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Peter and I were walking back from the fields when the girls pulled up, bags flooding the entire back seat. I chuckled at the sight. Then I groaned as Char hoped out of the car and motioned us over.

"Mind getting those bags, boys?" she yelled. Peter rolled his eyes and I laughed, opening the back door and grabbing bags. Peter followed my example and we carried the bags into the house and upstairs. Bella yelled to just put them on our bed and I called back and OK. I kicked our door open with Peter behind me and dumped the bags onto the bed. He was out the door like a shot and over toward he and Char's room. Bella walked in and smiled at me.

"Hey." she said, leaning against the doorframe. I smirked.

"Hi. Have fun shopping?" I asked, walking over to her and pulling her into the room with me, closing the door. She giggled and nodded.

"I never thought I'd enjoy shopping so much. And I never did with Alice." she said. I smiled and nuzzled her neck.

"I'm glad you're enjoying yourself before the trip to the Cullens." I murmured against the sweet skin of her neck. She moaned and hummed out a chuckle as I dragged her closer, if that was even possible. I pulled away enough to kiss her lips gently. When we separated, I grinned at her.

"I'll let you unpack those bags." I said and left the room. Her annoyance and lust hit me hard and I chuckled up at her. It would have to wait until tonight.

Two days later, we were walking out of the airport in montana with Peter and Char behind us. We went to the baggage claim and got our bags. Bella's came out a bit late, so we were delayed a few minutes. We got our rental car and started for the Cullen house with high spirits.

Peter and I had worked for weeks trying to get ready for this trip. We trained the hands and got the house ready for a long period away.

The girls talked to Aro or Marcus on the phone every other day at least and Peter and I talked to Caius once or twice. We were all excited to get to Italy after Alice and Edward's wedding. I was actually looking forward to them getting married.

I knew that they were happy and at least it wasn't me that had to wear a penguin suit and dress up to the nines. A lice liked to go all out. I know that when Bella and I get married, simple will do. I had it all planned out again and this one will be better than the last, so now I'm glad I waited.

We were in the car almost to the Cullen house we were only staying three days, today, tomorrow for the wedding, and the next day to help them get things back to normal while Alice and Edward when on there honeymoon to Paris (because some big designer was showing off their new line and Alice had to be there).

We pulled down the driveway to the house it looked a lot like the house in Forks only on a larger scale and with out the forestry surrounding it. Out here we were on our own miles from anywhere and so we could be who we want it's the same reason I love the ranch in Texas .

When the car pulled to a stop we saw our family on the porch waiting for us, all with big smiles on their faces. I love living on the ranch but I miss certain members of this family more than others.

I got out and helped Bella out of the car and popped the trunk that held our bags. We each grabbed the small one we had, as we had already sent the big trunks to Italy to wait on us to get there. I grabbed Bella's hand and we walked to the front porch. We were immediately embraced by the bride-to-be who's feet weren't touching the ground as she wrapped her short arms around both of our necks and told us how happy she was that we were there.

Edward walked down the steps and tried to pull his soon-to-be wife from our necks. He gave Bella a small hug and shook my hand

"Thanks for coming, it means a lot to Alice. "

"I wouldn't miss it, bro" he smiled.

While I was talking to Edward, Bella had said hello to the rest of the family and they were all waiting their turn to greet me. I took a few steps forward and Esme embraced me in a bone crushing hug. It's hard for her to have both Bella and me not live with them because she really does think of us as her children.

When I was finally released from Esme (after promising to call and visit more often), I was hugged by Carlisle and then bum-rushed by Emmett.

"For someone who supposedly has this bad ass rep, you haven't shown me that you are someone I should be afraid of." I heard bella say to Rose "He's done it now." and Peter and Char snicker, they knew what I was going to do. I pushed all the pain that I could to Emmett and we were down on the floor the next second. He was holding himself and screaming, trying to make the pain go away. I stood up an dusted myself off and released Emmett from the pain I had inflicted on him. He flinched as he got up, but still grinning madly.

"Point received." he muttered and we laughed. I clapped him on the back as we went inside.

"You did ask for it, Em." I said and he chuckled and shoved me in the shoulder.

"Guess I did, huh?" he said. Alice beamed at us and clapped her hands excitedly.

"Oooh! I'm so happy you're here! Bella! I have to ask you something that's really important!" she squealed. Bella hesitantly nodded and Alice grabbed her hand and started jumping up and down.

