I'm actually mourning right now but it helps me to write things like this. I felt it would be appropriate to write something interesting between Yuuki and Aidou. This is a spoiler to some of the most recent chapters, such as chapter 69 and 70. I am an avid Zeki fan but I'm starting too really like Aidouki. However I am working on a multichapter fanfic offline for Zeki fans though.

This is just a one shot but I might turn it into a group of one shots, some of them might continue on from this one and some of them might be random.

Title: Suddenly
Vampire Knight
Yuuki can't stand to see her friend and fellow classmate looking so broken.
I don't own Vampire Knight.

Suddenly – One Shot

Yuuki stared at Aidou from the doorway. She wanted to walk in closer and start talking to him but she had no idea what she would say. The way he looked just didn't suit him. He was always so bubbly and over the top. Seeing him with his head down in his hands and his body giving off a 'back off' vibe made Yuuki weary about getting closer.

Still, she couldn't just let him stay there all alone. She knew he probably hated her and her brother now. He had every right to since her brother had killed his father.

"Stop standing in the doorway already."

His voice came so suddenly. Yuuki was not fooled into thinking he didn't know she was there but it still startled her.

She did as he said and shut the door behind her. When she got closer to him he didn't even bother to acknowledge her presence. She stared down at him wondering what to do.

Yuuki opened her mouth to tell him she was sorry but couldn't get the words to come out. She didn't think that hearing a sorry from her lips would make him feel any better. It might have even made him feel worse.

She knew it was wrong to behave this way as a pureblood but she didn't care, he was a friend and she would not let her status get the best of them. She dropped down to her knees and looked up to his face.

What she saw broke her heart all over again. He was so hurt and so confused about how he should be feeling. She could see it all in his eyes.

"You don't need to stay here any longer. You can go home."

He said nothing but continued to stare at her. Yuuki just stayed sitting, letting him contemplate his words.


Yuuki could tell he was really struggling with this.

"He put you in my care so I am not leaving."

Yuuki's eyes widened in surprise- she couldn't believe he was still listening to an order from a man that had just killed his father.

Then she saw it, the waver, the anger, and the pain.

"Why did my father?"

Yuuki was up on her feet in an instant and did something completely out of bounds for most vampires. She grabbed on to his head and pulled it to her stomach, holding him close to her. It was the only way she knew to comfort him.

He stiffened but did not pull back.

"What are you doing?"

She didn't reply knowing that what she was doing was pretty obvious.

What she didn't expect was the feeling of burning cold on her feet. She looked down to see it was ice so she let go of Aidou in surprise.

He got up from his place on the bed and glared at her.

"I hate you."

Yuuki was hurt by his words but she could not fight him on it. She tried her best to keep most emotion off her face; it was something he helped teach her when she became a pure blood again.

Her silence seem to make him more furious because then he grabbed her arms roughly and began to freeze those as well.

Yuuki flinched a bit at the pain it caused. She was instantly reminded of the time she was human and he had done this to try and get some information out of her.

This time she could easily repeal any of his magic and he knew it, which was why she didn't. She knew he did not intend to harm her. She would take whatever anger and pain he would have to give her in place of her brother's mistakes. It was the least she could do for not being able to stop him.

Yuuki was beginning to wonder if she was doomed to be hated by everyone now and wondered if that was a curse of being a pureblood. It started to make a lot of sense as to why they would get tired of living if that was the case.

The ice on her feet was now all the way to her knees and the ice on her arms had reached to her hands. It felt like a million needles pricking her skin over and over again.

The pain was nothing compared to her emotional pain. She had to listen to Zero tell her that he would kill her the next time they met just because she was a pureblood, then Kaname had left her after promising he would start anew with her, and now her only friend was glaring at her with so much anger and hate that she couldn't hold it in any longer.

She didn't know if it was because she lived as a human for such a long time or if it was just because she was weak but no matter what she was no regular pureblood. Tears began to form in her eyes and then began racing down her face so much that is was just two clear streams.

That was when she felt the ice stop growing and instead of seeing the anger and hurt on Aidou's face all he saw was surprise.

"Do you pity me?"

Yuuki shook her head back and forth.

