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Chapter 13: Home

Sparks flew as Tanya finished welding together the components of the Sonic Rover's engine. Pulling up her protective mask she turned towards the cockpit, where Exile was, "Ok try it now!"

He nodded as he started up the ship and the engines started roaring to life. The now fixed engine also started up, both smiled at the sight of it, "Alright it's fixed!"

Exile walked out of the ship just as Tanya hopped off the engine, "Thanks comrade Tanya, now me and other comrades can finally go home."

"Thanks…I could do it without uh…your help," She responded.

"It was no problem, I like to help. Now come, let's inform other comrades of news," He said as they both walked out of the hanger.

Everyone could be found in the Rec room part of the Pond, all doing random things inside. Wildwing, Mallory, Hunter, Colleen and Ariel were sitting on the couch watching TV, all also having small talk in between. Off to the side Grin and Axel both were found meditating, a rare thing for the rovers to see Axel doing but were glad to see it was calming for him. And off at a small table Nosedive, Duke, Blitz, Krystal, Jenna and Shag were all playing poker. "Alright I call and raise twenty," Duke announced, with a sly grin on his face.

"Ri Rold(I fold)," Shad said as he put his cards down.

"Yeah me too," Krystal second.

"Me too," Jenna said third.

"I'm in," Blitz ended up said, pushing his chips in.

"I call too," Nosedive followed.

"Aright show em'" Duke then said.

"Ha, three of a kind," Blitz said as he laid down his cards, which they saw he had three Jacks'

"Not bad, But it's not your lucky day," He said as he laid his cards down. "Straight, try and beat that!"

"What! Ah man…"

Duke smiled as he turned and looked at Nosedive, "So kid what you have?"

"Uh…is this good," He said, pretending to dumb. They saw his cards and both were shocked at what he had.

"A royal flush! How did you do that?"

Nosedive laughed as he collected his winnings, "Hey what can I say, I'm good when it comes to cards."

"Alright that's it next hand I'm dealing, so you best keep your hands where I can see them!"

The others on the couch all heard what was happening and then started to laugh at it. "Man is he really that good?" Hunter asked.

"Sadly yeah," Wildwing responded. "He may look innocent on the outside but on the inside he's one mean card player."

"I still say he cheats sometimes," Mallory commented.

"That's yet to be proven."

"He cheats?" Colleen asked.

"That's what we all think," Mallory responded. "But we can never seem to catch him doing it."

"Like I said before, it's yet to be proven," Wildwing finished.

"We'll find out one day, promise you that."

"That's funny," Ariel said.

"That's my baby bro for you," Wildwing said.

Off to the side Grin and Axel held steady breaths as they meditated, Axel listening to Grins words. "How are you feeling friend?"

"Much better…this is really relaxing."

Grin then opened his eyes, as did Axel, "Then remember friend that when you feel that the weight of life has become too strong, do this and it will all be lifted."

"Yes, I'll remember that," He responded. "You know I can't thank you enough for helping me."

"I am glad to be of service to you friend."

Everyone in the room heard the door open and they looked to see Exile and Tanya walk into the room. "Your ship is all fixed and ready for flight," Tanya announced to everyone.

"Dah, everything works," Exile said next.

"That's great!" Hunter said.

"Looks like you all can go home now," Wildwing said.

"Yes, we can finally see our son again," Colleen responded.

"Yeah, I can hardly wait for that," Hunter second. "Alright Rovers lets pack up and get ready to depart." All the Rovers gave a smile as they all headed to the guest rooms to gather their stuff.

The Ducks all followed suit, only leaving only Hunter, Colleen, and Wildwing left in the room. After the last of them left Colleen then turned to Wildwing, "We would like to thank you for the hospitality you've given us."

"You're welcome," He responded. "And I also would like to thank you all for the help; you all know how to handle yourselves."

"Likewise, we also enjoyed working with you guys," Hunter stated.

"Plus…I would like to thank you most of all Hunter," Wildwing started. "The talk we had the other day really helped, and made me feel more at ease."

"What talk?" Colleen asked.

