In the other room, I could see the lights of the TV screen flicker across his face, his blank eyes watching the moving picture. I slipped in and sat down next to him unnoticed, and leaned next to him. "Len," I said, calling out to the young man.

He turned, dreamily slow, towards me and met my eyes. "Tei-chan!" he said my name, surprised, as his eyes came back to life. He reached out for my hands and I happily gave him them, and I drew him in for an embrace. Letting go, I kissed him lightly when the lights came on.

I looked at Len and saw that he was scared, and turned around to see who had turned the lights on, and found it was Miku Hatsune. "Yes?" I asked. I looked her over and saw that she was holding a knife.

"I was going to ask where Rin was, but it seems that there is something in my way," she said darkly.

"And what would be that something?" I asked, then realized what the only reason she would be carrying around a knife and asking for Rin. I stood up and took a defensive stance quickly. "That something would be me, right?"

"What is she going to do with Rin?" Len asked, sitting up.

"Not to give her flowers," I told him.

"Perceptible brat," Miku said, gripping the knife and lunging at me. Unarmed, I dodged and tried to trip her, to no avail.

"Len! Run!" I yelled to him, and he followed. I turned back to my fight with Miku and noted she did not waste her time while I was dealing with Len. She stabbed me in the abdomen, which caused me to buckle and kneeled over. The wound would cripple me for some time, at least until I could get to a medical kit.

I looked back up at her and saw her walking after Len, leaving me for later. I stood to go after her, but I staggered and had to lean against the wall. That was okay, for now.

Before I knew it, I had lost both Miku and Len in this maze-like mansion the Vocaloid crew bought for vacation. The bleeding had stopped, and I could walk without leaning against the wall, but the wound still hindered my ability to walk.

One thing that bothered me was that although I could walk around the mansion for hours on end, and simply could not find any of its residents. After an hour though, I saw someone else wandering about, seemingly aimlessly. It was Meiko's husband Kaito, messing with his phone.

"Kaito!" I called. He looked up and saw my gory self and ran toward me, only to slow down midway and resumed walking normally. Must've thought I was Miku and was disappointed that it was me, I thought. "Can you help me?"

"You look just fine, being the villain. I should end you as I'm the hero Urotander," he said proudly.

"Granted that I wasn't nice in the past, things have changed."

"Not by much it would seem."

"My insufficient injury aside, Rin is in danger," I told him plainly.

"I don't think someone with that large of a wound could possibly put her in much danger," he joked. He didn't believe me.

"I'm not the one who's putting her in danger."

"Are you saying that Miku's the one out for her life?" He doesn't get it.

"Len would agree with me on that."

"Of course, that or be cursed with nightmares."

"Rin is going to die and you're going to let Miku slide by just like that. Either get it through your damn skull that I'm not joking or watch as we are going to be leaving this place one by one on ambulance rollers," I said to him, and staggered on, not letting my search for the Kagamine twins be delayed any further.

"She's not the villain here, you are!" Kaito called after me playfully. I would shoot him down out of annoyance, but then I'd be caving in to him, so I ignored him.

Eventually I began to hear the twins, scared but not frantic, so I guessed that Miku hadn't shown up yet. Sometime between the idiot Kaito and now, I had found a first aid kit and patched myself up. The wound felt deep, but it fortunately did not reach my back.

Turning the corner, I saw the two relaxed, leaning on the balcony rail looking out into the sunset. Miku was nowhere to be seen, but she would be here soon enough. I walked toward them, looking down each hall I passed for the knife nut, and when I was a short distance from the twins, I called out to them.

Rin, surprised, turned around quickly, but relaxed when she saw me. "Oh, hello Tei-san. Did you come up here to see the sun set?" Rin asked.

"Yeah. It's good to watch a rare occurrence such as a clear October sunset," I said. She turned back and smiled, and I limped the rest of the way to the rail.

"Can I join you?" she said, and the three of us spun around. Miku approached us, and I slid away from Rin to allow Miku take the place between us. That way if she tried to attack Rin, I would be able to save her, and if she attacked me, at least Rin would be able to escape.

"Sure," I said. she wasn't holding the knife, so either she didn't have it or hid it on her person. "You also come to see this beautiful day come to a close?"

