This is my first Supernatural fanfic, so I hope I don't write it horribly or anything! In case you're at all interested, I'll fill my profile page with photos of things like who Addison looks like and so forth ^_^. Hope you guys all enjoy, and sorry for no Sam or Dean in this chapter but it's just how it went ;)

Screams threatened to break the windows surrounding. What seemed like a lone person lie on the floor of this bleak darkened place. Blood seeped from some wound on their body, covering the floor below them. A hand covered an area of their stomach tightly, seemingly holding blood into their body.

Suddenly a door was pushed open. A person entered the place, looking to and fro for the person screaming. The person's eyes widened at the sight of the person on the floor before them.

Taking off in a sprint, the person—a woman—fell to the screaming person's side. Her almost-delicate looking hand moved over the person's own hand holding the wound.

"You'll be fine," the woman whispered. Her other hand moved to prop the person's head up. Her eyes moved to try to assess the wound but it was pretty clear.

The person wouldn't make it.

"I—I tried," the person whispered after calming down slightly. Their body had taken to shivering as they tried to gasp for air.

"Shhh," the woman replied. "I know you did. Just close your eyes for a while, you'll be okay."

The person smiled at the woman and whispered, "Take care, Addison. I'll see you later." A tear escaped their face, landing on the woman's—Addison's—wrist.

The shivering stopped.

Slowly, Addison moved her hand from atop the person's own hand. Her other moved to pull the person up. She stood up and walked out of the building, person in her arms. In the moonlight, it was clear that the person was another female with hair chopped short. Addison herself had cascading blonde hair.

Addison laid the body out on the ground slowly. She wiped a tear that threatened to fall and pulled stuff out of a parked car close by. She walked over to her fallen friend and sprinkled salt onto the body. She soaked the body in accelerant and then turned to the building she'd found her friend in. Addison soaked the building, placing her friend in it once she was done. Her friend was bound and set upon several sticks.

A hunter's funeral.

Addison walked out and lit a match. She threw it and watched the building as flames licked its sides. Tears fell from the blonde's green eyes; she didn't attempt wiping them now.

She stayed until the building was gone. Or, at least, until the firefighters showed, trying to stop the fire. By that time, she had taken her car down a ways and watched from the forest behind the building.

She owed it to her friend to see to the end of her burial.

"I'll find those sons of bitches, Hannah," Addison murmured in the forest. "I'll kill them all, I swear to God."

With that, the blonde moved away from the now-desolate area. The fire had run its course and had finished what seemed like ages ago.

The blonde walked with a determined stride back to where she'd hidden her car. She pulled out the keys, opened the car door, and started the car.

Off went the bright red taillights in the distance.

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