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Edward and Bella's relationship is revealed.


Waking up next to Edward is a dream. I'm tightly wrapped in his arms as he snuggles into my body. He groans in my ear while his hips push forward. His strong arm resting around my waist squeezes me tighter and it makes me feel so safe and loved while his hard cock rubbing against my ass is so damn appealing.

Listening to his sounds makes me think that he's awake and wants to do something about that morning wood he's sporting. Let me rephrase, I want to do something about it.

However, when I glance back at him, he's still asleep. The morning light comes peeking through my windows alerting me that it's a new day and we should get up and get ready for work, but I don't want to. I don't want to leave his arms just yet. I want to stay here, reveling in the feel of his skin on mine.

Closing my eyes in contentment as I snuggle further into his body, and smile while thinking back to lunch yesterday.

What I'd explained to Jake, I meant every word.

James was a faux pas in my dating history and I didn't know what I had been thinking. I guess I had been looking in the wrong place for companionship. I was searching for something that wasn't meant to be with him. I was seeking for what I now felt for Edward.

Edward is my light in the dark. He is what I never thought existed for me, and yet he was right under my nose. All those smiles and greetings as we had passed each other in the halls of the hospital now seemed different. Better. The gleam in his eyes at the time, once held something I didn't understand, but now it was clear to me. It was love, lust, and all the great things that surrounded us. Our relationship may be going fast but I was happy about it. I was just…happy.

Being with James was me at my worst. I didn't know what I thought I felt, but I was deluding myself. I understood that now and I explained it to Jake in so many words.

How wrong was I to think that James would've been any different from the asshole he was at work? I was crazy. I'd come to realize that he was the same prick in our relationship as he was there at work. Nothing had changed except the atmosphere.

However, I've moved on, and though I was scared at first to even admit my feelings for Edward, I was now glad I did. Because Edward was the best thing to ever happen to me.

I knew James was there in the bistro. It just didn't matter to me and after expressing myself to Jake, I wasn't aware he'd left. My only focus was on my boyfriend and my friends. I felt liberated, and I didn't care what James thought. Now if he could stay away from me at work too, that would be great.

Lunch ended and when Edward and I got back to my place, we picked up right where we'd left off.

With Edward by my side, I feel like I'm capable of anything. I'm happy, relaxed and free. Edward makes me feel like it's okay to be me - the simple, down to earth, crazy tomboy I am - he loves it. Maybe it's too soon to think about love, but I can see myself loving Edward. I just can't tell him yet.

It feels so strange to be able to feel this way again after promising myself I wouldn't a long time ago. Nevertheless, Edward crushed that promise. Every time I look in those jade eyes of his, my passion grows. Most of yesterday, up until the early hours of this morning, was spent making love on every flat surface of my place. The man was insatiable. He had me in positions I didn't even know I could do, and I enjoyed every minute of it.

So as I try to move out of his arms only to have a sharp pain run up my back, I promise myself to call Rose and see if we can go to yoga class together. I'll definitely need to work out these kinks before Edward does this to me again.

Getting up, I watch as he moans and moves away, stretching and yawning. I should really go jump in the shower, but he looks like the cutest thing with his nose all scrunched up before he pulls the covers over his head, hissing as the sun's rays coming through my window, hit him.

"No," he mumbles from under there. "It's morning." He mock cries. "I don't wanna. Bella, don't make me go to work. I want to stay here and make love to you."

I stand there, naked, laughing at my boyfriend as he pleads with me not to make him go to work today. "And then you'll be carrying me to the hospital for exhaustion, dehydration and a possible heart attack from my boyfriend ravishing my body."

"Boyfriend?" he says excitedly as he throws the covers off himself, bracing up against his elbows. That crooked smile playing on his lips makes me want to rub my legs together as the bottom of my stomach tingles. He places a mock serious look on his face and says, "Well, as your boyfriend, I command you to get your sexy ass back in this bed, woman!"

I laugh and start to back away. "Hmm, I'm thinking, no. Unlike some people, I've gotta go to work."

