This is just a little something I cooked up since I was extremely bored and the show is on hiatus! I've always wanted to see what would happen if the team went up against their mentors. Who will win? Guess you'll have to read. Enjoy. =)

Young Justice was hanging out in the cave, their second home, when their world turned upside down. Miss Martian was baking cookies or at least attempting to. She was humming to herself happily, while the cookies burned in the oven. Artemis and Aqualad were sparring in the gym, while Superboy watched. They were pretty equal. Artemis had just knocked him down, grinning. Superboy yelled, urging Kaldur to kick her butt. Robin and Kid Flash were playing a very aggressive game of basketball. Even though Kid Mouth had speed, Robin was a great shooter and kept making all his three-pointers This is what they did while waiting for a mission from their "general", Batman.

All of a sudden an alarm went off, telling the team that Batman was calling them.. Finally, a mission, they all thought in unison. Megan flew towards the door and then smacked her forehead with her palm.

"Hello, Megan! You forgot the cookies." She took the burnt disks out of the oven using her mind and sighed. I will make better cookies one day, she thought to herself as she flew as fast as she could to the briefing room.

"Yes! Game over! Sorry I had to beat you so badly," Kid Flash said, throwing the basketball at Robin.

"Badly?" He asked. "I won by five." Kid Flash shrugged it off and left the room with a yeah, whatever.

Artemis helped Kaldur up after knocking him on his butt for the umpteenth time.

"Better watch out, next time I'm going to win," He said smiling. He mock punched her and Superboy laughed pointing out that he just got beat by a girl.

"Yeah, I doubt it," she said in response. They made quickly made their way to the briefing room not wanting to keep Batman waiting.


Kid Flash burst into the room a full thirty seconds ahead of everyone else. What he found was not at all cheery. On the monitor was a distress call from the Bat Cave.

Dang, if this is Batman then some serious trouble is happening, he thought. The others burst into the room expectantly, but then they all grew silent. Alfred was on the screen, looking pale, as Batman was fighting Superman in the background. This wasn't a regular quarrel and the kids could tell by the way they were fighting that Superman was aiming to kill.

"Alfred! What's wrong," Robin shouted. The others looked at each other in confusion, not knowing who Alfred was because Robin was allowed to reveal his secret identity. The man was sweating and had a nasty cut on the side of his face. Meanwhile Batman was struggling to stay alive, as Superman pummeled with his fists, faster than could be seen.

"Master Robin, Mr. Kent has lost his mind. He burst in and attacked Batman. Batman was overwhelmed and urged me to call for help. The League won't answer my distress call so I called you guys." He looked terrified.

"We'll be right there," Robin said quickly, shutting off the screen. He turned to his teammates, who looked back grimly. "Looks like Batman was badly whelmed and this fight doesn't look like it was over a girl." He looked to their leader, Aqualad.

Kaldur spoke. "We should hurry. I doubt we can stop Superman, but maybe by the time we'll get there Batman will have handled it." He sounded optimistic. Without a word they ran to the transporter.


By the time Young Justice got to the Bat cave, Batman and Superman were nowhere to be seen. Robin ran up to Alfred, who was unconscious on the floor in front of the computer. He had a large, nasty-looking bruise on his face next to the cut, but otherwise he was unharmed. Robin carried him over to the medical bay and carefully cleaned and bandaged him.

Meanwhile, Artemis was searching for clues to what may have caused Superman to freak out. I doubt its red Kryptonite, but if not that then what else, she thought to herself. The cave was in complete disarray. Most of the equipment was broken and there was lots of rubble, from where Batman probably got punched through the wall. She found a scrap of Superman's cape, but that was about it. On the other side of the cave Aqualad, Superboy, Kid Flash, and Miss Martian were discussing the situation.

"I can't believe that this has happened," cried M'gann. She looked close to tears.

"Maybe it wasn't really Superman but a robot," said KF trying to lighten the mood and praying that maybe this was the case and not really The Man of Steel going psycho.

"Whatever it is we need to get to the bottom of it," Aqualad said forcefully pounding his hand. Superboy glared at the wreckage. Even though Superman wanted nothing to do with him, he was still practically related to him. He felt a little sadness that the hero he looked up to could do this much damage to a fellow Leaguer.

"This is definitely some aster heavy on the dis," Robin said popping up behind them. He looked upset and they all understood. Alfred was probably a close friend.

"I found nothing except part of Superman's cape," Artemis said walking up to them. The all stood silently for a second.

"I find it odd that the League didn't answer Alfred's transmission," Robin said narrowing his eyes behind his mask. He quickly ran up to the computer with the others trailing him. The computer was in a very bad way, wires were hanging out and the screens were cracked so it looked like a spider had made a web on it. He hooked his glove computer to the Dark Knight's computer and hacked into it. A hologram appeared with information. "Alfred called the entire JLA, but nobody responded. Either they are extremely busy or something fishy is going on."

"Oh, there's definitely something fishy going on here," said a voice in the shadows. Everybody took up an offensive stance, peering into the gloom. Robin threw two batarangs while KF followed them. The batarangs were knocked aside and Kid Flash was knocked onto his butt as Speedy, or as he now called himself Red Arrow, stepped forward.

"Ow, hey!" Kid Flash exclaimed, while the others breathed a quiet sigh of relief. Red Arrow helped his buddy up, but he did not look relieved.

"Roy! What are you doing here?" Aqualad asked. Roy's costume was ripped and he had a purple bruise on his head.

"Same thing you guys are doing, looking for bats," He said. " I was attacked by Black Canary and just barely managed to escape, then I got Alfred's message." He looked around the cave. "Guess I was too late," he muttered.

"You were attacked by Black Canary," Superboy asked in disbelief. She was his friend and mentor and he didn't want to believe that she would attack one of the good guys.

"Yeah, she pretty much beat the crap out of me. There is something strange going on with the League. I was going to talk to Green Arrow because he wasn't answering his cell, when she attacked me. I started to get the upper hand when she ran off," he said. The young heroes stood silently, lost in their own thoughts.

"Maybe Red Tornado will know something," Miss Martian offered brightly. "He's back at the mountain."

They all looked to Red Arrow.

"Let's go," he said gruffly, clearly not liking the way they were looking at him, like he should have all the answers.

I'll try to update ASAP and if anyone could tell me the name of the two green lanterns on the JLA in the show it would be much appreciated!