Disciplineā€¦ that is what leadership demanded of him.

Sacrificeā€¦that is what his mother and people needed of him.

"Thomas?" Kenneth asked as his foot pressed down harder on the accelerator.

"Do it, get in front of Sophia's bus." Thomas tightened his hand on the handle bar as the sound of the bus's engine roared in his ears. He could faintly hear Isabel's sobs and sound of others comforting themselves and those around them as their time to meet their maker quickly approached and Thomas feels sorry for them.

As the bus passed hers he searched the faces of those he knew and cared for so well for the one that mattered the most to him, the one he so desperately wanted to see.

There! He sees her there!She looks desperately at him, pleading and praying for him, even though they both knew it would fall on death ears. The decision has been made, their paths now set in stone. But there was no other way he would prefer to die. Some might think he deserved it, maybe he did. But not her. Never her.

Finally they are almost face-to-face and he is fighting back tears that he was so ready to shed. But no, herlast sight of him will be him being a leader, a man. It's the least he could do for her. He sees her crying and his heartbreaks. "Mother, don't cry. Your boy is the leader you always wanted him to be." He is passing her, saying good-bye with his eyes, telling how much he loves her and how glad he is they made up before the end.

He has passed her and now he wants to rewind back time just to see one look, one more glance but that power is beyond him now. He can feel the missile coming and bows his head, praying to those they worshipped for forgiveness. He hears it before he sees it. A whistle, screams, the feeling of air bursting into flames. The bus jerking beneath him and he is flying, flying through the windshield, hell at his back and he is going through the air.

His body hits the ground but his body doesn't stop. Pain is shooting through out his body and he can barely moves when he finally stops by hitting a rubber wall. He lies there and weeps with joy as he hears her bus going though the portal. At least she would be alive and free. He opened sore eyes to see his bus burning, the tears quickly turn to those of sadness and lost. Turning his head he sees he has landed by a wall of tires and they are beginning to fall on him. Soon they are covering him from the president's sight, saving him. Moving each part slowly he discovers nothings broken. He won't die, not today. And that is something, besides Sophia's life spared that he is thankful fore.

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