Author's Notes: I've always wanted to try this style of writing, but I kept getting side tracked by lovey-dovey holiday fics… NO MORE! It's time to unleash the dark side!

There are a couple of recurring themes throughout this story, which is a tale of guilt, secrets, and the madness that comes with carrying the burden. Accelerator is the perfect character for this kind of story because you know he has a closet full of skeletons. The Level 6 shift experiment is one such skeleton, but this is the story of a bigger sin, one that has finally come back from the grave.

Another reason why Accelerator is the ideal hero is because he's somewhat mentally unstable, if I wanted to write a horror story using Touma and his lack of power, I would use some demonic ancient ritual like those from a Japanese horror and have him fist fighting ghosts which doesn't need him to display incredible feats of strength. But you can't do that for Accelerator because he's too damn powerful. In this case, the style of horror to use is madness. Initially nothing makes sense, but as the character goes deeper into the mystery, suddenly what was illogical suddenly felt reasonable. Eventually the character would wonder if he had become crazy.

But that's enough rambling.

Sit back, relax, and try not to get lost in the insanity within.

02:00, Sunday morning, Location Unknown.

They were all dead. He killed them. What was she to him? Was there even a choice?

"This is Eagle 2-1; We are at the site and are currently conducting a search-" A soldier could be heard from a distance.

The past was like a gaping hole. You tried to run from it, but the more you run, the deeper and more terrible it grows behind you, its edges yawning at your heels. You're afraid of turn around, to look down to see the skeletons you've left behind in your wake. The sins that you were sure had been buried deep away were now staring back at you with their cold empty eyes.

"God damn... What the fuck happened to this place?"

You're afraid, but your only chance is to turn around and face it...

...But it's like looking down the barrel of a gun, a bullet trembling in its dark nest, ready to blow your head off.

The teenage boy with white hair opened his eyes and everything slid into focus, he found himself at the bottom of a large hole in the ground. What was once a construction site had now been turned into a war zone, with more craters than the face of the moon. The cold mud pressing against his face was encouraging him to stay, to lie there in the hole like the pathetic worm he truly is.

To stay there with the skeletons he thought he had buried.

There were voices calling for him; The American soldiers were looking for him, among them he could hear the single sound of a Japanese voice, the sound of a girl. The boy recognized it- he hated it.


It was his fault. He of all people should know that you can't run from your past; you'll only end up running in circles until you fall back down to the same hole you were trying to escape from. Only this time the hole was now bigger.

He had tried to run from it, edit it out. She was dead, he couldn't save her...

No... This was a false start, waking up in the hole wasn't the beginning- It was past the point of no return, the fatal choice already made, and it would get worse before the end. The past is a puzzle, like a broken mirror. As you piece it together, you cut yourself, too much and you'll bleed to death, staining the glass and obscuring the truth. As you piece it together one shard at a time, your image keeps shifting in the reflection and you change with it.

It could destroy you...

It could drive you mad...

… But it might just set you free.

The sound of boots stomping the ground approaches, it won't be long before they find the Albino boy lying in the dark hole.

"Anything? Come on people!"

You come to, amidst the wreckage of your own making. Eventually you have to decide- Do you stay down in that hole, eyes squeezed shut, afraid to move, hoping to bleed to death? Or do you crawl out, help your loved ones, make sure the fire doesn't spread, try to fix it?

He was afraid. But to understand the image in the broken mirror, he would have to start again from the beginning, one jagged shard at a time, tracing the steps back to the scene of the crime...

Back to the original sin...

Episode One – That Old Sinking Feeling

5:30pm, Saturday evening, Academy City.

"...And so in order to escape from her ex-husband, she dyed her hair red! Exclaimed Misaka as Misaka reported..."

Accelerator absent-mindedly nodded away as Last Order ranted on about the latest plot twist to one of the many Korean Drama series that she had the luxury of following.

The two of them were eating dinner at Yomikawa's place. The Anti-Skill member had called earlier to tell them that something had just come up and she would be working over time. There are some leftover food in the fridge should they get hungry.

Somewhere in between her rants, Last Order started bouncing around the living room while making funny faces in the windows and mirrors.

"Can you stop that? Go watching TV or something! You're pissing me off!" Accelerator grumbled.

"Ehh? But Mirrors are more fun than television! Whined Misaka as Misaka carries on her childish behaviors!"


"…Nei, just to confirm the report, you said we'll definitely be able to go out tomorrow right? Said Misaka as Misaka brought up a sensitive topic."

"...If everything goes well, then yeah."

"YAY! Misaka will now report that she is filled with a sense of relief! Said Misaka as Misaka jumps around the room to express her joy!"

"HEY! WHAT DID I SAY ABOUT JUMPING ON THE COUCH!" Accelerator proceeds to chase after her.

It was a good half hour later before he left Yomikawa's place, by then it was already nightfall.

As he stepped outside, the familiar looking limo pulled up in front of him and opened one of its door to reveal a smiling, but serious looking Tsuchimikado.

