Title: The Tunnel of Love

A/N: So I finally decided to check the forums and I found this really awesome topic titled "The Official Cookbook For Happy Couples, Friendships, and Awkward Situations" where I was challenge by the creators to cook up this recipe:

Bake 1 full team and 1 Red Arrow in a dangerous, cave-related mission. Collapse cave and separate into sections. Toss one Robin and one Red Arrow together. Add injuries to Robin, and slowly whisk in one jealous Kid Flash.

In a separate bowl, mix one focused Aqualad and one impulsive Superboy. Meanwhile, place one Miss Martian and one Artemis in a deeper cavern. Soak in a pool of cavern water for thirty minutes. Remove from water and let wander into potential danger.

Lightly sprinkle each pair with a pinch of drama. Add fluff for taste.

Summary: Nobody wants to die with regrets. When the team and Red Arrow are caved in from a dangerous mission, they find themselves letting go in more ways than one.

Pairing: Red ArrowxRobin, Kid FlashxRobin, Miss MartianxArtemis, AqualadxSuperboy

Chapter 1: Drugs, Boys, and a Cave Full of Toys

On the nights the Young Justice had missions, and Batman was left to patrol Gotham by himself, he took time to think about his young ward, and the life paved out for him since birth. It was obvious to everyone who saw him work, that Dick Grayson, the famous boy wonder, was a natural performer. Unlike Batman, who preferred to stay in the shadows and leave a threatening reminder to the residents of Gotham's underworld, Robin was a diva. He enjoyed the attention, negative or not, of his foes and allies. It was almost as if he drew power from their awestricken stares and rage filled glares. Every twist and turn was for his audience's entertainment.

Some of whom, Batman thought disgustedly, were enjoying the show better than most.

Much to Batman's chagrin, it got worst after he met Kid Flash and Speedy, whose close age proximities drove Robin over the edge. He really should not have let such corrupting influences around his heir. The boy always did have a thing for red heads, and impressing the people he had a thing about. He abandoned what little modesty he garnered from living in the mansion and became a full blown, dare he say it, attention whore. As much as he loved the boy, he had to admit that Robin had a little problem with going overboard. Had it not been for his intervention, the thirteen year old would be strutting out his goodies in a skin tight leather outfit that would make the supervillainesses of Gotham blush.

Deep inside, Bruce knew he should have let that little experimentation slide. He would have let it slide if it wasn't for some smartass remarks Oliver and Bart made about the numerous girls dressing up like hookers to impress their adopted son/nephew. It occurred to him then (and after accidentally hacking into his little bird's emails) that Dick had a crush. On a guy.


For the first time in his career, Batman could honestly say he had no idea.

Sometimes, the thing he thought about most of all on these nights was how little he knew Dick. While Bruce Wayne probably knew more about his ward than all the parents in Gotham knew about their own kids, it didn't comfort him to know that Dick kept secrets. Especially a crush of all things. So, he did what any good parent would do.

He planned a diversion that would distract Dick while he looked inside his room.

Using his position as a Justice League Founder and the World's Greatest Detective, Batman expertly hacked into the league computer's mainframe to find the perfect diversion while he set off to search Dick's private belongings. After some extensive research, he discovered the perfect mission.

It was a small drug bust relating to the Golden Triangle of Southeast Asia. The team would be sent there for an informational gathering mission that would eventually lead to disaster (as it always did). Fortunately, the opium being produced in that area was of relatively low quality, meaning there was fewer guards compared to the other manufacturing locations. It was dangerous enough for the team not to be suspicious, but safe enough so that he wouldn't have to interfere.

Perfect, Batman noted as he drove back to the manor for his first search.

It was so not perfect, Robin screeched angrily in his head. What was suppose to be a low key mission turned into a full blown catastrophe in seconds. He should have known something was wrong when he saw Speed-or Red Arrow in disguised below. The guy was working undercover, for God's sakes! No went undercover for a simple mission. Apparently, one of the main drug lords was sent to check on the current progress of the opium production. Security was on a maximum high for his protection and when someone (either Superboy or Kid Flash, he didn't know who) tripped the alarm, there was hell to pay.

"Damn it," Robin moaned, biting back the pain that was threatening to seep through his words. One of the stray bullets had pierced his left arm, making it ridiculously hard for him to move. Fortunately, the suit was bulletproof to a degree, and his parents' drillings of one hand and no hand gymnastics really paid off in escaping further wounds.