"Oh really?" he says in a challenging tone, crooking his finger toward me, beckoning me over to him.

"Yes," I say, sauntering back to the foot of the bed. He crawls to me, his long body moving as agile as a cat while his naked form makes me want to jump him. I hold strong, and watch and feel as he kisses his way up to my neck. "Come back to bed," he whispers, nipping at the skin behind my ear.

"No, I can't," I whine, using the last of my strength to move away before he breaks my resolve. "Naughty, naughty."

I say nothing else. I simply turn and allow him to watch my naked ass walk to the bathroom, closing the door behind me. I'm not in the shower long before Edward makes his appearance.

"I was wondering when you'd come in."

"Come in, such a bad girl," he says, smacking me on the ass at the double innuendo. "I'm here to shower and conserve water." He lifts me up and moves me from under the spray, taking my place.


"What?" He laughs. "I told you, you little horndog, shower together and conserve water." The glint in his eye is anything but innocent while I stand there, freezing in the back of the shower and pouting.

Edward doesn't know who he's messing with, and it's about time he learns. Drawing closer to him as he rinses out his hair, I gently glide my hand around his waist. His sharp intake of breath lets me know I'm on the right path. He stills and says in a warning tone as I wrap my hand around his hardened length, "Bella…" The bass in his tone quickly dies out, and his words hastily turn into groans when I start to pump his cock. His hips snap forward with my hand's movement while his moaning intensifies.

"God…Bella." He braces his arm against the shower wall, thrusting in time with my hand. I listen to his breaths, and when they become labored, I let go and jump out of the shower.

His face is comical, but I try to keep a straight face and not laugh when I say, "I've got to go get dressed. Don't want to be late!"

I hold the laughter in until I'm in the bedroom, and then I let myself go. I let out loud guffaws in my pillow before containing myself so I can mess with him some more when he gets out of the bathroom. We've about an hour and half before our shift starts, I have the time for at least one or two more pranks.

From what I learn last night and this morning, Edward loves sex, and he is all for nudity. Most of the time when I tried to reach for something to cover myself up with, he'd drag it away, and throw clear across the room.

So I decide to make my bed and clean up the mess we've made, stark naked. The shower turns off, and all I can think is, game on. Let's put this shit into overtime.

I know the exact moment Edward comes out of the bathroom, because there is an audible groan followed by a deep growl as I bend over to the drawer, stuffing the rest of the condoms back in there. I know my ass is high in the air and on display so I look over my shoulder at him standing there, fixated on it. I put on the most innocent look on my face and say, "What?"

I know exactly what's bothering him. It's hard to keep the smile of my face as he stands there looking like he's either going to grab me or explode. My ass is sticking out and I'm on all fours. Judging by the hard on he's sporting beneath his towel and the stressed look on his face, I think my little show may be a bit too much for him, but that's what he gets for messing with me.

"You win," he croaks.

I get off the bed, proudly walking over to him. Leaning up to his ear, I whisper before licking it. "I wasn't aware we were playing something."

Another groan leaves him, but I merely grab my bra and panty set, throwing them on and leaving the bedroom before he grabs me. The predatory look in his eyes tells me if he had grabbed me, we wouldn't be making it to work today or maybe even tomorrow.

I walk into the kitchen, laughing my ass off. I put on the coffee, and after it's brewed, I grab a cup and pour one for Edward as well. I hear his phone ring, and he moves into the living room to take the call. When I see his jeans hanging low on his hips, and that ass that fits like glove in them, I realize I'm still in the mood to play.

"Let's see how he's going to get out of this one." I think to myself as I sneak up behind him.


"No, Em, I'm not home." My brother is being a pest. He keeps asking me the same thing over and over since I answered my cell. He's on a morning shift down at the police station and called to say he went by my place to see if I needed a lift to work only to be told by my neighbor that I wasn't home.

"Soooo…where are you?" he asks as his buddies snicker in the background. "Are you at some guy's place? You know, I'm down with gay thing, Edward; you can come out of the closet." The guys laugh out at that one, making me roll my eyes at his lame joke.