"Sorry to interrupt your weekend plans, but we have a situation... You're gonna need to find something nice to wear for this one..."

Ain't that something... Accelerator muttered as he got into the vehicle.

19:00, Saturday night, 30 000 feet above the Pacific Ocean.

On-board the top secret black flight from Academy City to the United States of America was the four operatives of [Group], Accelerator, Tsuchimikado Motoharu, Musujime Awaki and Unabara Mitsuki. The mission this time is highly sensitive and unique in nature.

How special? Everyone had to wear formal attire, except Unabara Mitsuki who always wears formal attire, but this time it's a white shirt with a black suit and a black tie. Tsuchimikado abandon the tie and left the top button open while Accelerator just has a white business shirt.

Even Musujime was force into wearing office lady-ish attire and proper pants and shoes.

"Why the hell do I have to wear this?" Musujime complained.

"Because we are going to be representing Academy City in a foreign Nation?" Unabara suggested.

"Psh, like hell I give a damn about that." Musujime scoffed.

"Because, you stupid bitch, we'll be working with a bunch of hairy sweaty assed macho men, who are so deprived out of a vagina that they'll jump anything that resembles a fucking hole. We don't need them to start wanking off and making fucking monkey faces at us because of your exhibitionism!" Accelerator spat.

"If they got the guts to go after a minor they can try." Musujime retorted.

"The hell they care about minor!"

"What? Suddenly you're the type of person who gets jealous when his wife is being looked at by other men?"

"Screw you!"

The two of them started exchanging death glares with each other.

Instead of their usual limo, the four of them find themselves being briefed on their mission in a hypersonic jet plane.

Inside the cabin was a large screen displaying a live feed sent from the Central Intelligence Agency. The video showed two black-clad gunmen standing guard over a white man in his thirties who was kneeling over a corpse with his back turned to the camera. The man lifts up the upper portion of the body to reveal the back of the victim's head which had been opened like a can of tuna exposing the brain. The mysterious man then process to picking and prodding parts of the brain, like an electrician testing the circuit of a fuse box.

He suddenly turned and looked up over his left shoulder at the camera, his face and mouth clearly smeared with blood.

As usual, Tsuchimikado explains the situation.

"This delightful whacko here is John Mirra - call sign [Cheshire] by the Americans; He is the property of [White Circle], a Secret Defense Technology Development Contractor for the United State Military and the mastermind behind this- If we contain him, we contain the situation nyaah…"

"Wow, and I thought Accelerator was nasty..." Unabara commented.

The mentioned individual gave him the finger.

"What's his agenda? You don't go picking people's brains' out on a rampaging killing spree just because you're bored; He's getting something out of it." Musujime asked.

"Supposedly... He's a psychic." Tsuchimikado shrugged.

"An Esper?" Her eyes widen.

"Supposedly?" Accelerator's eyes narrowed.

"I don't know the details; but apparently the Americans have been busy trying to replicate the technology of Academy City's Power Curriculum Program, after years of research and billions of dollars burned away, [White Circle] finally succeed in creating a working 'prototype'. They were experimenting to see if they could create a network of individual soldiers linking them to one another, and allowing a single commander to receive real time intelligence from the man on the ground to make better decisions that could be sent to all troops almost instantaneously. The project was to be tested on a private military company called [Valkyur Security Assurance] before being deployed in various Army Units."

Nobody said it but they were all thinking it; that sounded suspiciously like the Misaka Network.

Fuck this shit again... Accelerator cursed.

The past has a way of sneaking up on people. You'll hear broken echoes of it everywhere, like a bad reply. You get mad at everybody for reminding you about it, even if it's all in your head.

"Hang on a second, when Academy City first started the Power Curriculum Program
it wasn't until ten years later did they start to produce Level 3s and 4s, what [White Circle] intends to do requires that amount of power at least, do the Americans even have that kind of Technology?"

"The higher ups don't think so, but they want to be very sure about it, which is why we're here nyah."

"Shit, this is another one of Academy City's shits that we have to clean up isn't it?" Accelerator scowled.

The blond haired boy nodded.

"On the surface, we're here to assist in their military operation to contain the threat, but our main objective is to find out if the Americans really have acquired such a technology. If so, find out who helped them and how they did it, and if possible stop them from replicating it."

"I seriously doubt they would want to use that technology again, look at the kind of shit it got them into- a city under siege by a psycho that has an entire battalion of Mercenaries as his personal death squad." Musujime smirked.

"Don't underestimate human stupidity." Unabara chimed in. "Someone will always find a way to repeat past mistakes."

"We'll cross that bridge when we get there nyaa, for now our job is to find this John Mirra and capture or kill him, we can put an end to this rebellion without having to go through all that mercs- They're probably as much a victim of Mirra as the people they're being forced to kill."

"And how do they propose we find him in a warzone?" Unabara asked.

"The Americans implanted a transmitter on him, buried right next to his spinal column, it should lead us right to him."

"That's awfully convenient."

