This one is a continuation of the first one shot. Hope you enjoy it.

Title: Suddenly Part 2
Author: Ongaku
Genre: Angst/Romance
Series: Vampire Knight
Pairing: Aidou/Yuuki

Disclaimer: I don't own Vampire Knight.

Suddenly Part 2

To anyone else Aidou would seem the same as usual but to Yuuki she could tell he was forcing it. He made his usual bright smiles at the day students and got into silly mischief from time to time, but he never came to close to her like he use too.

She noticed - when he thought no one was looking - his eyes would glaze over with dullness and his smile would be completely erased. It lasted no longer than a second but Yuuki always noticed because she kept a lot of her attention on him.

She couldn't even begin to understand exactly what he was feeling. True, she had lost both of her parents but it was so long ago and she was too young to really remember too much about it.

His pain was much fresher and probably harder to deal with. All death was hard to deal with but when it came at your from out of no where it would be even harder to come to terms with.

It didn't help that vampires never left bodies behind.

Yuuki wanted to ask him about a memorial service for his father but wondered if that would be considered odd for vampires. She had never heard of a vampire funeral before and she was too afraid to ask him in case she crossed some line.

Besides the stress of having to worry about Aidou, Yuuki was also getting constantly reminded about her brother. So many people were angry with him and some of them were just plain worried that he had gone mad like they thought Shizuka had.

Then there was Zero. He would talk to her civilly but it was always cold and impersonal. It really hurt that both the men she loved so much didn't seem to need her anymore.

Plus, despite what happened between her and Aidou at the hunter's society, Aidou was keeping his distance from her. She felt lonely but she had to stay strong because she was now the leader and showing any weakness would only cause problems with the vampires on the school campus.

It was already hard enough for her to keep order since no one really respected her. She was a new pureblood and one that didn't give off a threatening air. To some humans and even vampires they found her normalness to be creepy.

The only reason she could keep any order was because of the people who came to her side to help out. Aidou was one of them so she really wished there was something she could do for him.

While Yuuki was walking around in the daylight she ended up bumping into Zero. She looked up at his towering form and then apologized.

"You should not be out here."

Yuuki looked at the sun as it was started to go down. She was a strange vampire and pureblood indeed. While everyone else was asleep she was out trying to get some sunshine even though it was hard on her eyes.

"Zero, I'm not going to attack anyone. You of all people should know that."

"You are no longer a prefect so you have no business walking around here."

His words were cruel and to the point. Yuuki flinched a bit and felt her heart crack once again. When he reminded her about no longer being a prefect she missed the old days all over again.

She missed him.

She wanted to argue with Zero but figured there was no point in it since it was almost time for the night class to come out.

"I will leave then."

She almost thought about apologizing but decided that would not be right. After she had gotten far enough away from Zero the tears were no longer able to stay in.

She hated how weak she was.

"You are probably the only pureblood who cries so often over stupid things."

Yuuki turned her head quickly to the voice being directed at her. She knew who it was but she was still surprised to see Aidou standing with his back up against a tree.

Yuuki wiped the tears away quickly feeling oddly embarrassed this time. She wasn't expecting to get caught.

"I'm weak, I know."

Aidou pushed himself off from the tree and walked towards her with an angry face.

"Don't say that. You should never say stuff like that when there are so many responsibilities on your shoulders."

Yuuki put her head down in shame. He was right. Here he was being tough after seeing his father killed by his idol yet she was moping about and feeling sorry for herself.

"You are right."

"Don't look down. A pureblood must never look down."

Yuuki looked up and saw that his face was no longer angry. In fact he had a small smile on his face.

"I didn't think it would feel so good to go back to lecturing you again."

Yuuki smiled back at him.

"I missed my senpai."

Aidou's smile was gone with Yuuki last few words and instantly she wished she could take it back. She was always good at ruining the mood and saying the wrong thing. She did it to Zero multiple times and even to Kaname.

She didn't know what to say though and opted to just move on.

"Well, I guess I better get going, it's almost time to switch out classes." She turned away from Aidou and was about to walk away when she felt a grip on her arm.

She halted but didn't turn around.


She could hear the pain in his voice so she spun around and was surprised when she came face to face with him. She could feel his breath on her face, which caused her heartbeat to quicken. Memories of the kiss at the hunter's society came flooding back.

He never connected though and Yuuki felt a little disappointed.

"What is it Hanabusa?"

She hardly ever called him by his first name but she figured this was the right time since he had just called her name without using any honorifics.

"You frustrate me so much."

Yuuki looked into his big blue eyes but said nothing to his statement.

"Why do you let him talk to you like that? He has no business treating you that way."

Yuuki's eyes widened when she realized what he was talking about. She never expected him to get so angry over her and Zero.

"You are pureblood! Why don't you ever act like one?"

Yuuki wasn't sure what to do now. She didn't know how to answer him.

"Hanabusa I-"

She was cut off when he pressed his lips on hers. The kiss was hard and needy but a little more in control than it was the first time he kissed her.

She reciprocated right away this time, no long feeling intimidated by it.

Unfortunately, as soon as he pulled her into a kiss he no sooner pulled away, looking away from her and holding her at arms distance.

Yuuki gently took his hands in hers and got him to let go of her. He didn't fight her since he knew it would be pointless to do so. She was a little mad that he pushed her away so quickly but this time she would not let him continue to do so.

She came in closer to him, even though he did not turn to look at her still, and brought her arms around his body to hug him tightly.

"Thank you for staying by my side."

He was stiff at first but relaxed after she said those words.

They stood like that for a short while as the sun continued to go down. No words were needed for the moment they shared.

Yuuki knew in that moment that Aidou would no longer keep his distance from her and a great wave of relief washed over her.

She wasn't alone and she would make sure he knew he wasn't either.

The End.