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2 Weeks Later…

He buttoned his shorts up. Slipped his head inside the neck of his newly colored jersey. He slipped on socks; his shoes followed next. He tied them tightly before bringing his baby blue hat up over his short-haired head.

It reminded him of Mackenzi - the color. Her - and his - eyes were the exact same color, which is what pushed him to pick the shade for his comeback to the WWE.

A knock came at the door, before a crew member, Wendy, John remembered, popped her head into the room. "Five minutes, John," she informed him with a cute, small smile.

With a nod, John smiled right back at her, "Thanks Wendy." She then left, shutting the door softly behind her. Wendy; John liked her. She was sweet.

He took a deep breath, trying desperately to calm his nerves. It wasn't working. John Cena never got this nervous, so why was it so different now? What was so different about tonight, from any other? He didn't know.

Standing, John shook his arms, shook his head, and started jumping up and down, in little tiny circles. He tried to act calm, really he did, but it just wouldn't work. Nothing he tried did. What to do? He thought.


That meant, if John didn't leave his locker room now, he was going to miss his cue, and the world would be greeted with an empty Alpha Dooog, and not a sign of Cena in sight. So he left. He didn't want to leave.

He made it just in time. Hearing his familiar music go off, he grinned. There weren't any words that could express his feelings, as of this very moment, as he ran out, flailing his arms, going absolutely crazy. A year. A whole friggen year. By choice, he would have never done that. But he had to.

He stared into the camera, grinning his dimpled grin. "I'm back, baby; and I ain't never leaving!" He kissed his dog tags, before straightening himself out, raising his hand to his head. In a swift motion, he flew it outwards, dragging it across the sight in front of him, before running down to the ring. He slid under the bottom ropes, getting the crowd even more hyped than before.

There was only one thing he ever did in this ring after coming out. It was the only thing he remembered how to do. So, he did it. John flung himself to the ropes, bouncing off them, then onto the other one, before throwing his hands up high, elating another cheer from the crowd.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, after his year long break, please welcome back, The CeNation Leader, Joooohhhnn Ceeeennaaa!" Lilian Garcia yelled into her microphone. She, herself, was happy that John was back. He was missed by not only her, but everyone.

Grinning widely, John shook his head, hands settled on his hips. He couldn't believe it. This was happening; really happening. He was back, and what he said earlier was true, he was never leaving again. Leaving before, was a total regret. It was a mistake. Being at home, with no one but his baby girl, but you know what that did for John? It gave him the chance to find himself again, and now, he knew who he was, and he'd always be that same guy.

Twiddling the microphone between his fingers, John stared out into the crowd. All cheers; he couldn't believe it. Not one single boo. Even the We Hate Cena guy was cheering, which John nodded to in appreciation. He took another moment, soaking it all up. The energy, it was exhilarating, empowering; he loved it.

Raising the microphone to his lips, John shook his head another time. "My God," he breathed, causing another positive reaction from the crowd. "It's really been a year, huh? A whole friggen year!?" He blew out a breath, "To me, it seems like twelve." Looking over some of his fans, he noticed, maybe it seemed that long for them too.

He felt… loved, as he glanced out into the sea of people. Men, women, children; they were crying, all for him? He didn't deserve it, nope; he did not deserve all this attention! It was crazy! He couldn't begin to fathom how somebody could be so obsessed, so overwhelmed with him. He couldn't believe it, but it was heart-warming, comforting; it was a great feeling.

"I'm sorry," his head hung low with those words. "I let you all down." He felt tears stinging at the back of his eyes, but he wouldn't let them fall. Not just yet, anyway. "I said I would never leave, but… I did." Finally, John lifted his head, shocking a few individuals in the crowd. John Cena… was about to start crying? Nono, it couldn't be.

He swallowed thickly, chewing on his bottom lip. "But I can tell you this now… I'm never leaving this again. This company, you guys - you all mean too much to me… to ever give this up, ever again." Cheers were echoed. He smiled, "And I mean that. I swear on… everything in my life. I will never leave you all, Bible." And when a person says Bible, it's definitely some real shit, and you know it.

There he stood, clad in all his blue glory. John Cena; strong and proud, and he'd stay that way. Sure, He had Fallen. Everyone does at some point. But like you're supposed to, John got back up, and fought. But he pushed through it all, just to get to where he was now standing. In the middle of that ring, Reeboks on his feet, a jersey on his back, and blue jorts around his waist. He'd never fall again.

And that, my friends, is the story, of a Fallen Superstar.

Mackenzi. She was sweet. It wasn't working. He didn't know what to do! He didn't want to leave… But he had to. So, he did it. It was a mistake. But, it gave him the chance to find himself again. He had Fallen. But, he'd never fall again. ~Fallen Superstar.

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