Unexpected Results


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England was about seven months pregnant now and he was defiantly showing. Now granted his stomach was nowhere near as big as it had been when he had been pregnant with the girls, but it was still pretty big. The girls thought it was pretty amazing but what they thought was even more amazing was the fact that they could feel the baby kicking when they put their hands on their mother's stomach. England thought it was kind of cute at how excited the girls would get when they felt the baby kick. To be honest England could not wait until the baby was born because he was having some terrible morning sickness this time.

He would also get rather sick during the night sometimes too and when that happened he would get very little sleep. Last night happened to be a pretty good example of this because he had been sick practically all night long and when he was not throwing up then he would just be tossing and turning in bed trying to get comfortable. Needless to say by the time morning came England was dead tired and he had no energy at all to watch the girls today. There was a World Meeting that month and Prussia was supposed to go in place of England because he was officially too far into his pregnancy to be able to attend. Prussia ended up offering to bring the girls with him to the meeting and England jumped at the chance to be able to try and get a couple hours rest without having to worry about watching the girls.

England had eagerly returned back to bed while Prussia packed up everything he would need for the meeting into his suitcase. The girls where a little confused as to why they had to go to this World Meeting and they did not hesitate to ask their father why they were going with him to the meeting.

"Dad why are we going with you to the meeting?" Ruby asked.

"You're going with me to the meeting because your mother is going to be sleeping all day and he can't watch you if he's asleep." Prussia answered.

"Why is he going to sleep all day?" Ruby asked.

"He's going to be sleeping all day because he was not able to sleep during the night."

"Why was he not able to sleep during the night?"

"Because he was sick all night long."

"Why was he sick?"

"Sometimes being pregnant can make you feel sick."

"Why does it make you feel sick?"

"Why don't you girls go grab some toys to bring with you to the meeting?" Prussia quickly suggested.

"Ok!" The girls called out as they ran off to get some toys.

Prussia just sighed a little before he shook his head. Sometimes Ruby's never ending questions could give him a headache….

When Prussia and the girls got to the meeting room the only other nation in their was Austria. Prussia immediately started to grin as he walked over to where Austria was sitting.

"So you're here all alone, huh?" Prussia asked.

Austria just gave him a bored look before he said "Of course not Hungary came here with me but she had to leave the room for a couple minutes."

Austria then turned his gaze over to the girls only to have Ruby give him a very Prussia like grin and Rose just gave him a gentle smile.

"More impotently why are the girls here with you, usually when a meeting is going on in London they stay at home."

"England didn't get any sleep last night so I offered to bring the girls with me so he could try and get some sleep." Prussia answered.

"I see…" Austria said slowly before he looked back over at Prussia.

"How far is he in his pregnancy?"

"He's about seven months in and he has declared himself too far into his pregnancy to be able to attend any more meetings." Austria said nothing to this he just nodded his head and looked down at his papers.

Honestly even to this day the thought of a pregnant England was extremely hard to believe, but Ruby and Rose proved that it was real. It was just so surreal and yet it was true and it was really happening. Austria would have probably thought more about it, but he was snapped out of his thoughts when he felt something tap his arm. He looked over at what was tapping his arm only to see Rose looking at him.

"Mister Austria where's Hungary?" Rose asked.

"She just had to use the restroom she will be back soon."

Rose smiled at him and thanked him before she quickly made her way over to Ruby so she could tell her about Hungary. Austria smiled just a little as he watched the older twin walk away. Austria rather liked Rose because she was polite and she was relatively quiet. She was the complete opposite of Ruby and Austria didn't think that was a bad thing. Ruby was like a mini version of Prussia and the thought of another Prussia made Austria cringe.

She was also being rather influenced by the rest of the Bad Touch Trio and this fact really made Austria wonder just how Ruby would turn out once she became an adult. Just as Austria's thoughts turned to the Bad Touch Trio the doors opened up to reveal France and Spain. Ruby's eyes lit up when she her two favorite uncles and she quickly ran over to them.

"Uncle France, Uncle Spain!" Ruby shouted out.

France just chuckled a little and picked Ruby up when she got over to where he was standing.

"Ruby you're looking lovely as always." France said with a smile.

Ruby just gave him a happy grin and a little laugh.

"Where's Rose?" France asked.

"She's hiding behind dad." Ruby said as she pointed over at her older sister.

France looked over at where Prussia was standing only to see that Ruby was telling the truth. Rose was peeking out from behind Prussia's legs and looked over at France and Ruby with a slightly worried look on her face. France placed Ruby down and the girl practically skipped over to Spain so she could talk to him. France slowly moved over to where Prussia and Rose where standing. He knelt down so that he was at Rose's eyelevel before he smiled at her.

"Hello their Rose how are you doing?" France asked.

"I'm fine…" Rose answered shyly.

France just continued to smile at her as he seemed to pull two roses out of thin air and held them out toward the girl.

"Here a rose for a rose and her sister." France said with a smile.

Rose hesitated slightly before she slowly took the thornless roses and gave him the smallest of smiles before she ran over to her sister so she could give Ruby her rose. France sighed a little once the girl was far enough away and Prussia just patted his friend on the back.

"Don't worry Rose will stop being scared of you soon enough she is my awesome daughter after all." Prussia said.

"I suppose your right…" France said slowly.

"Of course I'm right because I'm awesome!" Prussia said with a smug grin.

France choose not to say anything to that he just looked over at the girls who where now running around playing tag. Slowly but surely more and more nations started to come into the room as the girls just continued to play tag only stopping for a few seconds to say hi to any of the nations that they recognized before they continued to play. Soon enough the room became rather crowded with nations and the two girls still continued with their game.

