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Summary: It wasn't his fault that he was attracted to his sister. Hell, almost everyone was, but he was her brother and it's kind of against all morals of life being attracted to his blood relative.

Incestuous – Continuing or involving incest; guilty of incest

Chapter 1

"Today's the big day! Are you ready?"

Clare asked as she shoved all of her belongings into a big, black suitcase that lay across her small twin sized bed. I muttered something under my breath, shrugged my shoulders, and continued to read the graphic novel in my hands. I had been stuck on the same page, reading the same thing, over and over and over again. Okay, so I was distracted – but, you couldn't blame me, I was excited about today, even though I told my sister that I wasn't. We have been stuck in this orphanage for almost three years since the incident-it's not important right now. The bottom line is, I was fucking ready to leave this God forsaken place.

"Eli! Are you even listening?" Clare shouted while slapping my knee.

"Hey, yeah… no I'm not listening, what is it?" I asked.

"You haven't even packed yet! Our new parents are going to be here in less than an hour! Here, I'll help you." Clare smiled. I nodded and moved off the small bed, tossing my comic book to the side. She grabbed my suitcase which probably hadn't been used in over a decade and slammed it down on my bed. Clare was neatly folding my dark clothes into the suitcase, which I found to be quite annoying. I grabbed all my clothes and shoved them in there all messy like, causing Clare to pout and place her hands on her hips. I shrugged and continued to toss my things into the suitcase. Once I was done packing, I zipped it up and moved it to the floor. I sat on my bed and Clare sat down next to me, placing her hand over mine.

"Are you ready?" She asked.

"Am I ready to move in with a couple of strangers, yes Clare, I'm totally excited." I said with a load of sarcasm poisoning my tone.

Clare rolled her eyes and gave my hand a squeeze.

"It'll be fine." She promised. I nodded and sighed shakily. She leaned her head on my shoulder and whispered, "I'm scared too."

I turned my head to her and sighed loud. My arm moved around her shoulders and I gave her a hug.

"It'll be fine." I responded.

Clare hugged me back and she placed a long kiss on my cheek. Before we could continue our conversation, the lady that normally sat at the front desk walked into our room and she stood, smiling. I never really liked her because she was a stuck up old bat, and seeing her smile like that only meant that she was glad Clare and I were leaving.

"Mr. and Mrs. Goldsworthy are here." She said.

Goldsworthy? Nice name.

I tried my hardest not to laugh and Clare hopped off the bed and grabbed her suitcase. She pulled the handle up and started to walk out of the room, the suitcase rolling behind her. I did the same, but took one last glance at the place that was my home for the past three years.

I sighed and continued making my way out the door, down the hall and into the lobby. When I reached my destination, Clare was already talking to two strangers. I had to admit they looked really… odd. The guy was large and burly, while the woman was short and she looked really simple, something far different from the man. As I made my way to them, Clare turned around and her lips curled up into a large smile.

"Here's my brother!" She said, taking my arm and pulling me next to her.

"Well hello Elijah—

"Eli." I corrected the woman.

"R-right, Eli, well, we were just telling your sister that we had just moved into a new house, since our old one only had two bedrooms, we figured that the two of you wanted a room for yourselves." She smiled. I turned to Clare and she looked happier than ever. I turned back to our new parents and nodded slowly.

"That's fine, so your names are?" I asked.

"Oh, of course. I'm CeCe and this big gorilla here is Bullfrog."

I arched my eyebrow. "Bullfrog?" I repeated.

"Yes, it's sort of a nick name." He chuckled.

Damn. I can see why.

We stood in the lobby for what seemed like forever, and I silently begged them to hurry up with the chit chat and take us home. As if my wishes were answered, CeCe and Bullfrog started to head out the doors, Clare and I stood next to each other, watching them hesitantly.

"Are you ready?" Clare nodded. She took my hand in hers and we both walked out.

