Chapter 17

After hanging up with Emily, Garcia starts to shut down her computers. She knows Hotch will give the okay for this case.

"Why are you packing up?" The tech looks up and sees a broken JJ.

"This will most likely turn into a BAU case, and I need to be ready to go to Quantico," Garcia says softly, "and we have to play it by the rules so Will doesn't get any loop holes."

"How did it turn into a BAU case so fast?" JJ questions. As Garcia studies her friend she looks so un-JJ like.

"Emily is going to call Hotch. From what we've gathered so far, this is something we want to do for you." As she said Emily's name, the tech sees a flash of emotions wash over JJ's face. "All of us just want Henry to come home, you know? We will all do our best."

The tech pauses and moves to the agent.

"JJ, you know that our boys and princess will find Henry." Garcia softly grips the blonde's shoulders. Again she sees the flash of emotion when she mentions Emily.

After explaining the situation to Hotch, he quickly agrees to help JJ, and therefore Emily finds herself locking the door of the blonde's house, carefully not to change anything from the way they were before she came in.

In her car she quickly disposes her gloves and starts the car ride to Quantico. Placing her phone on the dashboard she calls Garcia to tell the tech that the BAU picked up the case.

"Talk to me Princess!" Chuckling at her friend's answer Emily tells Garcia that Hotch did give the green light, and that she's expected to be at Quantico sooner rather than later.

"You know how important the first days are, and since it's already been two days we really need to get into this."

"Yes, ma'am! I'm packing up as we speak. How much do you want bossman to know?"

Emily considers for a second.

"Let's tell him about your searching, but not my little visit." She takes a breath, "how's JJ?"

"That is probably a good plan. That second question can I not answer until we meet face to face."

"She's right there, isn't she?" When Emily doesn't get an answer, she doesn't need one. "Alright. I'll see you at Quantico soon." With that the female profiler hangs up.

"So, I need to get to Quantico." Garcia lets the sentence hang in the air. She's not sure if JJ would want to come.

When the liaison doesn't answer, Garcia continues to pack her computers. When she's finished, she looks up to see JJ standing exactly where she was earlier. It's like she's become a statue.

"Alright JJ, I'm going to head out now. I'll call you later ok?"

"I told her to leave me alone. Why did I do that?" The words from JJ's mouth are so quiet that Garcia almost doesn't hear them. And when she does her heart breaks for the liaison. A big part of her wants to tell JJ that Emily will forgive her and everything will be okay, but a bigger part of her knows how much she hurt Emily, when the brunette only wanted to help her.

Carefully Garcia thinks over what to say, before facing the blonde once again.

"Listen to me honey. We all know you were hurt and lashing out, but, sweetie, she's your best friend, and has been there for you, and Henry, through so much last month, how could you even think about saying something like that to her? You need to think about how much she has sacrificed for you before you start to try and make amends." When the blonde doesn't respond, the tech continues, "I love you like a sister JJ, and I am so, so sorry that this mess happened, but it was NOT Emily's fault. And you know that."

Again Garcia sees the flash of emotions over JJ's face. And even though it hurts the analyst to see her friend in pain, she knows she needs to focus on the job.

With a last promise to call the blonde later, Garcia picks up her bags and head out to her car.

At Quantico the team quickly shake away their tiredness when they know one of their own is hurt.

As the team settles, Emily and Garcia bring the guys up to speed.

"Has she filed an official missing child report yet?" Hotch looks from Emily to Garcia.

"Not that I know of," Garcia says.

"Alright. For this to not turn into a bureaucratic mess, it would be best if JJ would file a report and then we can let the local authorities know the situation."

As they all agree, Rossi mentions that he has a contact at the local police and will call him once JJ has filed the report.

"Prentiss, why don't you head over to JJ's house and updater her?"

Usually Emily would say 'yes' without having to think about it, but given the current situation, she hesitates.

"Uhm… Sir, I think you or Morgan should go." She finally says.

Hotch raises an eyebrow, but agrees to let Morgan go. After telling Garcia to keep up her searches and assigning the geographical profile to Reid and Emily, they all head their separate ways.

As Emily gathers her things, Hotch calls her back.

"What happened between you and JJ, Prentiss?"

Knowing she needs to fill in her boss, she tells him the short version, but stretches that she knows JJ was just scared and hurt, and that she asked not to go merely to give the blonde some time to calm down.

Hotch seems to settle with that.

"If it comes to it, can I trust you to take over as media liaison?"

Emily internally winces, but nods as she walks out of the conference room and towards the map Reid has put up on his board.

After once again keeping her emotions in check, Emily keeps her 'Agent Prentiss'-mode on. She points out the different addresses to Reid, and inform him of what she heard, though only through Garcia, Mrs. Jareau had told them.

"Someone should probably talk to JJ's mom again." Reid notes as he starts to put different pins on the locations Emily pointed out.

"Yeah. I'll go and talk to Morgan about that."

As the brunette profiler walks across the bullpen she knows Morgan is going to ask about her request, so she mentally prepares herself to give him the same speech as she gave Hotch.

"Hey Morgan?"

"What can I do for you, Prentiss?" Morgan looks up from his file.

"When you visit JJ, it would be really helpful if you interviewed Mrs. Jareau again." Emily quickly says, "I know Garcia did ask her, but we could use some more details."

"Sure, Em." He says, as he puts down his file. "You wanna tell me why I am headed to the Jareau-house instead of you?"

"JJ is really fragile, and she kinda lashed out on me when we found out. I'm just trying to give her some space."

Even though the other profiler doesn't buy Emily's excuse, he knows he's not going to get anything else out of her now. He does however know that the blonde did or say something to hurt his friend, and he would be discreetly asking JJ about that later.

With a last nod to the brunette, he closes his file, picks up his car keys and heads towards the elevator.

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