Ever since he tried to set me up with one of his co-worker's male cousin, who happens to be gay, it's been this ongoing thing that I'm gay and not admitting it. Though Emmett knows the truth, he just can't pass up a good laugh.

"Is there a real reason why you called?" I ask harshly, ignoring that last comment.

"Just checking up on my little brother seeing as I haven't heard from you," he says. I feel bad for a second for being so harsh when all he's doing is checking up on me, but then Emmett ruins that sincere thought.

"And to see who you're fucking around with," he adds with a laugh.

"Emmett," I say with an exasperated sigh.

Bella appears before me with a wicked glint in her eyes, but just as I'm about to say something to Emmett and hang up, she promptly drops to her knees, and has my pants open and pulling my cock out before I blink.

I can't believe this is happening to me. What the…

"Edward!" Emmett shouts in my ear. "Are you alright, man?"

"Uh…Ummm, y-y-yeah?" I say it more like a question while Bella smiles up at me and licks my cock from base to tip. Everything fades away as Bella takes my cock in her mouth. Her head bounces while she licks and sucks on the tip…hard.

My breath is sharp and coming in pants. I try to alternate between covering my mouth so Em can't hear me and holding on to Bella's hair just to gain my bearings as my knees buckle under her onslaught. She takes long licks of my cock while I try to remember how to breathe. Her head bobs as she sucks her way down to the base and licks the underside of my dick on her up before taking the head between her wet lips again, moaning around it as she caresses my balls with her free hand.

"Edward!" Emmett shouts again as my eyes close to the sensation of Bella sucking me off. There are some many things happening to me. Emmett's voice seem to fade in the background while Bella takes me further and further into her mouth.

"Yeah!" I answer in surprise. "No-no-no, Em, I swear, I'm listening." Listening to what, I don't know, because I'm completely oblivious what he just said. The pleasure and torture I'm experiencing at the feel of Bella's mouth on me has me desperately wanting to fuck her mouth, but I can't, because I'll grunt loudly and Emmett will hear.

She comes up and licks the tip, dipping her tongue into the slit and then works her way down my cock again. I bite my lip hard, probably drawing blood as she licks and sucks me...hard again. I can't stand it. I want to come. I need to. I need to hang up on my brother, but I can't get my brain to process that. My balls tighten as she fondles them, and I lose it before realizing what I've done.

"Uh fuck, Bella," I groan quietly as Emmett catches on.

"What? Bella? What the…Wait, you're at Bella's!" he shouts, embarrassing me but I don't give a fuck right now. "Holy shit! My little brother is getting laid!" I start hearing echoes of my own breathing over the phone, and know that Emmett now has me on speakerphone.

Nonetheless, Bella doesn't stop. She lets go out my balls and grips my ass with both hands, pulling me closer, taking me down her throat.

"Uh fuck!" The feeling of her swallowing around me makes me see stars. "Uh…Emmett...I've gotta to hang…uuhh..." I manage to get out.

"Don't you dare hang up," he orders. "This is too good to miss!"

I'm thrusting into her mouth and she stills allowing me to fuck her mouth. Her moans vibrate through me, sending shivers down my spine. I drop the phone, gripping her hair and shouting my release while coming in streams down her throat.

My knees buckle while she licks me clean, and I practically fall into her arms, both of us collapsing on the floor. I lie there trying to catch my breath, but Bella's movement intrigues me as she reaches for my phone, putting it to her ear as Emmett screams my name.

In the most sultry voice, she says, "Bye, boys," before a hurl of cheers comes out of it and she ends the call.

She gets up, licking her lips as she looks down at me and says, "We need to get to work."


Today should have continued being a great day, but by the time we got to work, it wasn't.

Everywhere I went there were eyes on me and whispers. Bella and I worked separately today. Carlisle was in ER for our training and would be leading the interns for the duration of my shift. I had no problem with it, but some of the others were already complaining that he was working them too hard. What did they expect? We're interns. It's our job to learn and execute.

