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ALSO! IMPORTANT, READ! This fanfiction has been made assuming that the surface world Drizzt enters is not Faerun, but that it is ours instead. Yes, you heard me, ours; as in, reality. So basically I am warping Sojourn a bit...ok, maybe a lot...But this is what I had in mind. Still got magic in it though, for all you fantasy fans out there.

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It burned my eyes and pained every part of my body.

It destroyed my piwafwi and boots, stole the magic from my armor, and weakened my trusted scimitars...

It was...a flashlight?

-Drizzt Do'Urden

Drizzt yelped at the sudden stinging brightness of the ray of light. It assaulted his eyes cruelly and even after he looked away, spots glared into those sensitive lavender orbs. Before this ever happened, Drizzt was facing a darkened night sky and feeling a deliciously cool breeze. How this light ever came up upon him he did not know, but what he did know was that it wasn't the sun. The sun was not that small, it did not appear out of nowhere, and its arrival often gave the sky a pink luster; something he had seen the day of the surface raid, when he and the other drow were fleeing the scene.

His senses were also telling him that he was not alone.

Guenhwyvar, his trusty panther friend, simply squinted and leapt forward at their assailants. The quick and agile creature managed to gain ahold of whoever was there; perhaps the wielder of the light?; but for some reason, was pushed aggressively off.


The drow, his eyes averted from the painful beam so powerfully contrasted with the darkness of the night, whirled around to face the light again at the sudden sound of screaming; the screaming of a young voice.

"No, Guenhwyvar, take ease!" he cried.

The panther obeyed, leaping back down to stand beside Drizzt. The cat's muscles still tensed, however, for it did not sense that the danger had passed. Drizzt, too, could feel his body automatically preparing itself for a fight. There was more company here than just the youngster who had screamed. Well, only one more, but that did not matter when the extra company was currently possessing a staff with suspiciously, though lightly, sharpened points at each end.

Drizzt realized that with the light to brighten up the scene, he no longer had a need for sight in the infrared spectrum. He quickly adjusted his eyes, though that was not much more comfortable either.

When the drow's eyes grew more accustomed to the new sight, he saw the stars twinkling; so beautiful!; and in its light he could make out the forms of a young human girl and her armed companion, male. His silhouette showed him to be shorter than the girl; only by a half-inch, but not counting Guenhwyvar, he was the shortest of them all. His ears were severely pointed and their tips peeked above his head, adding yet more to the fact he was a midget. It ruled out any chances of him being an elf. Elven ears were not that big. But the way he held his staff showed Drizzt that he was undaunted by their differences in height.

Slowly, the dark elf approached them, his arms crossed over his chest in an X to show that he meant peace.

The two forms looked at each other for several moments. The girl curiously flashed her annoying light over the walls of the cave, now knowing better and letting it hit anywhere but the drow's face. She let it bounce around like so for a few minutes, checking for traps and whatnot, then set it down on a rock. Facing Drizzt.

The drow arched an eyebrow at the light illuminating his knees.

The girl, not yet done, reached into the pocket of her jacket and pulled out a long, long list. Drizzt wondered how such a lengthy sheet of paper could fit into a space so small, but this was the surface world, and he knew nothing of it yet.

"Parlais vous français?" she asked.

Drizzt put out his hands helplessly before him, showing that he did not understand.

The girl looked down at the next thing on the list. "Sprechen Sie Deutsch?"

Before Drizzt could do anything else, she shot down the list at a rather amazing speed.

"¿Hablas Español?

Can you speak English?

Nói tiếng Việt được không?"

Frustrated at his inability to recognize any of the words, Drizzt placed a foot impatiently forward and said in his native drow, "I cannot understand a word you are saying!"

That shook the girl up a bit and made her go silent. But her strange friend, however, reacted differently.

"You will not take another step forward!" he warned, pointing his staff directly at the drow's nose.

Of course, Drizzt could not understand what he said. But he realized that he had erred, and quickly crossed his arms over his chest again to reassure the two strangers.

"What is he doing?" the girl asked in a hushed voice.

"This is no unfortunate spelunker who has been lost in the caves, I'm afraid," the armed man replied just as quietly. "I thought at first, maybe, he was just a crazy dark-skinned cosplayer/spelunker, coincidence is that outrageous. And as you can remember, my race spends some time among the rocks and caves ourselves..."


"I can identify this creature." The staff-wielder placed his staff back again beside him and took calm steps toward Drizzt. He stopped a yard away. "This is what we can safely call...a drow."

