I'm going to be completely honest and tell the truth.

I'm not having fun writing this story anymore and I will not continue it.

One reason is that there have been so many changes to Young Justice and I don't have a good feel for this story anymore. I must have tried writing this a dozen times but I couldn't even read it without thinking "this is a piece of shit"

I think that one of the reasons that fanfiction authors don't update is that writing is no longer fun. I finish one of Ten Things I Love About You and I really enjoyed it. I then wrote a GWSM story recently and wrote six chapters in one day because it was just such a joy to do. Fanfiction is about sharing what you want to happen. I feel like I wrote this more because of what other people want to happen rather than myself. And as selfish as I am saying this, I don't think anybody can stop or will try to. I'm going to point out this is just a story.

My only regret is that it go so well liked (this is actually my most popular story) and am letting it go uncontinued. But after this week, I'm deleting this story from my account. If someone wants to adopt it, they can. They don't even have to give me credit for it. But this story is going to take at least five more chapters and I don't want to waste my time writing them when I could be writing something I really like.

God, I'm being so dramatic. I'm sorry about writing this.