It was an island. Or an archipelago really. Bruce owned one of the bigger ones, had a 'small' beach house on there and everything, so it stood to reason that Blaise might own another. After most of Gotham's wealth did.

The tracker in my belt and the one in Starfire's directed us to the farther end of the chain of island. A medium sized one, I guess. From the air, we could see it had its own airplane hanger, and dock. And a mansion. Well of course. He'd want to be comfortable when he raped the sirens, wouldn't he?

"X, you still awake?" Batman asked.

There was a brief moment before. "Wazzit?"

"Go to bed."

"I'm awake," he slurred.

"X. That's an order."

"I'm awake," he repeated. "What do you need?"

Batman sighed. "He's just like you, stubborn as all hell," he muttered. "X, I need you to hack city records. There's should be an entry worm for you."

"Found it."

"Island J-16. Nixon archipelago. I need building schematics, anything you can find."

"I'm on it… rerouting information."

Batman nodded. "Really, he's come in handy," he said to me. "We need someone like him at base camp."

"Maybe you should mention that to Babs," I said. "She'd be good at this too, you know. Probably even pre-empt you."

"Don't push it, Dick."

"She needs to feel useful, Bruce. You make her feel inferior. Hell, you make everyone feel inferior."

"Save it. This is for us to work out."

"Butting in is what I do best," I cheeked. I looked at the information Tim was sending through the console in the batplane. "Little security I can see in the blueprints. Nice little mansion, private airport. Servant's quarters. That's it. Let me run a heat seeker sweep." Batman circled over the island again as I ran the sweep. "Okay. Lots of signatures. A whole bunch in the servants quarters, guessing those'll be his other controlled girls. If we avoid that, we'll be okay. A lot of signatures around the grounds, approximately twenty, and we have six in the main house. Star's in there, she flares hotter than normal. Plan?"

"Go in, take back what's ours."

I smirked. "Good plan."

You know, I'd never actually admit it to Batman, but there are times I do miss fighting alongside him. Don't get me wrong, the Titans are amazing as a team, or even individually. We work well together, but Batman and I?

There's no need to speak. No need to think. I read his moves, he knows mine. I don't have to watch him like I do with Cyborg or Beast Boy or any of the other Titans, to know his next action, to know an appropriate response or weapon to reach for or tumble to do.

I'm just aware.

My every action is designed to compliment his. Whether it's a leap, a twirl, an attention drawing laugh. I'm the distraction, brightly coloured, eye-catching, fast enough and agile enough to keep from getting caught. Look at me attitude when the takedown comes from him. The fox to his hound. He's the dark avenger. I'm the circus freak that likes the attention of the limelight.

Doesn't mean the takedown won't come from me. I get my fair share of that too.

Dynamic duo. We haven't been that for a long time. But you never forget. It's ingrained. It's an 'always'. A forever deal. No matter what.

Tonight, Batman decided he wanted Blaise to know he was coming for him. Kind of happens when you land the batplane in the middle of the airstrip, the engines roaring loudly. He wanted to make a noise, make a scene. I'm always more than happy to put on a show. There's a time and place for everything. And it's time.

The energy readings I'd picked up were men enthralled by Blaise's serum. We hadn't brought enough gas pellets from them all but it didn't seem like Batman minded. It's about the show of power. Create a sense of fear. Increase the anticipation of it all.

Oh, Blaaaaise. Batman's gunning for you. Be afraid.

The takedown.

Batman strode through the centre of the chemical addled testosterone rushing toward us. His cape flapped behind him, adding to the malice. Any who approached Batman were clobbered by an uppercut to the jaw, a powerful blow to render them inert. Me, I was bounding around him, leapfrogging on top of shoulders, to twist and knee another in the chin on the way down. Kick to the back of the head. Double kick to a stomach as I'm flipping backward. Laugh and dance around. This is fun, after all.

I held onto my gas pellets because I'm fairly certain the ruckus we're creating was going to wake whoever was sleeping in the servant's quarters. We don't like to hit girls if we can help it, the pellets will be used on them.

Chaos around us. Well placed smoke bombs or flash grenades to instil fear. Birdarangs and batrangs to disable those hands holding weapons.

There was a roar and something charged us. I spun, immediately twisting into a roundhouse to intercept. My foot whacked against a freight train. The shock jarred up my leg and I found myself swatted.