The ice instantly shattered making Yuuki come falling down straight into Aidou's arms. She breathed heavy waiting for her skin to stop burning from the severe cold.

"Why did you not fight back?

Yuuki smiled slightly even though she knew he could not see it.

"I deserve any sort of punishment you see fit. I should have stopped him from leaving. I hate myself for not being able to do anything for anyone I care about, including you."

Yuuki could feel him tense back up at those words.

She wondered if perhaps she had gone too far and was about to try and find a way to back track when instead he turned them around and thrust her down on the bed.

He held her arms down with his own and looked into her eyes intently.

"Any punishment you say?"

Yuuki could see the strange gleam in his eye and began to get a little worried.

He brought his face down do her neck and took a long sniff. Yuuki stiffened, she didn't think about him wanting blood.

"Aidou, if you want my blood at least wait until we are not on the hunter's territory."

She wasn't going to tell him no but she didn't want them to get into trouble.

Instead of backing off he moved in even closer and licked her neck.

This brought so many different memories for her, especially the ones of Zero when he would lose out to his bloodlust. She shivered in pleasure and wonder if she was getting excited because it reminded her of the two men she loved or perhaps it was something more.

However, her brain clicked back on when she felt the tickle of his fangs on her bare skin.

This could not continue on for his sake. The hunters would kill him.

"No stop!" she yelled pushing him away from her. "You will get in trouble if you do that here!"

He pulled away slightly making Yuuki sigh in relief. She thought he was going to let her go now but he did not. Yuuki looked up at his face but couldn't read what was going on in his mind.


Any words she wanted to say afterwards were completely cut off when he came down and pressed his lips against hers.

Yuuki's eyes widened in surprise once again, she wasn't sure what to do. His kiss was all over the place, like he wasn't really sure what he was doing. After awhile he started to get frustrated when she didn't respond.

Kaname and Zero flashed through her head before she gave in and started to kiss him back.

This made Aidou's grip on her arms loosen significantly. He began to bring himself closer to her, putting his legs both on the bed now, straddling her in a very inappropriate manor.

Yuuki wiggled her arms out of his hands and then pulled them up and over his neck, forcing him down to lay almost all of his body on top of her as their kiss continued to get more and more heated.

It was completely out of character for her to do such a thing, and probably for Aidou as well but they were both in so much pain and so much sorrow. It was like they were trying to fill in their wounds with their closeness.

After what felt like forever Aidou finally broke from the kiss and rose up a bit from his position. He stared down at Yuuki's flushed face and got surprised again when she smiled at him slightly.

Yuuki reached her arm up and place it on his face.

"It's really painful."

Aidou didn't have to wonder about what she was talking about. It wasn't the kiss or the fact that he was practically sitting on her. It was the pain she felt in her heart. The same pain he was feeling in his as well.

He wanted to do so much more with her at that moment but knew he could not. She looked so fragile and precious that he couldn't believe she was supposed to be an all powerful pureblood.

He rolled off of her to the side of the bed and lay on his back. He couldn't believe how he let his emotions let him get the best of himself. At first he just wanted to taint the girl for revenge against Kaname but then it turned into something much more.

He didn't know if he could ever compete with her love for Kaname or Zero though. He began to feel he was actually pretty stupid for falling for her.

Yuuki sat up once Aidou was off of her and looked down at his face. She saw how puzzled he looked that it was almost comical. When she giggled a bit he looked at her as if she had grown a second head.

She couldn't help it, Aidou was important to her and she felt a bond with him that she had never felt from anyone else before. He was someone who was a dear friend first but was beginning to take a piece of her heart.

She reached over him, placing her left arm on the other side of his body. He stared up at her in wonder but did nothing to push her away.

She leaned down and placed her lips back on his. This time the kiss was just simple and sweet. It was lingering and testing but they both felt that it was something more in it. Maybe no love just yet but it was a comfort for the two of them that could turn into something more if it were to continue on.

Aidou understood right then that no matter what Kaname had done he would stick to Yuuki's side and keep protecting her. This time it would not be because it was Kaname's orders but because he wanted nothing more but for her to be safe and happy.

The End.