CeCe and Bullfrog were already in the car, parked at the front entrance. Bullfrog got out of the car and he walked around and opened the hood of the trunk so we could put our suitcases inside. The hood was closed and he walked back to the driver's side of the car. Clare and I walked on the opposites of the car, and climbed into the back.

"Would you guys like something to eat before we head home?" CeCe asked.

"Oh, that sounds good!" Clare chirped.

"What about you Elijah—Eli." CeCe corrected herself.

"Yeah, that's fine." I responded, looking out the window.

We were moving now, and all I could do was feel so scared. What if these people were psychos? What if they were pedophiles or something, I don't know. I was always paranoid when it came to adoptive parents. One minute they're awesome, the next their shoving pills down your throat and forcing you to fuck them. I shuddered at the thought and closed my eyes. Clare leaned over and she touched my hand. I looked over at her and she smiled, her big blue eyes staring into my own. I smiled back, telling her that I was okay. She gave one last squeeze to my hand and pulled away.

"What would you guys like to eat? CeCe asked.

"Anything is fine, we're starving." Clare giggled, answering for both of us.


Bullfrog pulled up into the nearest fast food establishment and headed to the drive through. I sat in the back, staring out the window. I listened to everybody order. Clare knew what I liked, so she didn't hesitate in ordering for me. When they finished ordering, Bullfrog pulled up to the first window to pay and then to the second window. We all waited patiently for our food. The car was deathly silent and I was starting to get a little uncomfortable.

"Eli you're quiet, is everything okay?" CeCe asked.

"I'm fine." I muttered.

Okay, so I lied.

But, I wasn't about to open up to these two people and tell them, hey I'm scared to come home with you guys because I think you're going to rape me and my baby sister. When we got our food, I expected them to give us our meals, but they said they'd rather eat when we get home. I shrugged it off. Clare poked my shoulder and I glanced over at her. She smiled at me and I took her hand in mine, giving it a squeeze, telling her silently that I was okay.

"Well, here's our humble abode." CeCe smiled as she stepped out of the car.

Clare and I followed her inside while Bullfrog gathered our suitcases. CeCe had walked into the kitchen while Clare and I stood in the living room, looking lost and clueless as ever. We glanced around. I was amazed. The house was pretty big: large living room, big kitchen, there were two sets of stairs, one that led downstairs and one that led upstairs.

"Well don't just stand there, come on in." CeCe said.

I walked towards the kitchen and Clare followed behind me. We took a seat at the table while CeCe handed our meals out to us. I smiled my thanks and began eating my burger after smothering it with ketchup. Clare chuckled while chewing on a soggy fry. Bullfrog had entered the house and he strutted up the stairs. I heard a lot of commotion, but didn't think anything of it. He was probably putting our stuff in our rooms. I was a little anxious to go see what my room looks like. It's probably painted bright blue with a bunch of kiddy posters on the walls.

I chuckled at the image

"Eli? Are you okay?" CeCe asked with a small laugh.

"I'm fine, just thinking about something." I mumbled.

"Oh." CeCe frowned.

I guess she expected me to say something more.

"Don't worry CeCe; he's always like this, so nonchalant and always mumbling. I guess he's just shy?" Clare reached over to poke my cheek and I fake smiled at her.

To my surprise CeCe didn't say anything after that. The dinner was quiet. Bullfrog had joined us moments later and we, as I mentioned, ate in silence. We would exchange a few words and such, but nothing more than that.

"So, would you guys like to see your rooms?" CeCe asked.

"Oh, yes!" Clare chimed.

I rolled my eyes and grabbed our trash and looked around the kitchen for the trashcan.

"Eli the trashcan is on the other side of the island." Bullfrog shouted. I walked around the island lifted the lid and tossed the trash inside. I was soon being dragged upstairs by Clare and was following CeCe. She showed Clare her room first, of course – I'm not surprised. Her room was painted a light shade of purple and she had a white bed with bright Caribbean green bed sheets and pink pillows. Across the room was a white computer desk with a pink laptop sitting atop of it; there was a big obnoxious bow on it – a present if you will. Her suitcase was next to the dresser. Clare had already made herself comfortable, and CeCe walked out and told me to follow her to my room. When she pushed the door open and turned the light on, I nearly stumbled.

