He wouldn't stop running.

No, not even when the hounds were right behind him, their mouth filled with bloody, white bubbles and spume.

He just kept running.

The forest around passed him in a blur, being a green, brown and grey mess at the edge of his vision.

His feet barely touched the ground as he ran so fast.

He didn't feel the pain or the fear, he just kept running.

Yet, he stopped running.

I killed him.

He wouldn't stop swimming.

Not even when he was about to drown, ready to give up, he kept going.

Kicking and drawing deep, sharp breathes, letting the water wash away his blood, his scent.

The hounds wouldn't be able to trace him.

The icy water couldn't pull him underwater, the sharp pain and throbbing muscles didnt't stop him.

Yet, he stopped swimming.

All is lost.

He wouldn't stop walking.

He was too tired to run. He didn't have any idea where he was going, because it didn't even matter. If he didn't know where he was, then it would be harder to the others to find him.

The air around him turned to blue, the world around him fell asleep, ignored him.

Yet, he stopped walking.

How could she?

He wouldn't stop crawling.

He was too tired to run, too tired to swim, to walk...But he had to go on.

He couldn't stop.

He wasn't able to.

He hadn't heard or seen any sign of the chasers behind him for hours now.

But he still kept on crawling.

His knees bled, his hands were rip to the shreds.

Yet, he stopped crawling.

My life is over.

He wouldn't stop breathing.

That was all he could do. He was too tired to run, to swim, to walk, even crawl. He was too tired to do anything, too tired to loathe himself or the ones who had suffered.

Or her.

He was too tired to hate her.

He took long, panting breaths, and stared the fading stars over him.

He was somewhere very far, far away. From everything he used to be, from where he used to be.

He wasn't. He didn't exist anymore, not in the minds of his chasers. Not in his own mind.

Because he had no right to exist anymore.

He wouldn't give up. He wouldn't. She would rejoice if he did.

And he wouldn't give that pleasure to her.

This wasn't supposed to happen. Not ever, not to me. For all the people of the world, not to me. I'll return...I'll pray them to forgive me...for Merlin to forgive me.

Yet, he stopped breathing.