I hit the ground on my back and skidded before I flipped my legs over my shoulders and into a crouch as I looked up to see what hit me.

Holy fuck.


Well, really, I should have expected that. Poison Ivy and Bane do have this… 'thing'… occasionally. Possibly because her toxin and his venom are pretty compatible. But I digress.

Bane. Fucking Bane. Under Blaise's influence. Bane, now usually, he's an incredibly smart and skilled fighter. He's intelligent, devious, a strategist. But tonight? Roaring and snarling and swiping at Batman as if he just has no wits at all. Quite sad he's been reduced to this by some punk wanting to play a god. Still, Bane's got superhuman strength, if he catches us, it's going to hurt. My chest was already aching from his swat.

Bane's insanely bland today. No banter. No teasing. He's just swatting away at Batman as though he some sort of bug to be squashed. I watched for a moment, judging Batman's movements and whether or not I should help out. I need to take my cues from him, sometimes he just hated it when he's got a good strategy lined up and I waltz in and fuck everything up. Gas pellet would slow him down, especially if I could get up right up his nose or something.

'Kay, there's still a couple of brain addled guys rushing us, I'll take care of them while Batman deals with Bane. Knee to the chin for that one, thump on the back of the neck to this one. Oh, this one's just right to be grabbled by the shoulders and body slammed. Awesome, haven't done that in a while. Next!

Oh… crap…

"Here comes the rest of the harem," I called.

"Deal with it. Little busy."

Deal with it, he says. Okay. How many gas bombs do I have left? Ten. Headcount. Twenty women. I can't see Starfire anywhere. Nor Babs. Nor Harley or Catwoman or Ivy, they must still be up at the house. So, really, I only have six bombs. Which means I have to deliver what I can to a bunch of women at the same time.

So… smoke bomb. Grappling hook, stab the hook itself into the ground and release the line. Let's go fishing.

Acrobatics is second nature, like flying is for my Star. I was doing jumps and flips from the moment I would walk, somersaults as my father tossed me in the air, using my mother's arm as a trapeze to swing from. They taught me their way of life.

Batman taught me how to take their gift and use it as a weapon.

There are not a lot of people who are observant enough to notice the grappling hook rope trailing along the ground after a red and black flipping blur. I allowed them to catch snatches of me through the smoke screen as I cart wheeled and backward hand sprung in circles around them. Enough so they bunched together, coming after me as a pack rather than individually. None of them noticed the rope until it was wound around most of them and pulled tight.

Bundle of scantily clad women, all tied up together. There's porn in there somewhere. Into the mix went all five of my knock out gas bombs and they were all out before my smoke screen cleared.

I bushed my hands together before I turned back to Batman and Bane.

They were wrestling on the ground. Batman had Bane in a choke hold, his thighs around Bane's neck, with one of Bane's arms extended away from his body and held. It looked as though Batman was applying pressure to Bane's neck in the hopes of making him unconscious, only he was having a hard time, as Bane's other arm was free and smacking at Batman.

I could help with that. I raced over, tackled Bane's unrestrained arm and yanked it so it was straight. I had to wrap on leg over the top to have the strength to hold it still and planted both boots into Bane's shoulder and pulled. Both arms held Bane's wrist, my thighs around his forearm, a dangerous position with the potential of loss of children, but he needed to be restrained.

He stopped struggling, but that wasn't because he lost consciousness.

"Batman?" he asked. "And Robin too?"

Batman and I shared a look, but neither of us were ready to release him just yet.

"What did I do to warrant such treatment?"

"Ahh… you attacked us."

"What's the last thing you remember?" Batman asked in a graveyard voice.

"Dinner with Ivy, we were discussing toxicity levels in the Amazon... then a lot of anger and rage… have I been drugged? Ivy… did she do this to me?"

"You could say that and it wasn't Ivy," Batman said, then nodded to me. I released him, planted two hands behind my head and flipped to my feet, backing away and watching closely for any sign of deception and Batman slowly untangled himself for Bane.

Bane sat up and rubbed his neck. "What's going on?"

"Some prick's passing himself off as Eros, the god of love," I said. "He's got himself a harem of women, Ivy included, and a bunch of guys he's turned into nothing but brainless muscle. He uses some sort of chemical to keep them controlled."

"I see," Bane said and stood, towering over both Batman and me. "You will require my assistance then."