"Can't catch me!" Ruby shouted out to her sister as she looked behind her.

Rose just started to run a bit faster and Ruby just started to grin as she ran just a bit faster. However Ruby was not paying attention at all so she ended up running into someone. Ruby fell onto her butt and Rose came to a screeching halt once she got over to where her sister was. Both of the girls looked up at the person that Ruby had ran into only to see that it was Russia.

"I'm sorry for running into you." Ruby said as she sat up.

"It is not a problem." Russia said with a smile.

The girls were about to walk away but Russia then asked a rather odd question.

"Do you want to become one with Russia?" He asked with a happy smile.

The girls just shook their heads and said "No…"

Russia just continued to smile as he said "That's too bad maybe next time."

Russia probably would have said more but Belarus came running toward them (well more toward Russia) saying something about marriage and right when he heard the words marry me come out of her mouth he turned right around and ran off. Belarus quickly chased after him all while shouting out "Marry me!"

The girls just watched them disappear into the crowed of nations before they looked at each other.

"What does become one with Russia mean?" Ruby asked.

Rose just surged her shoulders before she walked past her sister and said "I don't know I just know daddy and mommy say that we should say no to the question."

After that the rest of the nations finally came in and the meeting finally started. As all of the nations sat at the table and listened as Germany talked about the economy or something along those lines while the girls played with their toys next to their father's chair. About an hour or so into the meeting the girls went under the table so they could play with Kumajiro, who was lying somewhere under the table. They crawled around under the table in search of the elusive polar bear for about ten minutes they finally found the bear.

"Come on Kumajiro your comming with us." Rose said as she picked the polar bear up.

"Come on let's get out from under the table." Ruby said as she started to sit up and make her way out from under the table.

"Ruby you shouldn't sit up yet." Rose called out to her.


"Too late…"

Ruby had underestimated just how low down the table was and thanks to the fact that she had gotten up rather fast and that did nothing to help her. The room had fallen silent when they heard the loud noise but the silence was quickly replaced with the Ruby's loud wailing. Within a matter of seconds Rose could hear a chair being pushed back and Prussia was under the table and pulling Ruby out from underneath the table. Rose quickly followed her father out from under the table and looked over at him once they were out from under the table. Prussia was holding Ruby close and trying to calm the girl down as she continued to cry.

A few of the nations had gotten up from their seats and over to Prussia while most of the nations just sat in their seats unsure of what they could do or if they could really do anything at all.

"It's ok your alright, your awesome dad is here." Prussia said as he rocked her a little.

Ruby's crying had calmed down a little, but it did not look like she was going to stop any time soon. China just watched the crying girl for a few minutes and tried to think of what he could do to make Ruby stop crying. China didn't like to see kids sad and in general China liked Ruby well enough. He thought for a few minutes and looked down at the panda plush toy that he had with him. Sometimes China would bring a plush toy (usually it would be a Hello Kitty plushy) with him and today just happened to be one of those days. China looked at the stuffed toy for a few seconds before he started to smile a little.

"Ruby look over here!" China said.

Ruby sniffled a little before she looked over at China. China held out the panda plush doll that he had brought with him to the meeting and said "You can have him he will make you feel better."

Ruby slowly took the panda bear from him and looked at it and then over at China.

"But it's your panda…" Ruby said softly.

"It's alright I have plenty of panda plushies back at home so it's fine." China said with a smile.

Ruby smiled back at him and hugged the panda. Germany cleared his throat to get everyone's attention before he started talking.

"I think it would be best if we ended the meeting for today. Make sure not to be late to tomorrow's meeting." Germany said.

Within a matter of seconds everyone started to pack their stuff up and get out of the room. Rose just watched as most of the nations left the room before she felt someone pick her up. She looked up who it was that picked her up only to see that it was Canada.

"Well that's one way to end a meeting." Canada said as he gave the girl a small smile.

Rose just nodded her head and smiled a little as well.

"Vee~ I'm hungry we should go and get some pasta!" Italy shouted cheerfully.

"Pasta?" Rose asked from her place in Canada's arms, her eyes shining just a little bit.

Rose really liked pasta so the thought of getting some of her favorite food (besides strawberries) made her rather happy.

"Yeah we can get some spaghetti." Italy said to the girl.

"Or we could get some fettuccine alfredo…" Rose said.

The two nations quickly started to ramble on and on about pasta and Germany just sighed but he smiled as he did so. Ruby just watched the pasta talk for a few minutes before she looked over at Canada.

"You're coming too right?" Ruby asked, she had long since stopped crying but her eyes were still a little red.

Canada just nodded his head and said "Yes I will come."

Ruby seemed looked rather happy at that and it was then that the nations finally left so they could go eat. Everything else went by rather smoothly, they where able to get into a restaurant and they were able to convince the workers there that Kumajiro was just a stuffed toy so they where able to bring the bear in with them. The only problem that they ran into was the fact that Ruby kept trying to feed her vegetables to Kumajiro so she would not have to eat them herself. After lunch the girls and Prussia said good bye to Germany, Italy, Kumajiro, and Canada before they started to drive home. The two girls ended up falling asleep during the car ride so Prussia ended up having to carry the both of them inside.

When carrying the girls to their rooms he ended up running into England.

"You guys are back early." England said as he followed Prussia.

"The meeting ended up ending sooner than planned; it's nothing to worry about." Prussia said.

"Did you get any sleep?" Prussia asked.

England just nodded his head and smiled a little before he said "Yes I was able to get some sleep. How was the meeting?"

"It was your typical meeting." Prussia responded.

Well it was your typical meeting until Ruby hit her head but Prussia figured that was probably something that England was better off not knowing….

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