Although, despite that, the weird attitude of some of the others was plaguing me. I couldn't wait for lunch break so I could ask Bella if she noticed anything; from some of the doctors looking at me weirdly, to the nurses like Stanley and Mallory doing their best to ignore me, everything was royally fucked today.

However, I finally learn a small bit from the interns that there was a rumor going around about me, but they were keeping out of it, because they think it's bullshit. But no one said what it was.

I really needed to talk to Bella, but things were too busy so I went about my day, ignoring the dicks and doing my job.

Later in the day, I learn that Bella had gotten the worst of it. Some were asking her questions and she was doing her best to ignore it. However, when Rose stopped by to see us after Emmett no doubt called her about what he'd heard this morning, did things escalate.

Rose and I are talking, and Bella is within my sights at the front desk with Stanley and Mallory. I want to ask Rose to excuse me so I can go over there and ask Bella to talk in private, but when Rose says she's been hearing some things about Bella and me since morning, it brings my attention back to her.

Before Rose can answer me, Bella loses it and shouts at Lauren and Jessica to mind their businesses. The thunder of her voice stops all movement in the ER before Bella storms off to the break room. Lauren and Jessica look shaken while a few patients and doctors giggles at them.

"What the fuck?" Rose whispers, "Edward, I'm going to see what that's about. Stay here."

"Okay," I grumble, looking toward the front desk at Lauren and Jessica as they whisper something to each other. I want to know what's wrong with Bella, but I can't help myself as I start to move closer.

I'm within an earshot of them when Jessica scoffed loudly as Rose passed, and the sound of it, halts Rose and she turns to them, saying, "If you two have a problem, no one cares. So just do your jobs, and mind your business, you lazy bitches!" With that, she stalks off to the break room.

Rose is a fierce protector of who she befriends. Emmett tells me time and time again that it's one of her best qualities and it kind of reminds him of our mother. I have to say, in that moment, I saw it too.

However, with Rose out of the way, I now really want to know what Lauren and Jessica know. Although, before I can draw any closer, Carlisle and Nurse Finnegan, Carole, walk up to the front desk.

Carlisle says something to them, but I can't hear what. However, Carole stops me in my tracks when I move closer. "Don't, Edward." She pulls me away, leading me to the on call room. "Don't let them get to you."


"Because it isn't worth it," she replies calmly as I pace the room. How can people be this way? James has to be behind this. "They are just jealous."

"I still don't know what it's really about," I explain. "I just know it surrounds Bella and me."

Carole sighs. "Listen, there is a rumor circulating that you're sleeping with Bella for special treatment." I move to answer, but Carole cuts me off. "I know. I know. It's bullshit. You two genuinely feel something for each other, and I'm really happy about that. I'm happy for you." Carole has been keeping an eye on me since I was a kid, and being my mom's best friend, she'd promised that she'd always be there for me and Emmett.

"I know who did this," I tell her with a sneer. "I know what this about. James started this. What's wrong with him? Is he obsessed with Bella?"

"I don't know, hun, maybe." Carole might be on to something. Maybe I have to talk to Emmett about this.

"You know, we were out with friends yesterday, and he saw us," I tell her. My anger is rising. I want to punch a wall. This was suppose to be a good day. Maybe after work Bella and I would've went to dinner before heading back to one of our places for the night. We were supposed to be happy today. Slamming my fist down on a table in the corner, I shout, "I could kill that son of a bitch!"

However, Carole remains calm. "I know, honey, but you can't ruin your chances of making something of yourself. You've got great family, friends, and now Bella, rooting for you. Make us proud by becoming one of the best cardiologist in the country. Don't let Dr. Smith get to you. Besides, he's a fucking asshole."

I smile a little, my anger dissipating. "Carole, I thought you weren't one for profanity."

"Oh please, Edward, it's needed sometimes. Besides, I know a prick when I see one."