Again, Batman and I shared a look. I shrugged. Probably wouldn't hurt, Bane really was the only one who could handle Poison Ivy if she went all toxic on us. Besides, more muscle, another target. Couldn't hurt.

"He's holding five girls," Batman instructed. "They'll be gunning for us. I have an EMP that'll knock out the delivery mechanism they've had to ingest, but it'll take a few moments to go off, maybe longer until the drug's out of their systems." He narrowed his eyes. "Don't hurt them. One of them is on our side and if she sees you hurting them, she's liable to rip your head off your shoulders."

"With one hand," I added.

"I want the dick who did this," Bane said. "Not the girls." He gestured the gaggle of women I'd knocked unconscious before. "Unless they're all wearing that."

I smirked. "They are."

"Then, they can do what they like to me."

Batman snorted. "Let's just go."

It was a little easier with Bane. He kicked the door of the mansion down. It splintered, forcing itself into the foyer and crashed against the massive staircase in the middle of the room. Batman took the left, I took the right, Bane stood in the middle of the foyer.

The right was a sitting room. Sofas, a bar complete with various sorts of alcohol. A large portrait over a fireplace. Those sorts of things. It all looked quite tacky, like someone trying too hard to appear rich by having things that usually screamed money, but having other objects that just didn't match. Like the Faberge egg collection and a tiger skin rug.

Through a door at the back of the sitting room was a small office, similarly empty. Nice computer, tacky looking desk of a try hard. Next door was a pristine kitchen, pots hanging from a ceiling that didn't even look like they'd been used. Empty, empty, empty.

I charged back to the foyer just as Batman arrived. "Clear."

Batman looked up. "Must be upstairs."

I charged up the stair, three at a time, taking the stairwell to the left while Bane and Batman went right. My shoulder blades were tingling again. Something was wrong. Everyone in the house should have heard the door being kicked off its hinges, or the battle that had raged outside. Blaise should have sent his sirens to investigate, that would have been the smart thing to do.

Unless he's already slipped off with them.

Starfire and Babs better be here, unharmed. Or there would be hell to pay. I kicked open the first door I reached. I heard Batman doing the same on the opposite landing.

Bathroom. Empty. Fuck.

The next door got the same treatment and I got the shock of my life.

All five of them, sitting on the floor, playing cards. Poker by the looks, they had a bunch of chips in the middle and Harley looked to be in the middle of a bet. Starfire was showing her cards to Babs, while Babs whispered in her ear. Catwoman lay on her belly, her legs bent up behind her while Poison Ivy sat crossed, Harley's feet on her lap.

Starfire lifted her head and beamed happily at me. Babs smiled and waved. Catwoman peered over her shoulder at me and said, "About damn time."

Ego deflate. No damsels in distress that needed rescuing.

Blaise was strung up on the bed, bound by vines and gagged. He seemed overly eager to see me. Poor guy, covered in scratches and starbolt singes and round hammer blows and bound up by stinging nettle. I felt so sorry for him. Idiot. What did he think was going to happen?

I crossed the room quickly and crouched beside Starfire, cupping her cheek with my hand. "You okay?"

She rested her hand on my neck. "Of course."

I turned my head, running my eyes over Babs, lingering on the bandage on her stomach as I checked to see if she'd started bleeding. Hard to pretend I didn't know her, but I had to protect her identity from Ivy and Harley. "You, miss?"

She took the hint. "I'm fine. Cold, but fine."

I unclipped my cape straight away, wrapping it around her shoulders as I lifted my eyes to Catwoman. "You?"

Catwoman studied her fingernails as Batman appeared in the doorway behind her. "Suitably avenged."

"Catwoman?" Batman asked, Bane filling the space behind him.

She peered over her shoulder at him. "Hello, handsome. You're a little late on the rescue front."

Harley pouted. "There's a man for all of ya, where's mah puddin'?"

"You don't need him," Ivy said with a scowl.

Babs shivered beneath my hand. I offered her my hand to help her up. "We should find you something warm to wear." I lead Babs into Blaise's walk in closet, out of sight of the others and enveloped her in a bear hug. "You okay?"

She patted my back. "I am. Nice to know you were worried. Now, hands off the goods, mister, I can see you eying off this outfit."

I chuckled and released her, but I kept her hands. "How's the stomach?"

"Hurts like hell," she replied. "You're pretty wiry when you want to be, but thanks for taking it easier on me."

