Author's Note: Here's my new story, I this one i'm trying some new things, so i hope you'll like it. Enjoy.

Chapter 1: Something New

It was a peaceful night as the moon shined brightly, illuminating of the world below. At Road Rover HQ peace was in the air as our favorite heroes relaxed and enjoyed their night. Inside Hunter and Colleen's room Hunter was found playing with his son. He was sitting on the ground, his son Christian was on a blanket laid out, playing with a couple of stuffed animals. He couldn't believe it has been two months since he was born, but things couldn't have been better. Having a child was a new experience for the two, but it was something that touched their hearts. It brought out something in them that the whole team never seen before. Their love was even stronger than before and it brought the both of them a new sense of peace.

He looked up to see Colleen walk into the room, walking over and sitting next to Hunter, "How's he doing?"

He smiled as he hugged her, "Just fine." They both looked down couldn't help but 'aw' as they saw their son hugging one of the stuffed animals. Hearing a knock on the door Hunter went to answer it. Once he opened it he saw it was Shadow and Sierra, "Mom, Dad," He said as he moved aside to let them both in.

"Hello you two," Sierra responded. "How is Christian?"

"He's just playing," Colleen responded.

They too smiled as they saw the sight before them, as they sat down near their grandchild. They kept looking at the child, amazed at how he looked just like Hunter, except he had blue eyes like his mother and golden brown fur. Just then Shadow picked him up and cradled him in his arms, smiling. "Such a handsome child, he's going to grow up smart and strong like his parents."

"We know," Colleen said.

Just then Hunter looked at the clock and saw it was time to find Christian before they put him to bed. He stood up, walked over to their mini fridge and pulled out a cool bottle. "Hunter is it alright if feed him," Sierra asked.

"Sure mom," Hunter responded as he handed his mother the bottle. Shadow then handed his wife Christian and she started feeding him. They all watched as the child's tiny hands held the bottle and drank from it.

Colleen watched as he son was so relaxed in her grandmother's arms, "You really know how to handle him mum."

"A mother never loses her touch," She responded.

"Perfect just in case we have to leave him in your care," Hunter said.

"You can count on us when that time comes," Shadow responded.

"Thank you," Hunter and Colleen both said.

Then another knock on the door caught their attention. After saying come in the door opened and in came Ariel and Axel, with his guitar strapped to his back. "Hey," They both said as they walked over and sat down.

"Hey," The four responded back.

"What's going on?" Hunter asked.

"Well we saw it was almost time for our nephew's bedtime so I figured I'd play something to help him fall asleep," Axel responded.

"That's sweet," Colleen said.

They then heard a small burp and looked at the baby to see him finished with his bottle and was snuggling into his grandmother's arms.

Axel then took the chance to pull his guitar from behind his back and started strumming a few of the strings.

"What are you playing?" Shadow asked.

"Just some random song that came into my head," He responded as he finally got the tune right. He then started strumming the strings as a lovely tune started to fill the room. He waited a few seconds then started to sing 'Autumn Lullaby'.

The sun has gone from the shining skies

Bye, baby, bye

The dandelions have closed their eyes

Bye, baby, bye

The stars are lighting their lamps to see

The babes and squirrels and birds and bees

Are sound asleep as they ought to be

Bye, baby, bye.

He paused as everyone looked at Christian, watching him yawn and seeing his eyes slowly start to drift. They all smiled as Axel continued.

The squirrel keeps warm in his furs of gray

Bye, baby, bye

'Neath feathers, birdies are tucked away

Bye, baby, bye

The robin's home is a nest o'erhead

The bees, they nest in a hive instead

My baby's nest is her little bed

Bye, baby, bye.

He strummed the final string and he was finished, and everyone looked over to see that the baby was sound asleep. The sight of him was enough to cause a silence in the room. Sierra carefully stood up, followed by everyone, walked over and placed the infant into his crib. "That was a sweet song," Colleen whispered to Axel.

"Yeah, thank you for doing it," Hunter added.

"No problem," He responded.

They all silently watched Christian sleep inside the crib for a couple of minutes before Ariel spoke up, "Come on let's let him sleep."

They all agreed as they silently walked to the door and on by one left. Hunter and Colleen took a moment to look back at the crib, and with a smile left the room.

Somewhere in the U.S.

Inside a maximum security prison two inmates sat in their cell, contemplating ways to escape. One man in particular was sitting on him bed, plotting many ways of escape but scratched them as he soon found flaws in them. After coming up with nothing he made an irritated shout as he shot up and started pacing around the room. "Something wrong General?" asked his female companion.

He stopped as he faced her, "Yes there is Groomer! We're stuck in here and every plan to get out of here will never work!"

She stood up and walked towards him, "Clam yourself General, something will come up soon."

"Even if we get out there's nothing we can do since those pesky Rovers are still around! We're going to need a whole new plan to take them out, something that we haven't done before."

Groomer nodded, "We'll focus on that once we get to it but first we need to get out of here."

Parvo nodded also, "But how can we-" He was interrupted as their cell door opened to reveal a lone guard.

"You two," He said, pointing to them. "Are coming with me."

They looked as he pulled out a stun baton and moved aside for them to walk out. The two decided to cooperate and walked out of the cell. Keep the two in front the guard marched them down the small hall. They continued to walk for a couple of minutes, Parvo and Groomer whispering about what this could be about.

Suddenly they were grabbed and lifted off the ground, then thrown into a random room. The door slammed shut as the guard locked it. Once they recovered the two looked around and found themselves in a small bare room, the only source of light was one dim bulb hanging from the ceiling. They stood up as they gave a glare at the guard, "Hey what are you doing!" Parvo shouted.

The guard grinned and then did something that shocked the both of them. His image started to change, skin, figure and form shifted into something new. Once he was done what stood before them was a small reptile looking creature. "What are you?" Groomer asked.

"You'll find out soon enough," Another voice said from the darkness in the room. A chill rand own both of their spines as they turned to the source of the voice. What came into the light made their eyes widen.

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