"Just a little chat we had while you and everyone else were gone, I'll tell you about that later," Hunter explained as he turned back to his friend. "Remember all leaders make mistakes at times, learn from them and it'll make you better."

He nodded while smiling, "I will, and thank you again." He extended his hand; Hunter did the same to shake it.

Inside the hanger, where the Sonic Rover was, the Rovers were loading their things inside with the Ducks help. Unfortunately Phil was there, still trying to talk the Rovers into things, "Oh come on you have to leave now?"

"Yes we do," Hunter responded. "My wife and I have a son we desperately want to see now."

"But can't you at least hear out what I'm thin-"

"Phil like I said a few days ago, no" Wildwing ended up saying. "They already have a lot on their plate and they don't need you to add more."

"Oh come on, why don't you-,"

"No!" the two leaders ended up saying together.

"Ugh, I can never win can i?" He began saying as he left the room, still rambling on.

"I would honestly hate to hear what he had in mind," Wildwing said.

"From what you've told me, I wouldn't want to know." Both of them ended up laughing.

After finishing loading their clothes Axel turned to Grin with a smile, "Man thanks for help."

"I am honored to do it," He responded.

"Also for everything you've done for me, I mean not only did you help me with my fear, but you also help me unlock my new power. Without it I'm not sure how things would have turned out."

"The actions we take in life can never really predict the future."

Axel was a little confused at what he said but it slowly started to come clear. "So you're saying that even without it, things could have still gone the way they went?"

"Yes my friend."

"Well either way I still thank you."

"Just remember something, don't let the weight of your life become too much or-"

"Else it will be my end, yes I remember. And thanks for teaching me meditation it'll come in handy when I'm stressed."

"Yes it will."

Just outside the ship Blitz and Nosedive were standing and talking to each other, both of them saying their own goodbye. "You know it was nice hanging with you all," Nosedive said.

"Ja, I can honestly say the same thing," Blitz said. "You all are an ok team."

"Thanks…it's been great," He spoke before a small silence was between them. Deciding to break it Nosedive spoke. "Look I also want to thank you for the talk we had, it makes me feel a whole lot better about myself and the team."

Blitz smiled at the comment, "Ja, glad it helped."

"But yet why did you help me, just curious?"

"Well…we're both a like in a way. We both weren't sure of our place on our teams and we were the person who always messed things up at times. I sometimes felt like I didn't belong, but still I kept in there and soon my path on the team was set and I didn't have to worry about all the past things. I can see that in you and I know it's not easy being in that position, so I did whatever I could do to make you stop thinking of yourself as a screw up. Just remember what I told you and everything will be ok."

Nosedive listened and slowly soaked in everything that was said and nodded, "I will and thank you again." Both of them then clasped their right hands together in friendship.

On the ramp Exile was coming down, only to be greeted by Tanya who was holding some papers in her hands. "What is it comrade?" Exile asked.

"I just wanted to uh…give you some basic blueprints for some of the things we created," She responded as he held out the blueprints.

Exile took them as he then looked them over with a smile. "Thanks comrade these will definitely come in handy…oh wait here." He then went back into the Sonic rover and after a minute came back out with some blueprints of his own. "Here these are ideas that maybe you could use."

Tanya also took them as she started looking them over, then grinned, "These are amazing! They will certainly uh…help."

"They will, best we help each other out the best we can. Plus it was good working with you."

"Same here," She responded with a smile.

Soon everything was loaded up and the Rovers and Ducks stood outside facing each other, to say their final goodbyes together. "It was great working with you all, it's good to know there are more heroes out there," Hunter said.

"Same here," Wildwing responded. "It's also good to know that we have allies to ask for help."

"Speaking of that we have something to give you," Colleen said just as Hunter started looking for something.

But what he was searching for didn't turn up at all, "Hey where is it? I know it was here a second ago."

Wildwing sighed as he looked over at one of his teammates, "Ok Duke hand it over."

He raised his eye at the accusation, "What…oh come on, now when something disappears you have to-"


He just sighed as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a large golden coin, the same thing that's on the Rovers collars, and handed it to his leader, "Come on I got to keep my skills up."

Wildwing looked at it, trying to study what it was. "Like I was saying," Hunter started. "That is a beacon, whenever you guys need our help on anything just activate it and we'll be there."