"Assuming it does what it's supposed to..." Unabara shook his head.

"Well, I've always wanted to visit America..." Musujime kicked back her legs.

"What a fucking brilliant way to spend a Saturday night!" Accelerator groaned.

The room was brightly lit, the floors and ceilings was of pure white color.

From that alone the name chosen for this place became apparent.

At the end of the hall was a hunched old man in a lab coat.

"So this is the one I've heard so much about, that boy Amata really out done himself this time..."

Flanking the albino boy on both sides were a dozen large men wearing body armor, armed with assault rifles and semi-automatic shotguns. The white boy could see them twitch nervously and shift their weight backwards ever so slightly. Their trigger fingers tense as their eyes trained on the boy, dilating pupils are a dead sign that adrenaline is being pumped through their veins. Should the boy make the slightest move in the wrong direction, they were ready to use deadly force to contain him.

Not that it matters; if he wanted to, the white boy could squash them like bugs with a flick of his finger. Their high tech weapons couldn't harm him anymore than an ant could harm an Elephant and they all knew it, which was why they didn't waste their lives even attempting to retrain the child at all. Handcuffs and straitjackets and the hands that carried them would be torn apart before the moment they try to touch him.

All it took was one second and he could burn down this entire place and leave.

All it took was one second.

But he didn't.

The scientist in front of him was a decrepit old creature, looking like he could drop dead from a bad stare any time, a fragile looking rotten corpse that was too old ten years ago, brought back from the grave by some unholy power to toy with this world.

Yet, deep inside the young boy felt the tiniest of chill. Everything from his empty eyes, to his dark grin, and just the general presence he projected spelled danger for him.

This pathetic old man... Felt dangerous... To strongest Esper in existence...

Kihara Gensei bends forward until he was about an inch apart from the boy's red eyes.

"So young... By reaching beyond the 'Box'... You will become a God among men..."

The young boy with white hair spited in disgust.

In one swift move, the boy could reach out and rip the old bastard's face clean before he could take his first breath to scream.

All it took was one second...

"Whatever, get out of my face if you still want to keep yours asshole."

...But he didn't.

Accelerator opened his eyes.

He had only dozed off for twenty minutes and they were already landing on American soil; a testament to the insane aerospace technology of Academy City. As he looked outside the window of the plane he could see the brilliant lights of the city below him as well as the full moon glowing ominously close in the night sky. He rests his head back and thought back to the pieces of his dream.

It was a bad dream, one he didn't have for a very long time, one of many memories of his past that he thought had been buried away in the hole he dug for himself. Something in his head felt like a door had been opened, an echo of the past, an old monster snapping its eyes open in the depths of his brain. Closing his eyes only forces him to look at the darkness inside. When you're waking up from a sleep, the world is a blur. What was clear in a dream suddenly makes no sense. No surreal rescues. No easy, magic way out.

But you are awake.

From the Air Force base that they landed on, [Group] boarded a Black Hawk helicopter that would take them to the Staging Ground where they would meet the Commander in charge of this joint operation. The flight took almost an hour, throughout the whole time nobody said a word to each other; they all had their game faces on. It's the unconscious sense of professionalism; none of them want to be looked down upon by strangers in their territory. That's right, they're no longer in Academy City, and they're now playing on someone else's turf.

Looking out from the chopper was the brightly lit Staging Ground for the United States Armed Forces. It's the sort of scenario you watched on television, in the daily news or on a big budget blockbuster action movie; armored vehicles and tanks parked everywhere, floodlights consuming more juice than an entire third country can produce, soldiers in the new pixilated uniforms running around looking busy.

The radio of the Black Hawk barked some random call signs and numbers before the pilot indicate to them that they're cleared for landing.

The moment the four of them stepped out of the aircraft, they were the center of attention as the soldiers began to gawk and whisper.

"Hey bro, check that out..."

"Oh you got to be fucking kidding, those are the specialists?"

"They're just kids man... What the hell is going on?"

A particularly mean-looking soldier, possibly their sergeant major, began organizing the men.

"Look alive people! Those civilians have been sent here by Academy City. Officially they are a special attachment to SFOD-D for the duration of this mission, they will be on point assessing the nature of the threat to provide relevant instructions as to how to proceed, and it's our job to keep them alive!"

"This is messed up, I don't care who they are, you have to be fucked up somewhere bad to be sending kids to do a man's work..."

"We have our orders."

"One of them is a crippled! And they want to send him out into the field? This is bullshit! I'm not going to get shot pulling his scrawny ass out of a fire fight!"

"Fucking politicians and their bullshit logic..."

An older looking officer stood in front of [Group] and greeted them.

"My name is Colonel Ryan, I'm in charge of the Special Forces Operational Detachment for this mission. Welcome to the Auburn staging area."

Tsuchimikado once again assumes leadership, stepped forward to shake the man's hand.

"I was under the impression that General Horner is the commander in charge of this Mission?"