He risked a glance at his assailants, only to masterfully dodge another onslaught of tiny metal monstrosities. Their foes were long past threats and negotiations, and devoted themselves to senseless firing. Throwing a smoke bomb would be suicidal, especially with no backup plan in place. Plus, he still had to plan a way to get everybody out of there alive. It didn't help that he had no idea where the others were, and their communicators were down. Wally was busy trying to locate an exit not covered with armed guards. Megan and Artemis were originally doing surveillance, only to be caught. While they escape from their captors, Megan was too far away for her psych link to work. From what he heard before the communicators went down, they were currently in an underground portion of the caves. Superboy and Aqualad, unfortunately, were all the way on the other side. If he recalled, there were armed guards on their side as well, so they had their own problems to deal with.

"Got any ideas?" Red Arrow asked by his side of the cave. He skillfully launched a few more arrows to bide time, distracting their enemies from their true locations. He was careful to avoid being seen and he could only hide the majority of the apprehension in his voice. Roy was there on an assignment for the government. He had been doing that lately, Dick noted. Since he cut off all ties from Green Arrow, and therefore, the League, Red Arrow had been doing some freelance work for the government, even turning it into a day job. It was almost ironic how badass, rebellious Roy Harper was the first one of them that ended up working for the man.

"Three," Dick replied cheerily, despite his perilous situation. "But Plan A requires me to nuke the capital of Thailand and Plan B needs the communicators to work."


"So I could call the League to save our sorry asses."

Red Arrow scowled, "What about Plan C?"

"I have to kill Kid Flash."

"I could work with that."

"I bet you could," Dick smirked. The firing had gone down and the sounds were a mixture of shouting Asians and running combat boots. He stood up, wincing as his leg throbbed. Shit, he didn't even notice it was sprained, or broken. He attempted to move again as the leg pulsated in agony. Nope, he smiled weakly to himself, it was only sprained.

The air was a little bit clearer as he observed his surroundings. There were too many and most of them were at the entrance. If he were to block off this entire passageway, their only issue would be to escape from the cave. So far, there had been no signs of life from the back and Superboy and Aqualad must have already taken care of their assailants. He had a few bombs left and the aftershock would affect the whole structure, especially a cave as old as this one.

The more he thought about it, the better the plan sound. They needed to keep the drugs in place and prevent further shipments. Even opium as poor of quality as this would be detrimental to their business, Robin thought strategically. They would send investigators and at the very least, the League would catch them. Plus, Robin thought with a smirk, the Bats don't die so easily. He dexterously threw a smoke bomb with his good hand, resulting in a cloud of disguise he truly needed. Attaching miniature bombs to his bird-a-rangs, Dick tossed them into opposite directions, landing on every side of the cave.

Oh yes, Dick gloated, this baby was going to blow.

Certain giddiness infected his body, as his head flew through the clouds. Perhaps it was the heaping of endorphins infesting his body or the distinct powdered opium poppy in the air that was making him so cocky.

Wait…opium poppy?

Robin whipped around to check on Red Arrow. If the opium was in the air, Roy was in trouble. Heroin was a semi-synthetic opioid drug that was derived from opium. Two years ago, when Roy was sixteen, he had dealt with a heroin addiction that lasted six months before anybody found out. Against his better judgment and Batman's disapproval, a then eleven year old Dick Grayson bought a hotel room for two weeks and stayed with Roy through detox. Former addicts were more likely to become addicted than first time users and the process of getting over it was twice as painful.

Dick panicked as there was no sign of the older boy. What if he was so high, he accidentally got himself shot? Or killed? Or worst-?

"You have so much faith in me," Roy said sarcastically from behind.

Not even hesitating to remember, Dick leaped into the older boy's arms. "I thought you were-"

"High as a kite? Sorry, I'm not a total idiot," Roy reminded him as he pointed to a simple gas mask that covered his mouth and nose. It looked specially designed so Robin could only assumed he had it made to avoid ruining his good looks. That vain bastard, Robin thought with a smile. He felt like pulling a 'hello Megan.' The eighteen year old specialized in narcotics. Of course he would remember to bring a mask for an opium mission. Robin only wished he could do the same.

"So you got a plan or do we have to go kamikaze on these sons of bitches?"

"Hopefully neither, or both depending on how you look at it," Dick said with a crazed grin. Oh hell yeah, he was so high. Roy raised an eyebrow at his response but didn't think to question the strange behavior.