He smiled at the explanation and put it away, "Thanks, it's good to know that you'll have our backs. Plus we also wanted to give you something, Mallory."

She stepped forward and handed them a wrist communication, one of the same ones that they were wearing. "We made this last night."

"And if you ever need our help, just give us a call."

Hunter smiled as he accepted the item, "Thank you, again we were glad to have met you all," he said as he extended his hand.

"Same here," the mallard said as he did the same and they shook.

Turning around the Rovers then entered the Sonic Rover and took their seats. Hunter started everything up and prepared to lift off. He looked out and saw the Ducks were waving to them; he then waved backed at them as the ship took off and into the sky.

Couple of Hours Later

Smiles were on the Rovers faces as home could be seen off in the distance. All of them were excited to finally be back home, most of all Hunter and Colleen since they could see their son again. It wasn't long before they reached HQ and started to land into the hanger. Once they touched down Hunter turned everything off and everyone rushed out of the ship. Once they were out they were greeted to the sight of Sierra and Shadow, with Christian in his arms, all walking into the hanger. "Mom, Dad!" Hunter and Colleen both said as they ran to them.

"You'll alright!" Sierra shouted in joy as she hugged Hunter.

"We were so worried," Shadow went next as he hugged Colleen.

After breaking apart Colleen then took her son into her arms to hug him, "Oh Christian it's so good to see you again!" She said as joyful tears fell from her eyes.

"We missed you so much," Hunter said as he hugged him next.

"What happened, you all have been gone for days?" Shadow asked Just as he hugged Axel.

It took a few seconds for the two to calm down and for everyone to be welcomed back before answering. "We'll tell you in a bit," Hunter responded. "But let's see the Master first."

They all agreed as they all walked and left the hand and made their way to the briefing room, where the Master was located. He looked up at them as they entered, a smile on his face, "Finally, it's good to see you all back safe and sound. What happened out there?"

"A lot actually," Hunter spoke as everyone began to tell him everything that happened. Each one of them inputting their side of the story, when it was needed. As they finished the Master had a surprised look on his face.

"So you all made yourself some allies, didn't you?"

"Yes, and we're happy for it. Not only did we capture Parvo and Groomer but we also made friends."

The Master smiled as he nodded, "You all did excellent work, and even though we didn't have contact with each other you all still did a great job. You've completed you mission and even stopped another force from making things worse, you're good dogs Rovers, good, good dogs."

Turing to the others Hunter spoke up, "To The Power Of The Pack!"

Everyone, even Shadow and Sierra, all howled in unison, "AAAAAHHHHHRRRRROOOOO!"

After they were finished the Master said one last thing, "You are all dismissed Rovers, and Have a good night." After said was done he walked back to his chambers. Once they were alone the Rovers all walked off to celebrate on being back home, which included having a wonderful dinner together. Once they were done they all spent hours in the rec room doing random stuff. But at the end they ended up talking about their new allies. "So tell us more about them," Sierra said.

"Their interesting," Hunter began. "It was strange to find out there were more heroes out there and were glad to have their help whenever we need them."

Colleen, who was holding her son his arms when next, "It was interesting to learn how they work together and seeing them in action.

"Also good to see the kind of equipment comrades' use," Exile said next.

"Plus I think we all gained something from them," Axel went next.

"Like what?" Shadow asked.

"I learned more about Wildwing's leadership," Hunter started.

"I saw a little bit of my old self in Nosedive," Blitz went next. "I helped him overcome it."

"Thanks to comrade Tanya, We have plans for weapons we can have," Exile said.

"Grin taught me how to control my fears and stress when I have it," Axel then said.

They smiled as everything was said. "Plus I think they learned something's from us also," Jenna said.

"Yes, but also we all gained something out of this, something that we consider most important," Colleen started.

"Friendship," they all said at the same time.

"Going to miss them for now, but I know we'll see them again," Hunter said. "But for now, it's good to be home."

Even though the Ducks and Rovers parted ways for now they all knew that they were see each other again. One day it'll come but for now the Rovers we back home with their loved ones. And that was all that mattered for them.


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