Carole calms me down and by the time we make it back out there, it seems that things have gotten worse. Emmett is here, but he isn't wearing that jovial expression I thought I'd see. He's in cop mode as he approaches me with a serious expression.

"Edward, I've got to escort Bella out of the hospital," he says, stopping in front of me.


"Yeah, Dr. Smith is deciding whether or not to press charges against her for assault."

"What the fuck are you talking about?" I ask frantically, Carole's face mirroring mine in shock. "I just went in the on call room a minute ago. What the hell happened?"

"Carlisle says that James walked in the break room while he and Rose were talking to Bella and basically confessed to starting the rumor about you sleeping with her to get special treatment," he says. "Carlisle says that an argument escalated between James and Bella, and Bella lost it and attacked him. Before Carlisle and Rose could get a good hand on her, she was on top of him, punching him in the face. She may have broken his nose, Edward. That's assault."

"So he wants to charge her after he started this shit?" My anger is back and I'm seething by the time Carlisle approaches.

"Edward, I'm sorry about this," Carlisle says.

"What am I, suspended?" I ask, fearing why he'd suddenly say he's sorry. Carole excuses herself to go check on Bella and I thank her.

"That's not it, I'm sorry this thing spread like wildfire and I can't get a handle on it. I heard a small bit this morning, and I've been trying to get a handle on it, but it's out of control thanks to Nurses Stanley and Mallory. Apparently, James shared it with them and they spread it around for him. You two aren't the first couple to experience this, and you won't be the last, but I think James has a vendetta against you two. I'm sorry to see that it's affecting your job."

I can hear the sympathy in Carlisle's voice, but I'm blinded by my anger right now. "Yeah, so James wants to get my girlfriend arrested because he can't stand her being happy." I'm seeing red. All I want to do is hurt the fucker. "So he wants to hurt us? Alright then."

Storming off, I head in the direction of the break room and Bella's angry rant. Every party in this quarrel is outside of it. Bella is being held back and James is gripping his bloodied nose and smirking. Glancing at the waiting room, everyone is out of their seats and looking in while nurses and doctors alike gather around. Jessica and Lauren are staring in shock while James stays close to front desk. He's having fun with this little show. Rose and a fellow EMT, Sam, are holding Bella back.

I move toward James when he sees me, his eyes widening, but Emmett comes out of nowhere, holding me back. "Get the fuck off of me!" I turn to him and say.

"Look at Bella, idiot." Following his gaze, I do look at her, watching as she pleads with me with her eyes, not to move. "She doesn't want you getting in any trouble. Let her handle herself. I'm here. I won't let anything happen to her. Carlisle and I will handle it." I'll admit, Emmett's promise calmed me down a little.

Carlisle moves toward James, asking him what he wants to do.

"Well, I could have her arrested, but I have to work with her little boyfriend over there, and I'm not sure if I should fear for my life or not," he says loud enough for everyone to hear. "Who knows what she might get him to do for her." My nails dig into my palms to keep me from going over there and breaking his neck as he nods toward me.

Emmett stays close, but eventually lets go of me. Carlisle calls Emmett over and together, they walk over to Bella. Carlisle whispers something to her after Rose and Sam let her go, and I watch as she nods. Bella looks at James, her eyes on fire as she shouts and heads for James again, "You asshole!" Emmett catches her, lifting her in the air like a ragged doll, and carries her out of the hospital.

All eyes turn to me as Carlisle walks over to me. "I suspended her for three days."

I can't answer, I only nod.

"Edward?" he says.

"I'm okay. Can I work with someone else please?" I ask him. "I'm not looking for special treatment, but I can't…"

"For today, you're with me," Carlisle says. "I will be on the floor taking Bella's cases and doing my shift from down here while I try to get everything back in order."

I nod and thank him quietly, vowing to call Bella as soon as I get the chance.


Work drags, but I keep my head in the game although I'm missing Bella.

I try calling her but understandably it goes to voicemail. Alice calls me a little later on to check up on me and then we have a three conversation with Jasper from his office. He'd heard about what happened from Emmett and wanted to know if I was good or did we have to teach James a lesson? The offer made me laugh and I snorted when Alice offered to dump the body.

