Its been 15 wonderful years since I married the love of my life Edward and moved in with his family. We got married and for our honeymoon I was changed, the one thing I had wanted since I met him.

I also got the family I had wanted since I was human. I now have 2 wonderful sisters (yes even rose warmed up to me after a few years).I also now have a Mom and Dad that are there for me. Of course now I have a wonderful big brother Emmett and Jasper also.

Jaspers and my relationship is strange but strong we are friends he's probably my best friend, but we don't make it known to the rest of the family and I cant seem to see him as a brother the way I do Em.

They all look down upon him for what he was before he became part of the family, Major Jasper Whitlock, "Ares" or "God of War" I have heard him called.

My family tires not to think about his past. I think he frightens them with his scars, but I think it makes him who he really is not who Alice has made him. I think it makes him strong and fierce. It shows his true character.

The family still doesn't want us to have anything to do with each other so we stay far away from each other for the sake of the family.

A few years after I was changed I wanted to get to know the mysterious Jasper. I had to come up with a plan

one day while I was working with Carlisle about my shield that I developed after I was changed, I realized that I can close it and open it really fast.

It reminded me of Morse code that I had read about in a book. Then the thought occurred to me that maybe Jasper knew Morse code wasn't it used by the military?

If any one knew it it would be him and I with him being able to read emotions he could tell if I had opened or shut my shield due to if he was receiving emotions from me or not.

So while the family was out hunting one weekend and it was just me and Esme at the house, I sliped out telling her I was going to the bookstore.

"Esme I'm headed to the bookstore in town for a few hours I have read almost everything in my library and want to get a few new books, I should be back by the time the family arrives."

"Okay dear, you have your cell phone with you just in case you need anything I will see you later."

I drove to town to the books a million and I found a book on Morse code I spent all day at the store reading, and memorizing the code until I could use it fluently and could use my shield to make dots and dashes in a rhythmic pattern. Now I just have to get home and wait on the rest of the family to come home to see if my plan will work.

The best part is that my shield keeps Alice away from my decisions and Edward out of my head so my plan was mine and know one would be the wiser if it didn't work.

When I arrived home the family had just arrived also. They were all in the living room recounting what happened on the hunt. I walked in a sat down next to Edward who wrapped his arm around me and placed a kiss to my forehead.

After a few hours, and everyone being caught up, people started to wander away from the living room to be with there mates, or to work on their hobby.

I sat in the living room where Emmitt was playing a video game and rose was filing her nails Jasper was sitting in the chair across from me reading a book about the civil war. Alice was upstairs changing out closets from winter to spring, and Edward was playing on the piano, he was deep in thought trying to compose a new piece and so wasn't paying attention to anyone's thoughts.

"Perfect I thought now is the time"

Lets start with something easy just to see if he notices


In English it said "Jasper can u understand me?"

At first nothing, I was slightly disappointed I tried again just for good mesure and then watched as he looked up at me with a confused look on his face and moved his had to the table beside him and drummed his fingers to a pattern

His reply was easy "Bella is that you?"

"Yeah Jasper it is I learned with my shield that I can open and close it fast enough to do Morse code what do you think?"

"wow Bella Im impressed how did you learn it its not something they teach in high school"

I went to a book store and found a book on it and memorized it so we could talk

I only hoped that you knew it I wasn't sure if you did or if you would even be able to tell I was doing it.

That is amazing bella and very creative. You did this just so we could talk?

Well yeah no one in the family lets us talk even tho now im not breakable and I wanted to get to know you better

Well I think this is a wonderful idea Bella, okay so what do you want to talk about?

How about I ask you questions and you answer them just so we get to know each other better?

Sound like a plain darlin'

Over the next several months, me and Jasper would sit outside with family. In the living room at night. Even through the wall that attached my library to his. Anything that had a steady surface in it that he could move his fingers against, we talked, I learned a lot about Jasper that I didn't know. In turn he learned a lot about me even things I didn't tell Edward or Jake when he was still my best friend. That is how our friendship started and we realized we had quite a bit in common books, movies, music. Even our opinions on a lot of things were the same. I was glad that I had found a new confidante in Jasper.