"That all you got?" He asked with a sarcastic laugh.

"I wouldn't be talkin' that way if I were you," A dark haired, brown eyed man, who answered to the name of John, replied.

He spit out some blood onto the floor, which he couldn't see because of the blindfold, "Why? Do I scare you?" There was a tone to his voice that was almost frightening. There was no fear, and no pain… Even though he had been tied to a chair, being punched and kicked over and over for the past two hours.

John walked over closer to him, his boots making a knocking sound on the floor with every step. "You got a death wish?"

He shrugged, "Can I have a minute to think about it?"

John laughed evilly, "That's funny. You got one heck of an attitude."

"That's what six months of hell on earth can do to a person."

"If you thought that was bad, you outta know what we got planned for you now."

"Can't wait. Why don't you tell me?"

"Not my place to."

He nodded, "Oh yes, I forgot that you're just the intern, the newbie… or the probie, if you will."

John curled his hand into a fist and punched him as hard as he could.

He grunted, spit out some more blood, then laughed, "That all you know how to do? Punch and kick? You need to become more original."

"You mean like this?" John walked in behind him, wrapped his arm tightly around the man's neck, cutting off his ability to breathe.

He tried his hardest to suck in some air, but it was impossible. He was becoming unsure of whether it was dark because of the blindfold, or because he was losing consciousness.

"Get off of him!" Another man yelled as he entered the room.

John quickly released his grip, leaving the man gasping for breath.

"He was testin' me!" John exclaimed, "Practically beggin' me to do it!"

"Sometimes you are so stupid, I swear." The other voice was much more scholarly than John's. "Go into the other room."

John did as he was told and left the room.

The room was quiet. It remained that way for a couple of minutes. All that could be heard was the sound of someone walking back and forth, and… equipment?

"Sorry about him. He's a good worker, but he gets impatient sometimes and, well, we've been waiting for this moment for a while now."


The unidentified man walked up to the restrained man and slowly took the blindfold off. He smiled as his prey stared straight at him, seeing him for the first time, "It's nice to meet you face to face, Timothy McGee."

Tim spit out some more blood, right into the man's face, "Nice to spit in your face, whatever your name is."

The man remained calm. He wiped his face off with his sleeve, "That's not very nice, Timothy."

"Like I care, Jack."

"Oh, you will… And I told you before, my name is not Jack."

"And I told you before, I don't give a fu-"

"Enough!" 'Jack' moved over, revealing a TV on a small stand in front of Tim.

"We gonna have a date?" Tim asked, "I'm not really dressed for it."

Jack laughed, "You could call it a date… I know you love what you're gonna see."

"Nutter Butters?"

Jack shook his head, "Nope. Not even close." He walked up to the TV and pressed the on button. The TV was old, so it took a while for the picture to come up on the screen.

When it did, Tim automatically felt like vomiting.

Abby was lying on a bed, bound and gagged. John stood beside her, staring at her as she squirmed and cried.

Tim felt no relief from the fact that she, and John, were still fully dressed, for he knew what was to come.

Jack walked in behind Tim, leaned over till he was right next to his ear, and whispered, "You see, first I'm gonna let him rape her, then I'm gonna let him kill her, however he wants to… all while you watch. Then, Timothy, I'm gonna kill you."

What do you think? It's kind of short, but my first chapters usually are.

This could quite possibly turn out to be my longest story ever. As I write out the outline I realize that it's very detailed, so I don't plan on rushing anything.

I plan on adding new chapters about every other day. With my last story I did every day, and it got kind of difficult sometimes.

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