Title: Breathless

Category: Anime/Manga Durarara!

Author: Thieving-Thief

Language: English Rating: M

Genre: Romance

Chapters: 1

A/N: So here's B for my alphabet challenge I have a feeling most of these 26 are going to be Yaoi v.v Anyway, hope you enjoy 3 This is really short but I hope you like it. This is unbetad so if you want to beta it please contact me. 3

He leaves me breathless every time, it doesn't matter how much I want to hate him or how much I didn't want this. Every time, he leaves me breathless.

"Izaya, I can't, please stop it." I struggle trying to get out from underneath him. He pushes my wrists down back into the bed. I whimper a little because it hurts he's gripping my wrists so tight, I know there will be bruises after. I think maybe my hands are going numb. He moves my wrists into one hand releasing some of the pain. His fingers slide inside slick with lube it smells vaguely of chocolate and I wonder silently when he got it because he's never used it with me before. I can feel myself tense as he works a third finger inside he stretches me to the point I think I might tear but I know he's doing this so I won't. I've given in now, without even meaning to.

"Izaya," I whisper his name as he pulls out his fingers. He leans up and kisses me softly it throws me off he's being so gentle it's not normal.

"Kida, I don't want you to run away. I've never liked a toy as much as I like you; I want to take care of you. I'm tired of trying to break you, I want to keep you. I may have even fallen in love with you." He thrust inside seeming to have lost what little patience he had.

I can't speak now, I can't even really think. He's made me breathless again. I pant heavily as he rocks my body at a steady pace, a rhythm. He fills me in more ways than one; I opened my heart to him a long time ago. He picks up the pace as he gets closer to his orgasm, I'm getting close too. He brings a hand up to pump at my straining arousal and he slams his mouth on mine. Our teeth clash together and his tongue nearly chokes me but it feels good and I cum violently across my stomach. He spasms thrusting a couple more times before pulling out and falling beside me, pulling me close to him while I struggle to breathe again.

"Izaya, I love you too." I mutter softly feeling his fingers brush through my hair. He kisses me again another soft one. It still confuses me but maybe it's because he's afraid of breaking me now…maybe he doesn't want to hurt me. He makes me breathless, I wonder if he even realizes.