Rain pattered against the glass as the darkness from the storm enveloped everything in an air of melancholy. But it wasn't the weather this night that bothered a certain Pegasus, no. The storm that troubled her, was within. She huddled up on the floor, letting the warmth of the library and the others embrace her for comfort. It was another sleepover.

It had taken a while to finally realize what was going on, and why. She knew she was 'different' from the other ponies, and not just because of wings. But these feelings didn't fully come to realization until that new pony came along.

Sure, at first it was innocent enough. But the more they hung out together, the more it seemed so right. She had been around the other ponies so long that they began to bore her with their predictability, and to be fair, the more she got to know them, the less of a match they were. Too shy, tolerable in small doses, too snooty to even go for such a thing, or too much hard work.

But this new pony seemed to be the one. A straight pony to her rough and tumble antics. Someone who would let her run free, but reign her in when needed. Someone who could have a wild side herself if coaxed enough.

Now these feelings were welling up inside, but the price of releasing them was high. Too rich for her blood. Not only would it possibly make the others feel jealous they wern't chosen, it could conceivably repulse them. Sure, she thought the likes of Pinkie Pie could care less. But Applejack and Rarity might disapprove because their upbringing says otherwise. Fluttershy would just want everyone else to stop fighting and get along. That was an unfair burden.

And how would Twilight feel? One of her best friends, blindsiding her with this revelation. She had been around Twilight long enough to know that she wouldn't understand. Not because she was ignorant or narrow minded, but because she had never encountered such a situation before. A best friend admitting a crush would change the already unfamiliar to her dynamic of friendship, and turn everyone upside down with conflicting beliefs. Twilight didn't need the hassle, she was lucky to keep her friends this far. But that's what true friends are for.


She began to imagine a saccharine image of 'true friendship conquers all' and they all lived happily ever after. But that wasn't a realistic option. Bad enough it would change everything, but the other layer of implications was a completely different subject. Even if the feelings were returned, it would still be seen as wrong by many ponies.

She needed someone to confide in. A neutral party to seek advice. Maybe that one Pegasus, the one with the lazy eye? "Nah"...she shook her head.

"Psstt..Spike? You awake?"

"Ugh...I wasn't until now!" the dragon whispered, slightly annoyed. "What?"

"I need to talk..."

"Can it wait until morning..."

"No...it can't..."

Spike noticed the seriousness in that last sentence, and became alert. "What's wrong?"

"Well...can you keep a secret?"

"Of course! Losing a friend's trust is the quickest way to loose a friend forever."

"FOREVVVEERRRR!" Pinkie Pie snored, rolling over.

"Well, I have a crush on someone..."

"I know what it's like keeping a crush a secret. It's hard, but I can help you. So...who's the lucky guy?"

No reply, only a sheepish glance away. "It's not a guy."

"Oh...OH! Um...well..." Spike was at a loss. He was a young dragon sure, but he wasn't stupid. Hanging around Twilight and her book smarts did rub off a bit.

"What should I do Spike?" she asked, violet eyes filling with oft seen tears. "I'm afraid the others would judge me!"

"They wouldn't do that! They're your friends! I'm not judging you!"

"It's not that simple! Everypony feels differently about different things. You've heard the talks around Ponyville. It's not that common."

She was right. This subject was way more delicate than most of the situations they encountered.

Spike sighed. "Well, the best advice I could give you is to just, get whoever it is alone, and tell them. That way, it's off your mind, and no one else will know. I'm sure she'll keep it a secret."

"I don't know..."

"If you don't, it'll only eat away at you and make you miserable. Then that misery will spread to your friends, and that would be bad."

"I guess...alright! I'll do it! Tomorrow!"