"While the General is the commanding officer for the main body of this Offensive, my instructions are to liaison with the specialists advisers from Academy City and to provide them with any assistance that they need to complete their objective. You will deal with me directly, not him."

"In that case, where's your command center?"

"Hold on son, I understand that you have been authorized to go into the field, while I don't have to like the idea, you and I are going to lay down some House rules." The Colonel stared directly into his eyes; his voice was hard but not patronizing.

"Interesting... He's seeing us as adults and not school kids..." Unabara whispered to Musujime who nodded.

"My word is the law, they are not negotiable, when I say 'MOVE!' you better grow wings and fly, understand?"

Every member of [Group] except Accelerator nodded.

"Secondly, I want a member of my unit to accompany you at all times, even to the bathroom missy." He indicated to Musujime who raised her eyebrow.

"With all due respect Colonel, we work better alone-"

"All due respect I don't give a hairy rat's ass how better you work! You job is to assess the situation and provide advice as how to deal with this situation and my job is to keep you alive! As long as you're here I'm responsible for your well being! So don't go telling me that you're shy around strangers that you can't pee straight son, because I ain't going to have your deaths on my rosary when I go home. So you better learn to hold hands with your new buddies like you've learned back in Kindergartner, are we clear?"

The man was a hardass, but not once did he look down on them, or treat them like they don't belong, As far as he's concern, anyone willing to step into a battlefield is an adult in his eyes.

"Fine whatever, but they better not get in our way or I'll turn all of you into a stain on the floor!"

Accelerator rolled his eyes.

The Colonel chose to ignore that threat.

"Now that we understand each other, let's get to work."

The command center was a makeshift warehouse. Inside were rows and rows of computers with intelligence analysts and communication operatives from various units and agencies burping out codes, call signs, and random numbers. In the middle of the well lit room was a single large map of the entire city placed onto a black board. The different regions of the map were being indicated with different colors- the areas outside of the city perimeter is shaded green, within the city but close to the walls were orange, and the core center in red. Several pins and markers indicate the positions of various units operating in the city, as well as enemy positions.

"Currently the National Guard has the entire city cordon off, they've set up road blocks at the entrances to prevent anyone from coming into the orange zone, and are currently evacuating the remaining civilians out and into the green zone but they've been ordered not to engage hostiles in the Red zone."

"What are your plans to retake the city?"

"[Task Force Predator] made up of SFOD-D, 75th Ranger Regiment, supported bythe 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment have been ordered to sweep the Red zone and neutralize any hostiles that they find and recapture key installations."

"Key Installations?" Unabara asked curiously.

"Hospitals, police stations and the major transportation hubs, but the priority is the [White Circle] research headquarters. As of two hours ago, we've lost all communications within the Red Zone, the Delta teams that I've sent in haven't reported back yet."

"It is vital that we regain control of that facility, Colonel. There could be information as to what John Mirra is planning with this revolt." Tsuchimikado calmly replied.

"Agree, aside from the main Offensive, we also had Bravo team assigned to hunt down [Cheshire], our Intel from his transmitter had placed him somewhere here in the residential district. At the same time the data from our satellites show a large number of [Valkyur] Mercs in the vicinity of North Lake Wastewater Treatment Plant converging south towards the Orange zone, roughly a full company; we cannot allow them to expand the Red zone any further than it already has, so the Ranger 2nd Battalion had been sent to intercept them."

Colonel Ryan crossed his arm and looked at all of them.

"So now that you've been brought to speed about the current situation, what is your course of action?"

They agree to split up to tackle all of the objectives at once;Unabara would remain here at the main base of operation and set up shop and act as their team coordinator for this operation. Musujime would assist Bravo team in capturing John Mirra, while Accelerator was tasked with neutralizing any advancing hostile forces. Tsuchimikado himself would follow another SFOD-D Team to try and retake [White Circle] headquarters in the hopes of finding out what John Mirra is after.

Thinking about it, their situation was quite ridiculous; a blood thirsty lunatic psychic commander with an army of well trained, well armed, and well equipped mindless killing machine has taken an entire city hostage. The four members of [Group] are on foreign soil, cleaning up the shit left by other people- Most of them probably don't even want their help to begin with if it wasn't because of some chain the Board of Directors yanked.

The Americans wanted to clean up their own mess, while Academy City insisted on sending their own 'task force' to handle it for them. In the end both side came to an agreement; the Americans would be in charge of all operations while Academy City was allowed to send a small team to provide 'expert opinions'.

That small team just happens to include the most powerful Esper.

"Ridiculous, we have no reason to play this game with them, if they can't even take care of their own people; they should just fuck off and die instead of wasting my time with this boring shit."

There was not a single ounce of compassion in Accelerator's words.

Tsuchimikado smirked.

"I agree, so for boring shit like this, let's finish them quickly so we can get back to our own shit."

He walked up to a staff sergeant standing by the doorway.

"Excuse me, could you point me to the armory?"

"...Also, where do you guys keep your toolbox and nails?" The red haired girl added.

