Hey guys! It's been a while but like I promised, here are the omakes for Seven Days :) Hope you enjoy!


Oz sighed as he walked into the flower shop. Looking at the man standing next to him, he sighed again. "Gil-san, what are we doing here? What should I do if weird rumors start spreading?"

Gil just shook his head and laughed in response. "It's fine! There's probably a lot of weird rumors already!"

Oz bit his lip and shook his head. Gil had promised that they would go out at least once during the summer since their schedules weren't as hectic. But…Oz looked at the bouquets around him…the flower shop wasn't exactly his preferred date spot.

Almost as if ignoring him, Gil turned to the flowers. When he spotted some red and white ones, he turned to Oz. "Those red and white roses.."

"Eh?" Oz looked up on confusion.

"There're ten of them each right?"


"If you were to make a bouquet of ten from there, which would you make?"

Oz narrowed his eyes in confusion. "Ten?"

"Ten," Gil confirmed looking at him expectantly.

Oz glanced at the roses and back at Gil. Does this mean he wants them?

He quickly spotted the woman in charge and ran up to her. "Excuse me! Can I request a bouquet of ten white roses?"

He brought the bouquet back to Gil who was now staring at him in wonder. "What's wrong?"

Gil simply shook his head, his mouth as hanging open.

For an S&M mentality check, red is sadist and white is masochist. The more of the object there are, the stronger the inclination.


Gil let his head fall back as he sunk into the bath tub. "Ah," he said relaxed, "so tired today."

Suddenly there was a knock at the door. "Gil-nii," Ada said, "A friend from archery club is calling. Do you want to answer it?"

Annoyed at this sudden disturbance, Gil sighed. "Who is it?"

"Uhm," Ada blushed and went back to the person on the other end of the phone, "You are? Ah Oz-san?"

"Ah, I see. He probably couldn't get through my cell phone," Gil said, "Bring the receiver in here. I'll take the call."

"W-wha," Ada stammered.

"What's wrong?"

"No way! What do you want me to look at? You pervert!" She quickly opened the door and with her eyes closed, she threw the receiver at Gil. "YOU IMAGINABLE PERVERT!"

Gil sighed and rubbed the part of his head where the receiver had hit him. He held the receiver to his ear. "Hello? Oz?"

Oz gingerly held the phone to his ear in case someone else had decided to shout into the receiver as well. "Erm…that was?"

"My little sister…even though she looks like me, her manner of speech is really…"

He was interrupted by a female voice on the other ending yelling at him and threatening to open the door and letting him freeze to death.

Gil sighed. "To actually call her older brother a pervert…"


"That's right… I was bathing and told her to bring the receiver in. She actually said 'what do you want me to look at?' What's the big deal? What could she possibly see? Right?...Hello? Oz?"

Suddenly there was a paused and a wave of stammers. "So-so-so-so-"



"Eh? What for? Hello? Oz? Oz?"

Oz had dropped the receiver and fell limp onto his couch. How terrible! Terrible! Pervert! Pervert! Pervert! I'm such a pervert! He must think I'm weird…I hung up on him too… Oz leaned against the couch. How should I face him tomorrow?

Gil stared awkwardly at the receiver and set it aside. "What was the apology for? Is it about today? Huh."


There was a lot of activity in the school for graduation day. People walked in and out taking pictures, signing cards, giving emails and phone numbers.

In a staircase, Oz and Gil sat there while Gil steadied his camera. "Press! This is the last, Oz!" He showed Oz the picture which showed only him.

"Eh? That's it?"

"Yup. I took pictures of everyone so I'd have an excuse to print it all," Gil exclaimed, "exactly one sheet left for one with me. No mistakes!"

"Then I'll be careful not to blink."

Gil glanced at Oz who was now holding a poker face and laughed. "Since it's a souvenir, isn't it normal to be photographed with a handsome guy?" He grabbed Oz's hand and smiled. "Ready…!" Click.

"Hey," a girl asked, "have you seen Vessalius-kun anywhere? I want to exchange addressed but I can't get hold of him at all.

"Ah, that," another girl responds, "They say practically everyone tried to ask, but it seems impossible. He doesn't want to make the person he's dating feel bad so he just says 'sorry'."

"What? What's with that?"

"Frustratingly cool."

Sharon sighed as the group of girls squealed and walked away. "Only one week before graduation and they still want to date him? Ah..one week," Sharon smiled at the memory, "there was something like that! It feels so long ago… it brings back memories…"

"Ah, Sharon?"

Sharon turned to find herself face to face with Break. "Ah, Break. You were still here…"

"You're just standing here alone?"

"Haha, yup!" Sharon said with a small smile. She then directed her attention to a group of girls standing below in the plaza. "I remembered that I…had one special week too."

"Well that won't do," Break laughed and drew out a lollipop from his jacket and placed it on Sharon's hand. "Now," he took hold of Sharon's free hand and went down on his knees. "Shall we go, my dear?"

Back at the stair way, Gil peeked over Oz's shoulder, "What are you writing?" When Oz moved his head to let Gil see, Gil chuckled. "Oh no…shouldn't I be saying that?"

Oz blushed and chuckled along. He then turned his attention to Gil who was now looking at him affectionately. Gil slowly drew in and they shared a long kiss.

"Please treat me kindly from here on too."


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