The Medallion

(A Beetleborgs Fan-fiction)


Chapter 1.

Jo's Sanctuary

Rain. Lightning. Thunder.

The thunder storm relentlessly lit up the late night to early morning sky. Rain continuously poured from the pitch black clouds and down into the valley of Charterville.

On the outskirts of town lies an old rundown building,a manor to be exact. The locals say that it has been uninhabited since as long as they can remember. The oldest or at least one of thee oldest buildings in town. At one time however it is said to have been by far truly a magnificent mansion,but unfortunately that was back in a time long ago,an since then long forgotten. Now however the manor is border line of being on the condemned list,with the Charterville town officials. Historical societies with in the town are constantly at war with each other. Officials claim that the building is unsafe,an needs to be torn down. While the H.S. is saying that the manor's foundation is still strong and stable,and the building needs to be left unharmed because it is part of Charterville's past history.

Hillhurst Manor,indeed is a building of great importance.

For unknown to the town,Hillhurst Manor is still inhabitant,but not of humans. The manor is now home to six monster's. Little Ghoul(a grim reaper type of spirit),Wolfgang Smith(a were-wolf),Franken Beans(a Frankenstein monster),Count Fangula(a vampire),Mums(a mummy) and the head of the Hillhurst Monster's Flabber(a magical phasm).

Strong winds ripped violently threw the trees that surrounded the manor. Heavy rain pounded against the many boarded up window's. The storm was showing no signs of letting up any time soon.

Meanwhile inside the mansion,all was peacefully quiet. All were deeply slumbering,...well almost the second floor,in the main master bedroom,three were asleep. While one tried. The room itself was one of the few that was still pretty well maintained. Despite what was happening outside in the harsh storm. The atmosphere inside this peculiar room was quite different.

In the far corner of the room,a fire place burned brightly. Softly warming the entire room. In the opposite direction was a fairly large double glass doors,that led to a small outside balcony. From within the room you could see the lightning flash across the night sky. Rain running down from the glass door,made a water fall illusion upon the three steps that led up to the door,from within the room.

Two Victorian style daybeds with red velvet cushions were placed against two opposing walls. Upon them lie two young teens. A girl and a boy. Not to far away from the girl,was a deeply snoozing boy. Bundled up within his sleeping bag,on the classic soft carpeted floor. His light brown skin barely visible against the firelight.

In the dead center of the room was a very large grand master bed. On each corner of the bed were long golden bed post. The posts at the head of the bed were slightly longer then the ones at the foot. Upon the post at the head lie two large crescent shaped moons,in the center as if floating were two round clear orbs. The orbs were mysteriously glowing a faint light blue. The posts at the foot of the bed were just like the posts at the head except ,for instead of crescent moons,there were two beautifully sculpted dragons. Each dragon had large spreading wings,their tails wrapped around the bed posts in a spiral manner. Their heads each had two sharp horns that pointed back away from them. The eyes of the dragons were embedded with large emerald green eyes. Both dragons each had the same orbs. The dragon on left post clenched the orb tightly in it's scaly clawed left hand. While the dragon on the right post,held the orb in it's right hand. They two were also mysteriously glowing.

The headboard was made of a very dark brown oak. Deep rich engravings of mother natures florals were beautifully displayed. In the center of the headboard was a huge nicely carved capital letter "F". About half of the headboard was covered. The bottom half,due to many pillows of various shapes and sizes. All of the pillows were ether a dark purple or a dark blue. Some pillows were velvet while others were silk. Many also supported tassels.

Silk sheets and a velvet blanket shaded a crimson red,lie loosely across it's sleeper. A very light snoring issued from within the bed.

Directly across on the right of the four poster bed,came the muffled cough of the only remaining one still awake. On one of the Victorian style day beds the young girl desperately tried to get some sleep. With her bright purple colored comforter,pulled up tightly around her neck and towards her chin. She pleaded with the powers that be,for the sandman to come and find her,and aid her to most deserving of sleep. Unfortunately her plea was not answered,which meant the sandman would not come. With much annoyance an grief,she hopelessly gave up trying to sleep. Partly opening her eyes,(and wishing that she hadn't,for the light of the fire was enough to split her head wide open. Even though the room was dimly lit.)she waited for her eyes to adjust. Lightning flashed across the still dark sky,temporarily blinding the young girl. Blinking her eyes she angrily thought,'The window! I just had to look out the freak-in window!' Trying to shake off the piercing pain that was building up within her head,she focused her attention away from the balcony door window,and towards her older brother Drew.

"Well at least one of us is sleeping.",she whispered to nobody in particular.

"I know just what you would say,if you knew how awful I really feel right now.",slightly smiling her mind raced madly back to past events of yesterday.