20:20, Saturday Night, UH-60 Black Hawk utility helicopter callsign - [Gryphon Six]

(Okay so here's an update of the situation- The American's spy satellite has tracked John Mirra's location to an abandon building is the Auburn residential district. They've detect no additional hostile forces in the area, Musujime and Bravo Team are on route to the location as we speak-)

"No hostiles? So what, the commander of a full fricking battalion of super soldiers is walking around without an escort? "

(Maybe he's shy?)

The voice from the earpiece belongs to Unabara. Instead of using the Army's communication line, [Group] had brought their own equipment- It's an Academy City Bluetooth earpiece. Physical appearance-wise it's no different from any other Bluetooth headset from the outside world, but in reality it has a powerful encryption system that would take a non-Academy City supercomputer 121 years to decrypt, at the same time it bounces their signal through hundreds of location, both real and imaginary. In fact Unabara assured them that if the enemy tried to trace their signal, they'll find that Accelerators and the others are currently transmitting from the Great Barrier Reef, South Pole, and on-board the International space station all at once.

Aside from that, the main reason they've decided to use their own equipment was so that they didn't have to put up with all the ridiculous call signs and code words that came along when using the Army's channels.

Accelerator couldn't stand the thought of being called 'Mr White', or 'Whitey' or 'White Rabbit' as Musujime suggested.

Suddenly, like an invisible button had been pushed, the four members of the Delta Force squad that serves as his escorts began checking their HK416 assault rifles and ammo. The general atmosphere inside the Black Hawk changed from mundane, to a deadly serious tone.

Accelerator put on the Black Hawk's radio headset to listen in.

Apparently a nearby Ranger platoon had been ambushed by the enemy.

"Lizard two-one actual, this is Gryphon Six. I need you to calm down and give me a sit rep, over!"


One of the Delta soldiers response.

"Lizard 2-1 actual, this is Eagle 3-1, we are just above your location over, my team is myself and three shooters, we will be on the ground in five mikes over!"

Accelerator looked out from the side of the helicopter; the thunderous rattle of multiple .50 cal machine guns could be heard even from up there. The brilliant flashes of their tracer rounds zip back and forth like fireflies in the summer night. He could clearly make out the Ranger platoon taking cover behind their tan colored Humvees. On the other side, a group of black armored SVUs with mounted machine guns were spewing hot lead in their direction. Not too far behind them, another platoon of mercenaries was coming out of the waste water treatment building ready to flank the Rangers.

Forget five minutes; they don't even have even have three.

"Hey you, can't we land this bird?" Accelerator asked a soldier.

"The LZ's too hot! We need to get somewhere safe first!"

The frustrations were clear on their faces; there was nothing the soldiers could do. By the time they find a safe enough spot to land, those mercenaries would have torn the Rangers on the ground to shreds, and then they would come for them next.

The situation was messed up.

Accelerator let out a sigh.

"Hey you!" He called out to the soldiers. "Pay attention. You're gonna want to tell your friends about this."

He flicked the small switch on his choker and the tiny light turned red.

"What are you- OH SHIT?"

"What the hell? He just fucking jumped!"

Gathering all the vectors at his disposal to his feet, Accelerator rocketed head first towards the ground at supersonic speed. Just before impact he flipped his body around and slammed feet first, creating a devastating shockwave of concrete which he directed towards the Valkyur Mercenaries and away from the trapped Rangers. The sheer force of the blast overturned all of their vehicles and liquefied their innards; they died instantly before their bodies touch the ground.

The few remaining hostiles that survive the initial blast didn't hesitate to reengage the new threat; they were soon backed up by a second wave of Mercenaries that came out from the warehouse behind. They were dressed in military gear- black jumpsuits with elbow and knee guards, 'Dragon Skin' ballistic vest, combat helmets that encased their heads to eliminate any signs of humanity. Where a flag patch should have been, was a golden 'V'-stripe bordered and back-dropped by a red background. They carried a wide array of weapons from the TDI Vector submachine guns, AA-12 auto assault shotguns, to the FN Herstal SCAR-Light assault rifles, and the latest M240L machine gun. All bought and paid for, courtesy of the United States government.

The grin erupted on the boy's face; that old familiar feeling was returning.


Like a drop of a scarf by a beautiful woman, those words signaled the opening salvo; the enemy opened fired at Accelerator with everything they got; Machine guns, rifles and even a rocket propelled grenade. The symphony of death rattles the walls and shook the ground, the light display of tracer rounds flying everywhere resembles those of the modern era dance clubs.

The enemy wasn't as mindless as Accelerator had thought; they all displayed respectable levels of skill and tactics.

They tried to box him in with superior fire.

They tried to sneak around to flank him.

They tried to minimize their exposure by firing from cover.

They tossed smoke and flash grenades to disorientate him.

These were all good tactics.

Good, but useless.

It's like trying to stop a freight train with your bare hands.

Forget about having an effect, there was no point in trying.