I blinked. "You remember?"

"Fought it all the way," she responded. "Whatever changes he made to make it a serum, it didn't stop memory. He's lucky he's alive."

I nodded, very. "How'd you get free?"

Babs went pale. "Don't ask. Really. Don't ask." She shuddered and held the cape closer to her. "Still, you can thank your Starfire for that."

I stole one of Blaise's coats and held out to Babs. She slipped off my cape and allowed me to help her into it. I scooped up my cape and clipped it back on as we walked out of the closet.

As it turned out, Starfire thought that since she could remove the delivery device from her own stomach, she could do so from the others. And since Poison Ivy wasn't as enthralled as she appeared to be, they'd teamed together to pin each of the girls and, in ways I am not even going to think about, extract the device and return them to their normal selves.

Poison Ivy couldn't leave Harley in a place like that, just as Starfire hadn't been able to leave Babs or Catwoman. Can't really fault them for that. Loyalty is something they do well. I'm not sure I liked the comradeship the five of them were displaying. Boded ill.

Then the five of them had dealt with Blaise in a way that made him very eager to be captured and spill his nefarious plans. Really, basic, piss-poor nefarious plans. He just wanted a harem, or at least be a ladies man like Bruce Wayne, 'his rival', as he called Bruce. Money wasn't buying Blaise one, most girls couldn't look at his money past his personality, so he decided to make one. Since he'd had the common infliction that most males in Gotham have to deal with, he decided that he wanted to have Catwoman in his harem, as well as Harley, and Ivy and Batgirl, and since Starfire was a new addition to the femme fatales of Gotham, why not go for her as well, after all, five is better than four. He'd spent the first few nights perfecting his serum on hapless women and men and had them steal an assortment of things, like the tiger rug I'd seen in the sitting room, and components for his delivery device and a few more odds and ends. No wonder we hadn't figured out a pattern, there really hadn't been one, it was just things Blaise wanted.

As lame ass plans go, that has to be the lamest.

The master chemist, bowing beneath the might of testosterone.

Tim had called the coast guard and lodged an anonymous call via the Batman signal to Commissioner Gordon, detailing that a villain had been captured and sent the location of the island. Then, Batman, Starfire, and I just so happened to turn our backs and Harley, Poison Ivy and Bane slipped away on the boat Blaise had used to transport them to the island in the first place.

After all, they hadn't actually committed any crimes for the moment. They'd helped out. We could afford to be lenient.

Well… I'll admit, it could have been that Batman was busy being distracted with Catwoman and her kisses and I was busy making all the chemicals were destroyed while Babs and Starfire made sure all the women were warm by raiding Blaise's closet.

After destroying all the serum we could find, along with all the chemicals, we hung around long enough to make sure all those recovering from the chemical knew what was going on and that they would soon be picked up and transported him by police. Catwoman and Babs crammed into the back of the batplane while Starfire lifted me into the air, hugging me to her chest and raced the batplane back to the penthouse.

I bundled poor Tim, already half asleep, off to one of the bedrooms and tucked him in while Starfire went into the bathroom and a few moments later I heard water running. Batman and Catwoman were practically joined at the hip and off to his room, and he claimed Starfire and I were like rabbits.

I was tired, but too wired to sleep, and I think Starfire knew that. I made a few notes on the computer, copied the video of Starfire and Catwoman to a secure location and deleted any other copies from record, powering it down when Starfire came out of the bathroom to drag me inside. She'd drawn us a bath. With bubbles.

I raised an eyebrow at her as she reached for my belt, then mask. "What are you doing?" I asked.

"Assisting you in the relaxation process," she claimed.

"I can undress myself you know." She looked a little hurt and backed off, turned away. I grabbed her wrist before she could leave. "Where are you going?" I asked. "I'm not getting in a bubble bath without you in there. So get naked already," I finished as I pulled my shirt over my head then took off my boots.

The water was nice and warm. I couldn't help but sink all the way into it, putting my arms up on the edge. I watched as Starfire lowered herself in, sitting down the other end. I reached for her, grabbed her wrist and yanked, spinning her at the same time so she was seated in between my legs and her back was against my stomach. I curled my arms around her. Her red hair floated in the water around us, she has so much of the wondrous stuff. "That's better."

Starfire giggled and rested her head back against my shoulder, allowing me a nice view of the wonders of water and buoyancy and how bubbles placed just right can increase the sense of erotica. I stoked her stomach with my hands and kissed her wet neck. "You did good today."