The walls were black as well as the bed and the sheets. There were a few Dead Hand posters on the walls and on the black computer desk there was (of course) a black laptop.

"They said you liked black and Dead Hand, my husband likes Dead Hand." CeCe said while stealing a glance from me. I smiled warmly at her.

"I'll let you unpack and get situated." CeCe place a hand on my shoulder before she left.

The door to my new room was closed and I glanced around it before I grabbed my suitcase, which was sitting next to my bed and began unpacking my things. I shoved my t-shirts, boxers, and socks in the dresser while my pants hung in the closet and my shoes were shoved in there as well. It took me a good while to finish unpacking and now I was sitting on my bed, doing nothing. I wasn't bored; I was just trying to find something to do. I got up from the bed and started to walk around my room, checking out my surroundings.

I had a large bathroom, which was great.

There was a door that had stairs leading down to the side of the house. So far I actually liked this room. It was "comfortable".

Unfortunately, I didn't realize that there was a door next to my dresser. I frowned and got up to check what was inside it.

"Is this some kind of joke?" I muttered. Inside that door, was another door? I snorted and grabbed the handle. When I twisted the knob, it was unlocked so I walked in.


I opened and closed my mouth.

"ELI! GET OUT OF HERE!" Clare screamed as she quickly grabbed something to cover her naked chest. I stood there, frozen. Clare tossed a pillow at my face, which brought me back to reality. I moved back into my room, and shut the door behind me. I slowly slid down the door and sat against it. My thoughts were poisoned with Clare's naked body. I shuddered and shook my head. That was probably the most disturbing thing I have ever seen; Clare's hair was wet and her skin was flushed and her body was wrapped in a fluffy towel, which fell from her body and to the floor. I got a good look at her breasts, which was probably the only thing I was staring at.

I shuddered again.

It's not even right for me to be even thinking about her like that.

The very thought made my stomach ache.

"Eli, are you okay in there?" Bullfrog asked across the door of my room.

"Yeah, I'm fine… I accidently walked in on Clare." I chuckled.

"Oh, that's unfortunate! Ha, sorry to hear!" Bullfrog laughed uncontrollably and I sighed and listened to his laughter fade as he walked back down the stairs.

I sighed and placed a hand on my forehead.

"Eli, can I come in?"

"No Clare, I need to be alone." I responded quickly.

"Eli it's not the first time you've barged in on me naked! Come on, let me in!" Clare shouted.

She is right. It isn't the first time I've barged in on her naked, but every single time I did… things got really weird after.

I shook my head from my thoughts and moved away from the door. I walked to my bed and tossed my body on it. The door that led into Clare's room opened up and my baby sister was now sitting on my bed. She poked my shoulder a few times, trying to get my attention. I lifted my head up from my pillow and eyed her darkly. She giggled.

"I have clothes on."

"I know." I groaned while moving on my back.

Clare giggled again. "So, how do you like CeCe and Bullfrog?"

"They're okay." I mumbled.

"Okay? They're awesome! I think they planned for us to do something tomorrow." Clare said as she lay down next to me.

We both stared at the ceiling in silence.

"That's good I guess." I answered finally.

"You are going to come with right? I don't want to be alone tomorrow." Clare said. I averted my gaze to her and she pouted. I sighed and rolled my eyes. Like I was going to leave my sister alone with some creeps we just met.

"Of course I'm coming tomorrow." I said.

"Good, well I'm going to bed now. I'll see you tomorrow!" Clare leaned over and kissed my cheek and walked to her room, leaving me alone.

I sighed heavily and closed my eyes.

It's going to be one long ass night…

End of Chapter 1

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