No matter where they've fired from, or what kind of ammunition they used, the bullets will be reflected back at the terrorists themselves, killing them before they realized what had happen. Using his control over the wind vectors, he created a strong enough gale to disperse the smoke and shield his eyes from the blinding flash. The boy pulled out a single USP.45 pistol that he took from the armory; it uses a slightly bigger round than the 9mm that he usually carries, but it packed more of a punch. Using his super human accuracy, he began picking off targets one bullet at a time, hitting them dead center between the eyes where their armor won't do them any good.



From the corner of his eye Accelerator saw one of them pointing an AT4 anti-tank weapon at him. He raised his free arm at the precise moment that the mercenary fired. The round exploded in his outreached hand, but Accelerator redirected all the force of the blast, including the heat and fragments back at the enemy, killing four of them in the process.

"What the- SHIT! He's still alive!"


Dashing forward to the closest corpse, he pulled the pins out of all the grenades attached to the vest, and then tosses the body like a rag doll over to the rest of his buddies. The resulting explosion a second later was strangely satisfying as deadly fragments raining down on top of the enemy. Accelerator then sinks his arm into a nearby SUV that he had earlier wrecked and with supernatural strength spins it at the merces; their broken bodies flew from the impact like pins being smashed by a bowling ball in a sickening, almost comical fashion.

The surviving enemies were scattered and confused. Accelerator meticulously crushed, shred, maims, ripped, and mangled each of them with his bare heads.

Not hesitating for even a second.

The ground was a giant pool of crimson blood.


Only a hand full of them remains, and they were retreating.

Accelerator knew if he allow them to escape, they'll just regroup and come back again. Spreading out his arms, the number one Esper reach deep and began manipulating the surrounding air, soon he created a mighty tornado the yanked all the escaping Valkyurs and threw them into the air. Accelerator took extra precaution to avoid pulling any of the Rangers or the Black Hawk above into the vortex, once all the enemies was thrown up three hundred meters into the air Accelerator release control over the wind. With the Tornado gone the merces screamed as they all fell helplessly to their death.

The Flesh of Fallen Angels.

Those haunting words inexplicably appeared in his mind.

Pulling back his arm, Accelerator caught one of the merces that just happen to drop in front of him with a straight punch; in a fraction of a nanosecond he alter the direction and accelerated the mercenary to three times the speed of sound, turning him into a human missile to smash a bloody hole in the side of the building; the entire body had been vaporized, except for the head.

In the end, it took the Strongest Esper 140 seconds to slaughter a full company of mercenaries, while protecting all the friendlies in the area.

Accelerator flicked the switch on his choker off.

Turning around, he was greeted by the sight of twenty something grown men, staring slack jawed and wide eyed.

It was definitely a Kodak moment.

20:20, Saturday Night, unknown abandoned building on the other side of the city.

"We've tracked Mirra to an abandoned building just up ahead. The Hannibal-3 spy satellite in geosynchronous orbit shows no sight of Valkyur soldiers in vicinity. But still, don't take any chances… "

The Delta commando brought Awaki up to speed on the latest report when they arrived. He never gave her his name, and only introduced himself by his call sign [Cool Breeze]. Aside from him, there were seven other Delta commandos of Team Bravo that had positioned themselves surrounding the building to prevent any chance of John Mirra slipping past them.

"Just say the word." The red haired girl chambered a round into her weapon.

Cool Breeze nodded, when all of his men were in position, he gave the signal.

"Execute, execute, execute!"

The sound of doors breaking echoed throughout as the members of Team Bravo simultaneously breached the building and begun searching room after room for any sign of the target. Cool Breeze was on point, followed closely behind by Awaki who was armed with a single SIG-Sauer P228 pistol with three spare magazines as well as her trusty military flashlight and a box full of three inch nails that she had somehow concealed within her skirt.





One by one they cut off any escape route and tighten the noose around Mirra. After the ground floor is secured, they regrouped and climbed up the stairs in a single file. At the second floor there was a glass-windowed double door that led into a tiled hallway. Across from there was an area with an open doorway leading into a storage room. There was a padlock secured to another door, Cool Breeze promptly put two rounds into the door with his modified Colt model 933 assault rifle and a third round to destroy the padlock before kicking it open, revealing yet another stairway.

"We're close…" Musujime whispered to herself.

At the top floor they were greeted with a barricaded double door, the remaining members of Bravo Team appeared on the other side. They shoved aside the bookcase barricade blocking the door.

One room is left.

Without speaking a word, the Commandos stacked up against the doors. With a single nod from their leader, the first two members opened the door while the rear members storm into the room.



"ALL CLEAR! We're got a body here!" Cool Breeze called out for Musujime. "Ma'am, you're gonna want to see this… Be careful, it isn't pretty."

"I'm used to dead bodies," Awaki assured him.

"I'm not talking about the body Ma'am…"

Musujime walked in to find the mutilated body of an adult male seated in a chair. His wrists and ankles were bound to the furniture, his shirt was covered in blood and the back of his head was popped open like a can of soda. All tell tale signs of John Mirra's work.

