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And he was right.

There were three girls and his friends; but this time they were with a fat dude with glasses. He seemed pretty cool, though. A brunette girl gave her a dirty look and she could tell it was a real dirty look. The blonde girl smiled at her, but she wasn't the same blonde she saw at the swimming pool. Another girl was American African. At least, she did look like one. "Elaborate," Logan said.

"Like I said on the phone, we're going to make a piano version of Nothing Even Matters. We can't do it without you, Logan Mitchell," a blonde guy said. He had a sweet smile. Then he turned to Hazel and introduced himself, "I'm Kendall Knight. Nice to meet you," then he pulled the cute blonde girl next to him, "And she's my girlfriend, Jo," she smiled and offered Hazel a handshake.

In the corner of her right eye, she could see the brunette hovering towards Logan and tried to kiss him. She wondered to herself if that was normal. Another guy came up to her and he was dark-skinned, but it was a nice skin tone on him and he was wearing a black helmet. "Do you like corn dogs?"

Hazel couldn't help but chuckle. "Sure do. Name's Hazel Lynne Blackwell. Born and raised in L.A."
The guy with the helmet turned to Logan, and Logan gave him a sign. No and never even try. "My name is Carlos. Will you be my girlfriend?"

Hazel was too caught up by the situation that was surrounding them she didn't even know what Carlos was saying until the word girlfriend. She could see Logan applying his palm to his face. But out of all that, she could see black dots.

Why the hell did she skip lunch?

She could hear one thing, though. "I didn't even get to introduce myself to her!"

Her eyes fluttered open and she could see… One, two, three, four, five faces. Who were these people again?

"You okay, Hazel?" A blonde girl pushed her up gently just so she could sit up. "You look pale."
Right. Jo. That was her name. "I'm fine, Jo," her words slurred. Hazel was wondering what was wrong with her. Why did she faint in the first place again? Right. She didn't eat lunch. Why did she skip lunch? Right. She went out with Logan to get some ice-cream. And that was all she had ever since breakfast. "Where's Logan?"

A blonde guy; whom she knew she hasn't talked to yet, answered, "I think he went with Camille. It's possible that they are kissing. You do realize how crazy Camille can be." Oh. So that was the brunette girl's name. Camille. "But what's puzzling is why we don't know where Gustavo went to, too."

Who was Gustavo? Hazel felt as though she was going to puke anytime soon.

The nice blonde girl patted her at the back and handed her a glass of water. "Here, I hope it helps." Jo was so nice to her. What was up with the other girl? The African-looking girl came up to her and smiled. "I didn't get to talk to you and just so you know, I'm Kelly. Pretty much assistant manager of Big Time Rush."

Hazel's eyes were pretty much half-lidded. "Who's Big Time Rush?"
As if on cue, the three guys – Kendall, Carlos and the other guy she hasn't talked to yet, but she heard one of his friends call him James so that was what she assumed his name to be – started to sing the words out. Big Time Rush.

Oh. OH. OH. So they were all a band. Including Logan. That's why he brought her to the studio. That's why they were talking about turning some song into piano version or something. It had all finally come to resolve in her mind. Her mind was more clear than it was earlier on. "You guys are pretty good," she smiled to the three but the smile disappeared quickly. "I think I want to go back to Palm Woods now."

This time she asked herself. What was jabbing at her heart when James mentioned Camille kissing Logan? It wasn't long until someone took hold of her arm before she left. Logan. The charming crooked smile. "Wait. You're not going without me."

Hazel was puzzled.

"I'm making you stay and listen to me sing."

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