Note: The segments were formerly separate Ryu drabbles posted in my livejournal but they all quite go together nicely as one story. Spoilers for the anime/manga, the latest being from chapter 51.


Ryu approves of Chizu's new female friends.

He doesn't really understand why Chizu finds it difficult to be friends with girls. To be honest, he really can't comprehend how anybody can not want to be friends with her so he was quite happy for her when she formed a friendship with Ayane.

And aside from Ayane there was one more girl.

"Um, perhaps… you two are… lovers?"

Ryu smiles and finds it difficult to consequently appear bored when Chizu denies the assumption vehemently.

On the spot, he decides that he really likes Sawashi.


Ryu is patient.

Chizu may not realize it now but he is the perfect one for her. So he listens to her extol the wonders of Tohru's virtues and it doesn't bother him at all (not much anyway).


Ryu is almost always hungry.

But right now, he was starving. Thanks to Chizu, he wasn't able to eat at anything at all since that incident during lunch.

So why was he not eating the assortment of bread he was currently staring at?

Ryu frowned thoughtfully at the melon pan for a few more seconds before he picked up the phone and called his brother.


Ryu will not waver.

He's always realized that Chizu is quite slow regarding these matters. So he pulls her close and lets her cry. He'll comfort her for now and allow her tears. Sooner or later (but he prefers sooner), he would, as much as possible, prevent such things from occurring (the crying not the comforting, he quits enjoy the latter).


Ryu doesn't mind losing.

It doesn't really bother him when they lose a baseball game. He had fun after all. What does bother him is when he loses to Chizu. (Once, when they were children, Chizu won an arm wrestling match through a fluke and she gloated for a whole week).

What he really hates, however, is the mere thought of losing Chizu.

So he doesn't hesitate to challenge her in arm wrestling match (her favorite game, for reasons he doesn't quite know) and beat her.


Ryu likes winning.

Right now it's just for 20 minutes. (Next time he promises himself it would be longer).

"I just want to cheer you on!" She grounds out to him with her cheeks red and a furrowed brow. He is too delighted, too thrilled, and quite a bit vindicated to fully appreciate the fact that Chizu's hand is in his, but he would dwell on it later.

Right now it's a good 20 minutes.