'You feeling ok Jo?...You look kinda pale and all. Maybe you should say home and rest. Mom doesn't have to know or anything. Besides she will be gone all weekend with Matt!...You'll have the whole house to yourself. An if you need me just call,you know where I'll be!',but Jo insisted that she was ok,that she might have a slight head cold but nothing more. Of course she lied through her teeth at him but it was only because that she had bein looking forward to this weekend for over two months,and she didn't want to be left behind.

Not only that,she really didn't want to be home just in case her mother and Matt would come home. Jo didn't mind being around her mother or the fact that she would have to explain why she was home and not with her brother an their best friend Roland. It was her mother's boyfriend Matt,she just didn't like him or even trust him. Jo lost her father when she was only 3 years old,so she couldn't really remember him. Drew spoke of him time to time and it was always in a good way,of how he always cared for them. Of how nice and kind he was to everybody. He died of cancer. Five years later she started seeing Matt. He seemed first,he made mom happy,after dealing with the loss of dad for the past five years. Matt seemed to be like dad,kind,gentle and even caring.

But I said seemed...didn't I?

Oh sure mom seemed to think he was her answer to dad. Drew even got along with him. At first so did I,but not now. For the past year she has noticed a change in him. A bad change. Not towards anybody else. Only her. An she didn't like it. Getting a little to close at times to her,and being a little to touchy. I mean accidents do happen,but not all the time. Not the same thing that just so happens,to happen the same way.

Close encounters with narrow passages between two people,where contact just seems to happen by quintessence,was no way an accident anymore. Nor is it a quintessence at how he just seems to look at her. It was things like this that she couldn't stand to take anymore. The 'Sorry about that.',or 'This way dear.',as he nonchalantly placed his hand upon her back,that always ended up one way or another down farther then intended. An every time it would happen,he's reply to my sudden fits of protest,would always be the same. 'So sorry sorry,you know it wasn' intention!',an at that precise moment he would give my dairy-air a most unpleasant squeeze. I guess that wasn't suppose to be intentional ether. I tried to tell mom about it just last weekend,but mom made it seem like I was over reacting.

"Over reacting?...HOW DO YOU FIGURE THAT MOM?",I remembered shouting to her. "He touched my BUTT!"

"OH,STOP IT JO!,It was an accident. You just said so yourself!"


"STOP IT JO!,...Just stop it. Do you hear ME? ENOUGH ALREADY!"

I was staring at her,my rage hot and boiling. I couldn't believe that she was getting mad at me. She was standing over by the kitchen sink,her back towards me. She couldn't even face me.

"Do you honestly think that I would make something like this up?",I remembered asking her,with a horse voice. Her back still to me.

"Answer me."

"Jo just please stop."

I stood there in disbelief,my arms folded,eyes stinging.

"Stop what?",I asked my voice low almost a whisper. "Stop from telling you the truth?"

No answer.

"Stop from telling you that,Mr. Perfect isn't what he appears. That he likes to in fact eyeball your teenage daughter like a piece of meat!"


"Do you really think,that he can replace dad?...He's NOTHING like dad!"

She spun around so fast to face me that if I wasn't already ticked off,she would have scared me.


I guess it was her turn to yell.


"YOU DON'T HAVE TO MOM,actions speak louder then words. As for you telling me I don't know dad?...Let's just say that I feel that I know him better than I EVER knew you!"

The silence was broken just as quickly as it came. As I stood there holding my stinging face. I wanted nothing more at this moment then to shout out the two words that were screaming repeatably within my head. Two words that connect to my most deepest of secrets. A secret that I have held within me for

over four years. A responsibility that I took on. A great power that I was entrusted to.

An to misuse it?

Was...totally...out of the question. So instead I resorted to using the only thing I felt that I had left.

"I guess there right,when they say...truth hurts...doesn't...mother..?",I forced the last word out,as my bottom lip quivered.

"How DARE DARE YOU JO!...How could you hurt me like this?",she was starting to cry. "You...have changed so!...You say YOU,don't know me?...Well I don't WANT to know YOU any...more!"

Before I could even try to respond she spun on her heel and was out of sight. I was left standing alone in the middle of the kitchen. Me and my pounding head,full of questions that had no answers.

"No mom.",I whispered into the stinging cold silence. "How could you do this to me!"

Later that night things did not improve. Matt came home from work hugged mom,(as usual),an winked at me from behind,(as usual).

For the remainder of the week things didn't get any better. My brother Drew yelled at me,for getting mom all upset,an didn't bother on asking me why I said what,I said to begin with. At school I just couldn't stay focused on anything which meant my grades were dropping. On top of it all,as a result of everything,I got really sick. All I did care about was this coming up weekend.

Two days and two nights,at a haunted mansion. Known as Hillhurst Manor!

End of Chapter 1. Jo's Sanctuary