"Oh." She sounded relieved.

I kissed her ear. "As your leader, you did good. You were clever, you formulated a solid plan, stuck by your decisions and you followed through. You weren't injured and everyone was rescued. Well done. I'm proud of you."

"Thank you, Robin."

I squeezed her. "As your boyfriend, please don't scare me like that again."

She placed her hands over mine. "I apologise for worrying you, Dick."

"I'm sorry. I know, I'm overprotective."

She giggled. "You would not be you if you were not overprotective."

I smiled and kissed that little spot on her neck that always makes her shiver in delight. She snuggled down in my arms and I tilted my head back and rested it on the tiled wall. We floated for a while, I stoked her ribs and belly with my fingers and she ran the tips of hers up and down the inside of my thighs. I was mildly aroused by it but not enough to prod and poke her in the back, especially since her actions weren't designed to be sexual, more of a reaffirmation of touch. Tamaranian bonding. I liked it.

Nice being in the bath with her and know it won't go anywhere. Well, it could, I suppose, mutual hand jobs, but I really wasn't in the mood. I'm sure I could be put in the mood very easily but it seemed Starfire wanted to be snuggled up and close and that was fine. The bath certainly was relaxing. The tension just sort of seeped away. We'd both sleep well tonight.

I lifted my fingers and dripped water on her shoulder, watching as the droplets dribbled down her skin and back into the water. Starfire sighed and repositioned herself on my chest, closing her eyes.

I nibbled on the top of her ear. "Hey, Star?"

She roused. "Hmm?"

I kissed the spot just behind her ear, gave it a little suck. "Why don't you wear jewellery?"

"I do," she mumbled, sounding sleepy.

"You do?"

"My armband is jewellery. As were my gems in my other uniform."


"Did you mean something specific?"

"Um… earring, bracelets, rings, necklaces, that sort of thing."

"Piercings can be ripped out," she said. "Rings do not survive my starbolts. And I do not have any wrist or neck adornments."

"If you had some?"

She opened her eyes and gave me a shrewd look. "Why?"

"Just checking there wasn't some sort of cultural reason why you didn't wear jewellery," I evaded.

The shrewd look didn't vanish. "I see."

" I… ahh… shoot." Well, I was sprung thinking about it anyway. "I wanted to check that if I gave you something, it wouldn't have like another meaning on Tamaran. I don't want to make a social blunder or make you uncomfortable or something like that."

"Oh." She adjusted her head on my chest, half turning onto her side. "Well… truly, jewellery is not often given as a gift. Gifts on Tamaran between couples usually consist of weapons or armour or food."


"I like the Earthen traditions of courting, if that does the helping," she mentioned, her fingers running little circles on my chest beneath the water. "Tamaranian ones consist of you slaying the mighty glakglak beast with your bare hands and providing a banquet to impress my family. The amount of beasts you serve is meant to be proportional to how much you care for me."

"That doesn't sound good."

"It is a rather vile and tasteless beast. Besides, you should not worry about social blunders. Already Beast Boy has asked me to marry him twice and Cyborg has wished to become my personal servant. Even Raven has committed her share of questionable acts on Tamaran."

"Have I?"

"Of course," she said, laughing. "For every time I have committed the social blunder on Earth, as you have done if you were on Tamaran. Do not be concerned."

I wilted. "Great. What have I done?"

She tilted her head so that her forehead was resting on my neck. "You are committing one punishable by death right now."

I raised an eyebrow. "Being naked in the bath?"

"Touching their princess."

I laughed and kissed her hair. "They'd have to kill me a thousand times over for that one."

She giggled. "If I was truly concerned with anything you have done, I would have mentioned it." She frowned. "If you do the giving of a gift, how am I to reciprocate?"

"Sex is fine," I teased.

She smacked my belly, a little love tap slowed by water. "I am the serious."

"Gifts don't have to be reciprocated," I said. "That's why you give them. But if you wanted to give me something, well, those Tamaranian weapons sound interesting. Gifts are usually only for special occasions though."

She nodded. "As they are on Tamaran."

"Star, we don't need to do everything by Earth standards, you know. One of the things I love about you is how much you embrace your own culture. If there's something you want to do, tell me."

She sighed. "Dick, the majority of my traditions involve food or loud music or bell necklaces and I am already aware of the aversion it causes for humans."

