In three swift bursts of fire, three more bodies lost its heads. In another few seconds, another three died by gunfire. The Spartan's insanely quick reflexes and experience in war made him a hyper-lethal vector. His attackers were mere sheep to him. The remaining two, though, finally closed the distance and were swiping their weapons wildly. John easily avoided the greatsword and with a little more effort, twin daggers. His motion too quick for them, he crushed the jaw of the rogue with the force of butt of the rifle. With only one pathetic enemy left, the ground suddenly bursted into flames. Another fireball then came. By friendly fire, the mage killed her own crewman as she deemed the Spartan too threatening. Frantic, she generated powerful spells out of fear, thereby reducing her willpower and mana.

Somehow, the giant warrior dodged the second fireball, which detonated with great force, but did not impede him in any way as a golden silhouette flared slightly around him. Raising her staff, she flung forward a freeze spell and then turned herself round and then proceeded to run for her life as fast as she could.

Against his instincts and decades of experience, John decided against putting NATO round through the back of her neck.

"I know why you hesitated", Cortana whispered softly in his head.

"You asked yourself longer ago whether you could kill another human being. And now you have again. Whatever their intentions were, your instincts lead to a massacre normally reserved for the Covenant. Seeing that girl fleeing for her life reminded you of the billions of innocent victims that died in the same manner, didn't it?"

For that question, John let his silence answer it. The fight was all a contradiction to him. Realizing his guilt, he let that mage go alive, hoping that question wouldn't bother him in future situations.

He then promptly proceeded forward while mindful of the peculiarity of his new situation. Further exploration of this world would prove an affront to his logic. Soon enough, there would be new conflict for him.

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