But the most disturbing thing was the words [NIRS AH MO TEN TAN TELEVISION] written over and over and over and over again in blood, all of them were in perfect handwriting as if printed by a computer. It formed a circular motion spiraling outwards from were the man was seated, as if a curse or a hex had been place in that room using the hellish suffering of the man as the source for the unholy ritual, if you believe in such things.

"We're too late, just left overs…"

"Command is reporting that the transmitter's signal's gone, it's like he just vanished." Cool Breeze reported.

"Did it malfunction?" Musujime asked.

" No... It's still transmitting from somewhere..."

"In any case, we need to identify who that is, and what John Mirra wanted from him... Bad enough to do all this…Damnit, this doesn't make sense…"

"Nirs ah mo ten tan television…What's that? Some kind of code? Or some cultist crap?"

"Who knows? One thing's for sure…"

She looked back at the corpse.

"Its times like these I'm glad I became a vegetarian."

20:40, Saturday Night, North Lake Wastewater Treatment Plant.

(I heard you did a number on those mercenaries, the reports coming in from both that Ranger platoon you saved and the SFOD-D team that went with you are driving the commanders here crazy trying to make sense of it all.)

"I'm guessing you're hiding in some hole trying to avoid answering some sensitive questions."

(Naturally... I've just got an update from Musujime's team... No sign of John Mirra... But they've found a body, white male in his thirties, mutilated like his other victims... They're currently trying to identify him.)

"There's got to be a reason he's killing them like that... If they were just anyone, he would have left it to his death squad goons."

Accelerator was inside the large warehouse building, searching for any clues as to why John Mirra wanted his people here. The Ranger Platoon and Delta Force were busy securing this area outside.

Guess they figured Accelerator wouldn't need the extra protection.

The minute he stepped inside he knew something very bad had happened here. On the overhead walkway above him, the boy could hear and see blood dripping down; seconds after a dead worker's body slipped off and fell in front of him.

"Classy." He mumbled.

The further he went, the more the scenery remains the same. Whether it's the lobby, office, janitor's closet or the female's toilet, bullet holes riddled everywhere, blood painted the walls and floors, while lifeless corpses littered the hallways.

But none of them had their skulls cracked open like coconuts.

It doesn't make sense for Mirra to attack this place if not to find his next victim, the one that he would prod and pick their brains for whatever sick reasons.

And if not for that reason then...?

"Unabara, pull up a file on this place, find any connections to-"

(White Circle? Already on it… Oh one more thing, in the room where the corpse was found, the words 'Nirs ah mo ten tan television' was written in the victim's blood over and over again…)

Accelerator stopped dead in his tracks.

"It means 'Mirrors are more fun than television'…"

(Huh? Well I guess it could- Wait, how do you-?)

He doesn't know. It was no more than nonsensical scribbling, or at least it should have been just that. Yet some how Accelerator felt like he had heard those words uttered a life time before, or maybe it was only hours ago. What troubles him the most is that he felt no hesitation, as if it was something as certain as the world revolves around the sun, or that the grass is green because of chlorophyll. What shouldn't make sense felt so… Reasonable.

"yoU alwayS werE thE cleveR boY"

Time froze for the white haired boy as he saw the figure in front of him took off.

(Accelerator? What's going on?)


(What is it?)

Accelerator turned on his choker and dashed up the short stairs, he smashed open a glass-windowed double doors leading into a tiled hallway. As he exits the tiled hallway and crosses the room, he saw the figure of a bloody man in white coat walking by on the far side of the partially boarded up doorway through the slightly open door at the top. He destroyed the obstacles with easy and enters the rooftop building before passing through a series of rooms.

Accelerator soon enters locker room of warehouse to find a worker's body lying in a pool of blood, but paid no attention to it as he climbed to the upper level. Looking through the window, he saw the white shadow dropping into the area before the fence. Accelerator smashes through the window and went after it. He enters another large dark warehouse storage room full of shelves while the loading dock was a room with a container suspended on an overhead crane.

Looking up, he caught a glimpse of something white teasing at him from a distance.

He went up to the second level and crosses over the container to reach the other side and descends a flight of stairs into the basement.

He then turns and moves past the "Heating and Refrigerator Maintenance" sign and sees another bloody man wearing a red stained lab coat beyond the "Shipping and Receiving" sign.

Accelerator moved like a haunted man, barely even noticing the bloody corpses on the floor as he passes them. Following the whispering trails of the white coat, He climbs yet another flight of stairs and was greeted by a door named 'Management'.

With great fury the white haired boy blast through the door with a violent kick.


The words was written meticulously over and over again throughout every square inch of the entire room in the blood of the dead man who resides in an office chair, positioned in the center of the office. His limps were in painfully awkward positions and the back of his skull was placed in between his lap, as if some demonic offering of evil. It looks like they had found the reason why the Valkyur Mercenaries were here.

But to Accelerator, the real horror was the figure standing behind the corpse.

A White-cloaked man.

