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The Impala drove up a dirt road. Every time Dean's baby hit a pothole or bump in the road, Dean would groan loudly and silently stroke his car in apology.

"If this car were a woman, it'd be pregnant already," Sam muttered.

"If this car were a woman, I'd be married," Dean retorted.

Dean smirked at Sam before turning his attention back to the road.

Soon a house came into his vision. It didn't look like a mansion, merely a two-story house with white paneling falling off the sides. It showed definite signs of being inhabited for years.

"House looks like it'd be haunted, but it still doesn't make sense as to why the girl's haunting the tree instead of this house."

Dean nodded. He replied, "Who knows. Hopefully we'll figure out though."

The car parked in a dirt patch in front of the house. The two stepped out and walked to the Impala's trunk. Dean opened it, scouring for salt and other weapons. Just in case.

Shutting the trunk, the two stepped up onto the porch. The door stood wide open, causing apprehension to fill the brothers. The two took a side of the door and peaked in. Seeing nothing, they walked in. Guns were cocked and held tightly in their hands while they checked out each room.

"Nothing," they said simultaneously. Suddenly a noise shattered the quiet. Their heads shot for the second floor.

The two headed slowly for the staircase. Dean took the lead, his gun held out in front of him in case. The two made it to the top.

In time for something to collide into them.

Green eyes flickered open, blinking black dots out of their vision.

Finally Dean could make out his surroundings. He tugged on his hands, but found them tied behind his back. His legs were tied to the chair and it looked apparent that whoever had attacked him and his brother hadn't been a spirit.

Cursing, Dean jerked on the bindings. He groaned when they didn't budge at all.

"It's no use, they won't move."

Dean jerked his head at the voice. In his peripheral stood a woman. Her long blonde hair fell down her back, and she wore a sort of smirk on her face.

"Addison," Dean muttered. Once more he jerked on the bindings. Again, nothing happened.

"Good to see you, Dean," she replied softly. She took a step forward. Another. Another. Finally she stood in front of Dean.

"You look good," he said. He sent a smart-ass smirk her direction and tugged once more.

She chuckled to herself and bent down. She looked straight into his eyes for a moment before turning away. "Why are you here?"

"Me? Well, when Mommy and Daddy loved each other very much—" Dean started.

"I meant here in Virginia! Last I heard you had to go save Daddy from a business deal gone wrong," Addison retorted. She shot him a look and stood back up.

"Well, I did," Dean said grimly. He remembered that case. It was a case involving a wendigo, and definitely not fun.

"Why were you in that house?"

"I could ask you the same thing," Dean replied. He smirked smugly when she huffed and crossed her arms over her chest. He had always loved when she got mad.

"I was looking for something," she replied sharply.

"Really? Because that hit you gave us was really hard, especially for someone who shouldn't even be wielding a shotgun," Dean said, "then the way you tied me up tells me you've tied up much larger things."

"Or I paid attention in girl scouts."

Dean rolled his eyes. He knew he should have seen this coming, but it still surprised him. But, then again, Addison had always been fiercely independent and hardheaded.

"See, I'm not too sure," Dean said. "Because the place was supposed to be haunted. Something tells me that what you'd done was something more of a whim because the hit was sloppy."

"So you're a hunter then?" Addison asked. Her light eyes stared harshly at Dean then, sending him the most hatred-filled look she could muster up. Her eyes rolled and she took a few steps away from Dean. She turned away and headed for the door.

"Hey!" Dean yelled. "Let me go!"

A few moments later Addison pushed the door back open and pulled in something.

Sam, too, was tied to a chair.


"He's fine," Addison said. She pushed the chair so he could face Dean. She stepped in between and stood with her hands on her hips.

"So you going to admit that you're a hunter or just let me keep it to myself that I know?" Dean asked.

"How could you even tell? No one in town can even tell!"

"Addison," Dean replied, "I'm a hunter. I can spot them a mile away."