"Yes. Beautiful days end with peaceful nights, right?" she said.

"That is true."

The sun turned the blue sky a dazzling orangish red and yellow, before fading to a deep violet and finally royal blue as the stars emerged. I was so absorbed by the beautiful scenery that I didn't notice Rin head to bed or feel Miku grab me by my ankles and haul me over the edge.

The stars suddenly moved upwards, and I realized what Miku was doing, reflexively reached over and grabbed her arm. "Miku!" I yelped. "What are you doing?"

"Getting rid of competition. Especially when I know that you take extreme measures to get him to like you, so it's really just like retribution," she told me, reminding me of my violent attempts to get Len to like me. "Heck, you even tried to kill Luka just because you thought Director was even interested in human-like artifices like us. You were given a second chance as Tei Sukone, or 'Healthy Sound' as the English translation states, but you again went yandere, this time for Len. You'd do better with a name that meant 'Lethal Bug' or something similar."

"Who gives a damn about the meaning of names anymore? If it isn't something they automatically considered a title, they'll consider it the same as a given or family name!" I said in attempt to sway her from the idea of dropping me. I was scared for my life, and I wished she'd think of some other way to win Len over. I wished I thought of a different way.

Tears began forming in my eyes, and I let them flow to show that I was at her mercy. "Tell me something, did you tell anyone that I was trying to kill Rin?" she asked.

I looked down. "Kaito," I answered. "No one else."

"Did he think it was a joke?"

"He sounded like he did, but I don't think he really did."

"Say it. Say it loud and clear."

"I'm sorry."


"I'M SORRY! I'M SORRY!" I repeated, tears racing down my cheeks. Miku reached back and pulled out the knife. At this point, Len had returned from god knows where and saw Miku with the knife and ran to the balcony.

"Grab my hand!" he told me, reaching out for me. I started towards him, but then realized that if I did reach for him that she would haul him over the side and shake him until we let go of each other. There was no escape of falling to my death.

Miku brought the knife within cutting reach of the knife. "Good night Len and Rin, Director, and Kaito. And Miku," I said, looking up at her. "I'll see you in Hell." I looked at Len and gave him one last smile, then let go.

"Tei!" Len shouted, then turned and ran back into the building. Miku smiled, looking down on me, then began laughing. I laid back and relaxed my muscles.

Oh, sweet October, why must your wind be so cold?


"Tei!" I called, seeing her lose her grip on Miku and fall. I ran to the stairs and flew down them, past a startled Rin. When I hit the ground floor, I dashed toward the door and soon I was outside. Wasting no time, I ran down the mountain path and found a small trail that I used.

I was too late, though, and was stuck there panting looking over Tei's splattered body. The lights in her eyes flickered, and I kneeled down to see better when the eyes slowly looked over at me. "Len," she said faintly.

"Tei," I said back, picking up her almost detached head. "I wish I could do something, but this is the end, right?" I started to choke up, and it began to get hard to hold her.

"Let me go, Len. It's over, she's won. She's won because I'm the villain, and the villain always loses," she said, her voice cracking before the lights faded from her eyes. Her head slipped out of my hands and out of my reach, and rolled down the trail until it was stopped by a low bump on the side of the trail.

I stood silently and turned to walk back, my back slightly hunched. I took several steps before looking back. I could barely keep myself from bending over and crying. Tears blurred my vision and pain lurched from my stomach. I could barely stand, and I dropped to my knees.

"Why, Miku? Tei? Why were you fighting? Was it me? Did you both love me? Then why did you two try to kill each other instead of share? Can't anyone share another?" I thought aloud, and coughed as I tried to take a breath. Why don't I just take myself out of the equation then? I asked myself. That's a good idea!

Suddenly something plunged into my back, tearing through my right lung, and by the weight of the object, which I could only think of the knife that Miku had, knocked the breath out of me and pinned my weak body to the ground. I instantly wanted to take back the statement I just had, but I don't think it works like that.

I lost feeling as my body died, and it would only be a matter of moments before destiny's cruel cogwheels will be fully set in motion. I hoped that no matter who survived in the end, it wasn't Miku.