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Let's make this moment worthwhile
Let's kill the night and go down with style

A dark chuckle rose from Zira's throat as they meandered through the elephant graveyard without a trace of fear. And why would there be fear? Scar had the perfect idea to overthrow Mufasa and get rid of the pint-sized shrimp that was his son Simba. No one ever came to the elephant graveyard due to the hyenas, but since Scar had struck a deal with them there was no reason to be wary of them.

Not for the duo, at least.

And it was here that they could map out Scar's plans for being king. Among other things, of course.

"And how soon do you believe you can get rid of the nuisances, Scar?" the inquiry came out more as a purr, her half-lidded amber eyes glancing at Scar to gauge his expression.

His own eyes were half-closed as well, a smirk upon his face as they meandered around the large dusty bones of the mammals that had died here. "Not long." Scar rumbled back, keeping his gaze focused ahead. He knew Zira was captivated by him and he loved to taunt her with it by ignoring her at times. "The hyenas may have failed but I have a back up plan..."

"Oh?" Zira's eyes narrowed more as he refused to indulge this plan. Well, than if he wanted to play she could as well. Hurrying her pace she circled aorund in front of him, a smirk making its way over her muzzle as he blinked at her in surprise not having expected it. "And I don't get to know of this plan?" she questioned.

"In time," Scar rumbled out again, running a dark claw along the length of her muzzle that caused her body to shiver. He let his paw fall to the ground as he walked around her, a smirk reappearing over his lips. "In time."

Feel the magic rise
We're plotting our demise