Must be hard for her, she loved sharing who she was. "If it was something you wanted, I'd do it for you."

"Perhaps when I can control my strength better," she said after some consideration. "There are a few things you may enjoy."

"That sounds promising," I said.

We dipped into silence. Starfire cupped her hands under a bunch of bubbles and softly blew them into the air.

"So, you and Catwoman, huh?" I teased. "Should I be worried?"

"Yes," she replied. "Very."

I jolted. "What?"

"I am the hot for her," Starfire said mildly. "She and I shall invite you to the 'threesome', yes?"

I groaned. "Oh. God."

She giggled.

I ran my fingers up and down her bare arm. "You tease."

"I aim to please," she said. "And I know you were doing the thinking of it."

"Me? No. Never," I protested.

She giggled and gave me this look that told me she knew all my innermost secrets. "Did you copy the video?"


Starfire sighed. "Please, do not share it around. Catwoman was most distressed."

"And you're not?" I asked.

She shrugged. "It is just lip contact."


"You are the only one who transforms lip contact into kiss," she continued.

Well, that made me feel better. I hugged her and kissed her forehead. "Good." I sighed. "Tonight was kind of anticlimactic."

"How so?"

"Batman and I, gallantly charging to the rescue, recruiting Bane of all people to help our poor, defenceless damsels in distress, and you've already handled everything."

She reached up and cupped my neck. "Oh, poor Dick, was your egotism injured?"

"Yes," I mourned. "I wanted to be the knight in shining armour, but my princess rescued herself. Doesn't leave me a lot to do."

Starfire giggled. She lifted away from me, turned, gathered a handful of bubbles then pressed them against her chest. "Help me!" she teased. "I am trapped by the bubble fiend."

I laughed and proceeded to thoroughly rescue her from the fiend.

Not long after that, wearing only towels, I chased a giggling Starfire into the room we'd be sleeping. As I did so, I caught a glimpse of Bruce in the main room, staring out the window, so I slipped on a pair of track pants and a beater and asked her to give me a minute.

"Hey," I said as I padded over to him.

Bruce turned and nodded to me, then walked over to the bar by the wall and retrieved another glass, pouring a finger of scotch, which he handed to me. I raised an eyebrow at him and he shrugged at me. "They got rid of it all at the Manor," he explained. "Not here. But I'm not out to get drunk so one's not going to hurt."

I steepled my fingers over the glass, but didn't drink. Not yet. "Oh. Thanks."

"It's Selina approved while she showers," he continued.

I chuckled. "If you say so."

"Rough night."

I nodded. "Yeah. It was. But then it always is in Gotham."


I sighed and looked out the window. "I think it's time for me to go."


"Back to Jump."

"I see."

Didn't want to drag this out longer than I needed to. "You must be getting sick of us by now."

"You, yes. Starfire, not so much."

I snorted, then lifted my glass for a sip. "Dreading the massive amount of paperwork I'll have to do."

"Better get started on it then. You still making the switch?"

"Yes. It's time, I think."

Bruce nodded.

"Robin belongs in Gotham now," I said, then nodded to where Tim slept. "You might need it."

Bruce considered. "Not yet. I'd rather not put another one on the chopping block."

"Maybe one day," I agreed. "But in the meantime, it's time for me to grow up."

"I don't think you were ever really a kid."

"Probably not."

"Don't be a stranger, Dick," Bruce said. "Come back and visit and bring her with you. It's… nice having you around."

I smiled.

Bruce put a hand on my shoulder and gave it a squeeze. "And good luck with the switch, you're going to have every villain come and test you out. Don't hesitate to call for help."

"I have good backup," I said. "But thanks."

Bruce lifted his glass to me. "Cheers."

"To Jason."

Bruce nodded. "To Jason."

Author's Note: To Jason.

Let's just bring in all the criminals in Gotham I can, huh?

So, that's it for Beneath the Masks. Nothing more on this arch, I think I covered pretty much everything I wanted to and set things up for a sequel.

According to the poll, people would like a Dick POV fic, which involves the other Titans, and possibly involve Tamaran. Poor Red Hood didn't get much of a vote which surprised me since a lot of people asked if I was going to bring him back. Just warning you, if I do this sequel, there will be a major timeline shift, not sure by how much, depends on how I get inspired.

Anyway, as always, thanks for reading!