"Will you be my bridesmaid!" Alice almost screamed. Bella blinked in surprise and then beamed.

"Of course, Alice! Do you even have to ask?" she replied. I grinned at the waves of joy and happiness rolling off both of them.

Edward walked up behind me and put his hand on my shoulder.

"Well that made Alice 's week. She was so afraid Bella would say no."

I turned around and looked at him.

"Bella and I still think of you guys as family and love you all very much. Its just whats best for us right now to be away from the family."

"You don't have to explain anything to me, brother. I understand completely so now that Bella is in the wedding, will you stand up beside me with Emmett?" I couldn't help but smile.

"Of course, man, you know that." I said.

The rest of the day was a whirl-wind of activity. The girls were doing finishing touches to the wedding, Char was even up there helping.

We guys stayed downstairs and played video games or watched football on TV. About eight, we heard the showers start and I felt some mischief coming from upstairs probably should have known that was not a good combination. half an hour later the girls all walked downstairs all dressed up walked over to their respected partner kissed us on the check and headed out the door. We all looked around dumbfounded. And quickly followed them outside.

"Where do u think you all are going?" Edward asked

They all turned around and gave us an innocent look but I could feel the mischief flowing off them.

"Out." they all said in unison.

Okay even Emmett knew this was bad and he couldn't read minds or feel emotions or "know" things.

"Nope I don't think so." Emmett said "I would like you all to stay here please." he continued.

Rose looked at the girls then walked up to Emmett and purred in his ear.

"Baby, don't you trust me?"

she said with a slight pout.

"Of course I do, baby. I just would feel better if you were here at home. We have a lot to do before tomorrow morning and stuff."

She ran her hand up and over his chest and whispered something in his ear, even too low for us to hear, but with the amount of lust rolling off her I can only imagine what she said.

When she was done she stepped back in line with the rest of the girls and winked at him.

He melted like a puddle of goo and said "You girls have fun, just be carful."

"What?" We all looked at him in shock.

"Bella, Char? Are you sure this is a good idea?" I asked.

"Of course, Jasper! Alice checked, we all make it out unscathed and back in plenty of time for the wedding." Bella said and smiled innocently.

I sighed. I really didn't want her going but I seriously couldn't stop her.

"Okay, well then just be careful, please" I begged last thing I needed was her getting hurt and her "Uncle" Aro and "Uncle" Marcus blaming me.

"Promise." she said with a smile and swiftly kissed my cheek. Within seconds, they were all piled in the car and reversing down the driveway leaving all of us just standing in the middle, not knowing what to do.

"Well, Edward, did you get a read on the girls?" I asked.

"No." he shook his head "Bella was blocking them."

"Well…" Peter spoke up "It's yer last night as a free man again, ya wanna go huntin'?"

"Sure" he said. "Its not like we have anything else to do."

We hunted for well over four hours. I told the guys about my plan to ask Bella to marry me and even showed them the ring. Edward said that it suited Bella perfectly and he wish he had thought of my idea.

When we returned to the house, the girls were back but all we heard was giggling going on from upstairs. We collectively decided its probably in all of our best intrest to stay down stairs and out of the way.

As the sun rose the house became busy with activities. Everyone was following out Alice's orders and Esme was over seeing it all as Alice was upstairs getting ready.

The guests all arrived (for Alice it was really very small, much smaller than what I was subjected to when we got married and much much smaller than Bella and Edwards wedding) only fifty people in attendance but of course everything was over the top and beautiful all in the same breath.

The wedding started and I saw Bella walk down the aisle behind Rose and I couldn't help but picture her in a white dress waiting on me at the end. It was so close.

The ceremony was beautiful, and Alice looked stunning as always. We moved to the reception and the new coupled danced. Carlise danced with Alice and Esme with Edward I even got to dance with Alice while Edward was dancing with Bella it was nice to know that things were okay between us all and that we could just slip into other roles so easily.

Edward and Alice left for their two week honeymoon and we all stayed and help clean up. When things were put away we spent the rest of the night and all of the next day with the family, just talking and relaxing. It was nice and peaceful. About five that night Peter spoke up and said that we better get to the airport. We had a long flight ahead of us.

We hugged the family bye and pulled out of the driveway. On to Italy I couldn't wait and, judging from the emotions in the car, neither could anyone else.