Drizzt's ears perked up. Drow! Damn, was that seriously the only word he could understand every time someone foreign identified him? But at least he understood something.

"Look at that light in his eyes," the man continued. "It's recognition."

"Eld, we'd better be careful then...Grandpa's told me of the drow before." The human girl gulped. Drizzt did not like the way she said "drow". It was full of fear and caution. "When dad was a little boy, a drow party came to raid a tribe of moon elves here...they killed every one of them...except for Ellifain, that is, and she's still lucky to have even remembered it by now! You'd think the trauma would have erased it, but-"

"Ellifain is a strong girl," Ahmereld said, smiling slightly at her use of his nickname. "But that's not the point right now." He turned and focused his eyes on Drizzt, who now saw them to be deep, emerald green orbs. "Ahnnie, I believe we can communicate with him. Drow is similar to Elven...try it out."

"Why can't you?"

"My Elven is clumsy!"

"But I don't want to speak to him!" Ahnnie pointed an accusing finger at Drizzt, who did not understand.

The drow, however, did not find all lost. They probably wanted to know his name, but didn't know how to address him. Or they were planning on killing him. Either way, he prodded a finger at his chest and said, "Drizzt Do'Urden."

Again, he quieted the human girl. This time, he got the strange green-eyed stranger as well.

"Is that your name?" Ahnnie asked in Elven, finally giving in, albeit shakily.

Drizzt was surprised. The words were the same even if the dialect was not, but...but...she spoke to him! This human said something he understood! "I...Yes, that is my name."

"Which is your surname? Drizzt or Do'Urden?"

"Do'Urden, of course."

"Ok." Ahnnie slumped her shoulders down, a sign Drizzt saw as relief. Perhaps it was because she knew him better. But that didn't make him any less of a threat, as she soon showed with the determined light in her brown eyes. "Why have you come here?"

"How many with you?" Ahmereld joined in with broken, uneven Elven.

Drizzt crossed his arms over his chest again. "I am alone. I do not mean any harm. This sign I am making right now means peace."

"For how long?" Ahnnie asked warily.

"For as long as I live," came the defiant answer. When everything grew silent, Drizzt continued, "I only wish to live a better life here, for I do not agree with the ways of my kin. I have completely left them and their deity behind."

Ahnnie and Eld looked at each other.

"If you want proof of my innocence, I give my weapons to you." Drizzt gingerly unsheathed his scimitars and laid them on the ground. Guenhwyvar, not understanding anything, was horribly mortified when Drizzt took out the onyx figurine as well. "And you can have this to look at, too. It summons Guenhwyvar, the panther you see before you. I only ask of you that you give it back to me after your examination. Guenhwyvar is my dear friend and I cannot bear losing her." Especially if these people would not accept his friendship.

Ahmereld quickly took up the scimitars in his arms, and looked at Ahnnie to see what she would do with the figurine. "Go on, take it," he prompted. "We could learn something about it."

As though Guenhwyvar understood, the cat issued a low growl from its throat. But Drizzt could not let it do anything unpredictably aggressive anymore, so he commanded his cat friend back to the astral plane, and watched hopelessly as Guenhwyvar dispersed in black mist back into the statuette.

"I-I..." The girl looked with wide eyes at the drow. She was truly taken aback by this...non-drow behavior. "I cannot be rude. I will take this, of course." She took the onyx figurine in her hand. "But you have given us your name, whereas we haven't said anything." At this, she gave Eld a pointedly angry stare.

"He is a drow!" Eld reminded her in English.

"We've got to get back now," Ahnnie continued in Elven, ignoring her companion. "But I'll make this quick by giving you our nicknames. I'm Ahnnie, and that green guy you're seeing is Eld. He's an earth imp, if you're confused."

"Ahnnie. Eld." Drizzt let the names roll off his tongue, like succulent candy. He had heard of nicknames before, heard them called out among the svirfneblin children at play, but never had he said one.

"Come." Ahnnie held out a hand as if to invite him.

Drizzt reached out for it, but was responded with pink crystal handcuffs that suddenly formed over his wrists.

"Beryl," the human girl explained. "Its hardness is amplified with the use of magic."

Ahmereld smirked at the drow's situation.

"You must know," she continued as they walked away from the cave with more confidence than she showed him previously (perhaps due to the fact that the drow was now bound), "that you're about to enter a house of magicians. In a world not nearly so magical," she added softly.

Drizzt, completely understanding why she disabled him in the first place, followed with no struggle. But what her last phrase meant was a mystery.

Oh, he would soon find out...

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