I've got great family and friends. Carole is right about that. They made me feel a little better even though I told them that I blamed myself for what happened. I should've stayed away from Bella. Now because of me, she's embarrassed herself and was suspended for her actions, even though I didn't wrong her one bit.

Alice scolds me, telling me that Bella is a big girl and can handle herself as James's nose learned. But this isn't our fault, it's James's fault. Yes, Bella overreacted, but he's an asshole. A petty one at that because he's acting like a bitch, going around and spreading rumors. I love them for their pep talk, but I still feel like shit and the day still dragged.

Also seeing James walking around, smirking at me in triumph, doesn't help matters one bit. Carole, Carlisle and some of my colleagues stay close, preventing me from making a mistake. Some other assholes though, thought that Bella overreacted and deserved what she got. News of her suspension quickly spread after James announced it to everyone in the cafeteria. However, the pissed off look that one of the lunch ladies gives him, makes me want to question the burger she made him.

However, despite how the day turned out, the one good thing was working with Carlisle. He's as informative as Bella would've been and keeps me on my toes. Thankfully, he's never far, and even took me up to the OR with him. He allows me to look in on a heart surgery from the viewing room above the operating room, and I feel like I'm home. Watching Carlisle and the cardiologist along with the OR nurses work on the patient is thrilling. After the surgery, I have to ride down in the elevator with James without Carlisle, but with the amazing surgery I've just witnessed, I'm lost to his snide comments and merely chuckle at his pathetic antics before getting off the elevator without as much as looking back at the bastard.

However, James wasn't through with me yet. When my shift ends, I head outside to wait for Emmett. He told me earlier that he'd be picking me up after work since I came to work with Bella.

While waiting for Emmett, James walks through the emergency doors and comes to stand beside me. I think it's pretty fucking brave of him considering the clusterfuck he caused, but then again, if I react, he'll get what he wants. I can feel his eyes on me but I refuse to look at the dick. I watch him out of the corner of my eye, until he says, "You know, she's nothing but my sloppy seconds and who knows how many men were before me?"

I turn to him, his smirk growing into a sickening smile as I step closer, but I'm not about to give him the satisfaction even though nothing would fucking please me more as he continues, "I mean, she's young, attractive and a tomcat in the sack. Who knows where she learned that or from who?"

I want to smack that smile off his face, but instead, I focus on his black and blue nose, and smile. "Yeah, you may be right. Neither of us was her first, and at least one of them taught her how to throw a mean right hook." He growls at my statement, getting in my face as I go on while Emmett pulls up. "But unlike you, at least I know how to make her scream my name over and over again." He says nothing and I walk off, heading over to my brother.

The drive to Bella's place is silent, and the minute we pull up to her building, I'm out of his truck. Emmett calls me back and I skid to a stop, jogging back over to him.

"Here you go," he says, handing me a backpack and a bag of Chinese takeout that had been teasing my nose. "I thought you'd need a change of clothes and some food. Call me if you need anything else."

"Alright." I smile. "Thanks for this, bro."

"Sure…Oh! And the guys said to tell you that they're very proud of you." He chuckles.

I laugh out loud and shake my head, wishing him good night before heading upstairs.

When I get to her door, I take a deep breath and knock. She yanks it open in a second, and the look on her face breaks my heart. Her eyes are red, her face is puffy and she's sniffling. She looks so haggard, tired, from all the tears she must've shed. I doubt she has any left in her.

She backs up as I walk inside, closing the door behind me. I drop my backpack by the door, and she kisses my cheek before walking off. I put the food in the kitchen and hurriedly make my way over to her on the couch.

I lift her up in my arms, placing her in my lap as she hugs herself to me and cries. "Edward…what have I done?"

I try to console her. To give her what she needs. I whisper words of comfort to her, but nothing seems like enough. So in the end, I give up, and just hold her until she cries herself to sleep.

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