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Heat and everyone's in love. Her friends gushed about their new partners and start to lessen the time they share with Hazel. Hazel was fine with that, no problem. She could always spend her time at Palm Woods' swimming pool.

Actually, no; she doesn't live there. All she knew was that she could just grab a book and sit near the swimming pool. It was actually pretty nice; people talking, not so crowded and noises as she just shuts them out and sometimes even try to eavesdrop as she pretends to read her novel. Great fun.

Great fun until some group of guys decided it was fun to run around chasing some random blonde girl. She was pretty, it was just… Annoying. Hazel wasn't one for love, or flirts. The group of guys were like into this one girl. And for some reasons it really pissed her off.

The simple old Hazel; brunette-haired that she ties up loosely into a ponytail, small framed and really skinny but nice legs, classic baggy grey shirt that had a wide collar it even went down her shapely shoulders. She was wearing skinny black pants that seemed to follow the shape of her nice legs. Classic beauty.

After a while, her eyes kept tailing the group of four guys who were all smitten by the traditional cheerleader blonde beauty. But amongst the four guys, there was one who seemed the least interested in his friends' chase. He was brunette, too. Defined jaw. Short. But height didn't matter to her. It was his interest in the novel in his hand that held her eyes close to him.

They were reading the same novel. The Passage by Justin Cronin.

She smiled to herself, maybe she'll talk to him later.

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