"So what's the plan?"

"I blow this joint up."



"…Please tell me you are kidding."

"Nope!" Dick chirped. He literally chirped. Roy could feel his eye twitching at the reckless behavior. The crazy kid was so lucky he was cute or he would have slapped him silly ages ago. Before Roy could stop him, the boy wonder brought up his weapon of mass destruction to view, preparing to detonate the place.

"Laa korn, bitches!" Dick shouted in a justified, almost patriotic yell. He beamed at the red headed boy with the innocence of a doe in spring. "That's Thai for goodbye. You can use it in situations when you are going away forever."

And then, much to Roy's obvious exasperation, the blue eyed baby of the Young Justice team blew up the entire cave. The momentum disintegrated the walls of the caverns and caused the floors to give in. It wasn't long before Red Arrow and Robin followed the crumbled base's suit into the dark hole below.

Instead of fearing for his life, Dick swallowed in the rush of falling to his doom. Had it not been for Red Arrow's strong, firm arms gripping onto his petite body, Dick would later realized that he could have died. Roy swung his hand to get a grip on one of the rocks. It wasn't ideal but it was good enough so that he could climb down with little worries. He looked down at the now unconscious boy in his arm. Once again, he repeated the thought that remained in his head since the bomb.

"You are so lucky you are cute, bird boy."

At the opposite ends of the cavern, Superboy finished punching out the lights of his last attacker. Immediately, he was pulled away from the falling debris by his dark skinned teammate. They both watched as the towering spikes pierced their aggressors. It was too late to save them, but Aqualad refused to look further on.

"What's going on?' Superboy asked, confused at the ongoing events.

"I think we're getting caved in," he said solemnly.

"Are the others okay?" Superboy whispered.

Aqualad frowned, "I hope so."

Wally hoped for the same thing as he ran throughout the newly made labyrinth. He had to find the others, fast. Faster than fast. Faster than the Flash. Obviously, from the timing of the avalanche and the force it produced, it was definitely man made by a small, mechanic bomb. Most people in Southeast Asia used dynamite so he could only assume Robin held a part in it.

That was good, he thought. It meant his bird was still in control. Now, all he had to do was find his future husband and make sure Red-I-Think-I'm-Hot-Shit-Because-I-Have-A-Job-And-A-Crappy-Apartment-And-A-Hell-Lot-Of-Daddy-Issues-That-Make-Me-Stare-At-Blue-Eyed-Pretty-Boys-Arrow laid off his man. He knew he should have tried harder to partner up with Robin. After all, his innocent best friend needed somebody he could depend on and that was him. He was the Kid Flash, after all.

Don't worry, Robin. I can hear you calling for me and I'm here to save you, Wally confirmed.

Far beneath them, there was another duo that could have use the very help offered. Too bad they were currently forgotten.

"Can anybody hear us?" Megan yelled. She attempted to telepathically connect with the others but they were too far away for her to do so. Why did they have to be at the very bottom of the cave?

"Obviously, no one can. It's almost fitting, for a girl who doesn't listen to anybody," Artemis stated sarcastically. Megan glared at her partner, and wondered why oh why, did Kaldur assigned the two surveillance together? Didn't he remember what happen on their last mission? She even specifically requested that the two never be in the same room again. Kaldur must be a sadist…or have a death wish.

"Maybe if you tried something instead of being so negative, we might actually get somewhere," Megan snared back. She couldn't do this. She was stressed and scared and she wanted desperately to go home and not watch Artemis walk up and leave-What the hell?

"Where are you going?" Megan asked indignantly.

"I'm trying to get somewhere, like you suggested. I don't ruin missions with my own close mindedness. Goodbye Megan," Artemis mocked.

"We're suppose to stick together," Megan argued.

"Then you better move your ass and follow me because I am not staying here, waiting to be abandoned."

Megan fought the urge to stomp her feet and throw a tantrum.

Worst. Mission. Ever.

All the way back in Gotham, Bruce scavenged through the countless possessions of Dick Grayson, as Alfred watched with disapproving eyes. He was getting paranoid, he knew it, but what was he to do? He narrowed down the possibilities to the two gingers Dick was most associated with: Wally West and Roy Harper. Both were tremendously inadequate for Dick's hand. Bruce vowed to take care of this the minute they get back. Maybe introduce Dick to a Green Lantern or two. He could work with that.

Little did Batman know that his very distraction was paving the road for the very messy love triangle he was trying to avoid.

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