An eyebrow rose and Addison nodded, agreeing.

"What I don't know, is how I didn't spot it when we were together, though. I mean, we were pretty," Dean paused, "intimate. I should've noticed."

"Yeah except I wasn't a hunter then," Addison replied. Dean smirked at the slight smirk that spread across her cheeks.

Addison shook her head and walked behind Dean. She bent down and pulled at the bindings for a couple of moments before they fell loose. Dean sighed and reached for the bindings on his legs.

A gasp escaped from her when Dean jumped up and shoved her against a wall. His arms encased her, and he pushed himself close to her.

"Is there really a spirit here?" Dean asked.

"No," Addison replied. "I took care of it yesterday."

Dean cursed and looked down. Addison took the chance to place her hands on his biceps. She took a step off the wall and pushed herself up against him.

"How long have you been a hunter?" Dean murmured.

"A while," Addison replied. After a moment of silence, she whispered, "The past five years at least. I just hunt things that go bump in the night here though. I don't travel like you apparently do."

Dean's eyes dropped to the floor. He couldn't help but wish she didn't have this life. If there were anything he could do, he would make it so she didn't have to.


Both of their eyes moved to Sam. He was trying to stretch his arms above his head but couldn't because of his arms being tied behind him. The two moved to untie him. As Sam stood, he took in the sight of the blonde.

"Hi, Sam," Addison said softly. "Sorry about the hit. I wasn't sure at first if you would have attacked, so I hit first and asked questions later."

"It's okay," Sam said with uncertainty. He stared apprehensively at her, suspicion taking over his face while he waited for Addison to do something. Silence came over the trio.

Suddenly Dean spoke up, "This is officially awkward."

"Agreed," Sam and Addison replied simultaneously. The three shared an awkward laugh before Sam turned to Addison.

"So, I kind of heard the conversation before I woke up officially," Sam said, "Anyone want to fill me in?"

Addison and Dean shared a look and he nodded for Addison to go. "Well," she said, "we kind of had a fling about seven years ago."

"How did I not realize this?"

Addison smirked and chuckled. She turned and walked out the door. After a moment, she realized they weren't following and nodded for them to follow.

They came to realize that they were still in the old house of the supposed spirit. After they made it outside, Addison moved to the wooden-looking shed. She moved a wooden siding and walked in to the darkness. A few seconds later, a roar filled it. Sam and Dean watched as a car pulled out of the makeshift garage.

Dean whistled loudly. His eyes raked over the beauty that was Addison's car.

Addison stepped out of the silver Dodge Charger. She smirked at Dean's direction before moving to shut the makeshift door back on the shed.

She walked over to the two and sighed happily. "Now that I can get out of here, you two want to go grab a beer? I know a good bar just downtown," she said happily. A smiled graced her face.

"So what have you been up to besides hunting?" Dean asked. The bar was abuzz with people moving to and fro. Music played faintly in the background, and the three drank their own bottles of beer.

"Oh you know, trying to survive really," Addison replied. "Hustling a lot, scamming credit cards. The norm for hunters."

Sam and Dean laughed, nodding. They knew how that was.

Suddenly Sam sat straight up. He muttered, "I'll be right back." As he walked away, Dean followed his movements. He groaned to himself at the sight of the person he most wished he wouldn't.

"What's going on?"

"Just one of the people I wished Sammy wouldn't trust," Dean muttered.

"What?" Addison asked. Her light eyes were widened greatly while she waited for the answer.

"Oh, it's nothing," Dean replied.

"Sure," Addison said softly. She looked at her beer and took another sip. She had barely touched it throughout the night.

Awkward silence filled the table. Addison's eyes shifted to Dean every so often, but would move away before he would look back. Dean's eyes shifted to Addison but, too, would move away before she caught him.


Dean's eyes shot to Sam standing there. Behind him, Dean could make out Ruby. He groaned softly to himself.

"We need to go," Sam said. "Ruby found us a case."