His face was bloodied and bruised, but the tattoos were still visible.

A researcher that came from the darkness of Academy City.

He should have died in September 30th.

The one who made him the Number One.

Accelerator would never forget that face.

Kihara Amata whispered to him, his voice was strange, twisted and stretched. It was coarse like stone but smooth as music, it was hollow like a cave, but at the same time piercing like broken glass.

He almost sounded like a different person, yet some how still familiar.

"ThE deaD maN's namE waS BilL MoodY, yoU remembeR hiM donT yoU?"

Before Accelerator could draw his weapon, Kihara vanished. It's not like he jumped out of the window, in fact he made no movement whatsoever; the man just simply disappeared sitting down... Like he wasn't even there.

No, he wasn't. Accelerator refuses to think otherwise. It doesn't make sense. It's illogical to think how any cell or DNA could remain after what Accelerator did to him. Plus there was no reason to clone Kihara, he wasn't valuable that way. There was no way Kihara Amata could have appeared in front of him after all this time, and why here of all places?

The words 'It's all perfectly rational' echoed throughout the room, taunting his mind to forsake the establish logic and reason.

Causally, Accelerator approached the body slumped over in the chair. Kihara- Whoever or Whatever that was, said that this person's name is 'Bill Moody', that's something they could work with-

Suddenly, the corpse flopped his head back, exposing his broken face and the true extend of the torture inflicted upon him.

His lower jaw has been broke off and was dangling loosely; his eyes were white and hollow indicating that he's been blinded; part of his jugular had been severed and his windpipe looked destroyed.

The motherfucker doesn't even have a whole tongue.

It was impossible for him to breathe, let alone speak.

But through some unholy willpower, he mustered the strength to utter those words perfectly clear to Accelerator-

"shE dyeD heR haiR reD"

Then all hell broke loose.

Without warning, the management office exploded. Accelerator fell through the office window and into a narrow hallway with flickering lights below. The Valkyurs must have rigged the entire place to blow, destroying all the bodies and whatever clues that John Mirra had left behind.

A second fiery explosion erupts in front of him.

That's when Accelerator saw her.

Among the burning wreckage and choking smoke, there was little girl, probably no older than ten, appears amid the flaming background like an embodiment of evil. Her very existence was symbolic to death and destruction, and the eternal hellfire that await sinners. She has a small frame with pale almost grayish skin, wore a rose red dress, and has long rusty-like hair that obscure her eyes.

For every step she took towards him, an explosion went off in front of her, like some crazy murderous dance choreography.





Just when she got close enough for Accelerator to see the color of her eyes, a final apocalyptic explosion blew the entire building apart.

Yet all Accelerator could think of was her hair…

Her long rust colored hair…

Colored hair…

Color of her hair…

It's all perfectly rational after all.

The walls of his room were white, the color of the padding used to keep the occupants from hurting themselves.

This was his new room for duration of this experiment.

After that's over he would move to another location for another experiment.

That was his life now.

The white haired boy paced the room back and forth, hoping it would tire him out so that he could sleep.

"Oh ho? I hear an unfamiliar footstep! Are you new here?"

Several voices echoed through the walls.

Most of them were mumbling too soft for him to make sense of, but there were two of them that were quite prominent.

One was a boy, while the other sounded like a girl. But her voice sounded wrong some how, twisted and stretched, coarse like stone but smooth as music, it was hollow like a cave but piercing like broken glass.

Maybe it was just the effect of sound coming through the padded walls.

But he wasn't so sure.

"I must see my reflection! Please let me see my reflection! I need to know...! I need to see proof that I still exist!"

By comparison, the boy's voice sounded normal, aside from the crazy ranting.

"Don't mind the other kids, after being placed in the box, it does things to you..." The girl assured him.

"SHUT UP! You're nothing but a green-eyed monster!"

"Oh? But Timmy, why would you want to spoil the surprise by knowing the ending? Isn't it more exciting like this? You like surprises don't you?"

"STOP CALLING ME THAT! THAT'S NOT MY NAME! THAT'S NOT MY NAME! That's not my name... That's not..."

"Tee hee, oh well... Hey newbie, little Timmy doesn't quite understand it yet, but he will... We all did eventually- You see, you can't think of [White Box] as a real place! It's more like... A head! That's right! We're all inside a huge head that dreams us all into being... Hmm.. But who's head is it?"

In another world, she almost sounded cute.

"SHUT UP! My name is...!"

"Say... New guy? Perhaps it's your head? Maybe we're all just waiting for you! That's right! [White Box] is actually a mirror... That means we are all actually you! We're all a part of you... And you are the sum of us!"

It didn't make sense, not one bit.

"Leave me alone, go watch television or something..." The boy with white hair turned his body to face the wall.

"Oh? But didn't anyone tell you?"

Suddenly, a chill turned his blood ice cold; Even though they were separated by a thick concrete wall, it felt as if she was standing right behind him, whispering into his ear.

"...MirrorS arE morE fuN thaN televisioN!"

*End of Episode One*