Well, ffneters, I'm sorry to say it looks like I'll be moving on. You all have been so encouraging and supportive during my first few months in Merlin fandom, but I m moving my fic elsewhere before I get TOSsed for my mature ratings.

I've set up mailing lists for all of my fic, my Merlin/Arthur fic and my only WiP, Springes to Catch Woodcocks, as well. Please sign up if you would still like to receive notifications when I publish or update fics.

The mailing list signups will remain in an unlocked sticky post on my lj (myashke). You do not have to have an lj to sign up for the mailing lists (they are email-based)! I wish I could provide a link, but ffnet won't allow it.

You can also follow my lj, where I post all of my Merlin fics (not flocked), or find me on AO3 under Myashke. My website is listed on my profile and contains all of my fanfiction.

All of my fanfiction on ffnet will be removed in the next few days.
Thanks so much for all of your support, feedback and cheerleading!

~ Alax (myashke)